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Top 5 Steps to Study in Canada

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Top 5 Steps to Study in Canada

  Posted On: 25 October 2023

Top 5 Steps to Study in Canada

Canada is a land of endless opportunities. Hundreds of international students flock to Canada to pursue their study abroad dreams. Here are the five steps to get started whenever you study in person or online in Canada.

Align College and Program

Start by doing your research to find colleges and programs that align with your interests and needs. Students should search for information about top courses and the best universities for a particular program. One can also look for language schools to enhance communication skills and thrive in a multicultural environment.

Colleges and Universities in Canada have their own sets of admission requirements. Students are advised to contact study abroad consultants and colleges directly to know more about the criteria and requirements to study in Canada.

Prepare a Budget

Canada is comparatively more affordable than many other study-abroad destinations. Start by searching for college fees for different college and university programs across Canada. However, Scholarships in Canada could be the best way to minimise tuition fees and help finance your studies.

Depending on where you choose to study, your expenses will vary. Students can choose from rural communities to large sharing apartments to experience an affordable stay in Canada. Following your decision on where to stay, prepare your budget to get cost estimates for food, housing, transportation and medical aids. Make a separate budget for emergency funds.  

Make your first move by Applying to a College.

Canada is home to hundreds of colleges and universities that rank consistently at the top of the QS World University Ranking. Choosing one from a hundred universities can be difficult, but apply immediately if the desired program aligns with your needs and interests.

Students should provide accurate information and all the requested documents like graduation certificates, fee transcripts, proficiency test scores and more. The application fee varies for each institution. Students are advised to apply in advance to avoid last-minute hassle.  

Apply to Study in Canada

Once you apply to a college in Canada, stay tuned with the government guidelines to travel and study in Canada. For this, students require a letter of acceptance from the college they applied to. Once you have the letter, apply for your study permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Find out if you can get your study permit faster through the Student Direct Stream.

Study Permit Application requires documentation proving your intensions to move to Canada-Letter of Explanation, proof of Financial Support and proof of your Identity. Once IRCC approves your application, you need to send them your passport to get a travel visa and a letter of introduction. Students are advised to carry the letter of introduction when you travel to Canada as these documents will authorise you to travel to a Canadian Port of Entry (POE) to obtain your study permit.

You can only pick it up from the Canada Border Service Officer.

Get ready to land in Canada

Canada is famous for its welcoming environment and student-friendly campuses. Once you have all the required documents to travel, check out for your accommodation and housing. Searching for housing in a foreign land is a challenging task, but students are advised to arrange their stay as soon as possible to avoid running out of affordable stays in Canada.

Before you travel, get information on the kind of travel and insurance you need, baggage limits, custom rules and currency exchange rates. Carry all the necessary documents like a letter of acceptance, study permit, and medical records in a separate bag sound and safe.

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