SIEC Education's International Internship
& Employment Options!

Yes, you heard it right! If you're thinking about kick-starting your career overseas & are wondering if any internship programs or jobs can enhance your long term career prospects then, you've reached the right place.
The internship programs offered are 12 week work placement programs.The internships are an opportunity to apply your skills that you may have gained during your studies while the job placements may lead to work based learning & permanent residency options.

Internship Highlights

unsw Wide Range of Disciplines

Wide Range of Disciplines for Internship & jobs.

50,000 companies that hire international

Identified 350,000 companies that hire international graduates globally.

first graduate jobs to c-suite positions

Tracked over one million career changes from internship to first graduate jobs to c-suite positions.

Instalment Plan Available*

Duration of Internship: 10/20/30 hour per week to 3 Months. Instalment Plan Available*

Available in countries like Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, ASEAN, South Asia, Latin American & MENA.

Why apply for an international

  • Overseas Internships will help in achieving personal and professional development skills
  • It will add a real-world experience to what you may have learned at college.
  • In case if you are planning a job in the interned company, then, the experience will set you apart.
  • Access to like-minded networks is the key to unlocking the right job opportunities. Use professional referrals and get access to the untapped overseas job market.
  • The Program has been designed to support you while you endeavor to get placed overseas.
  • Helps you gain the confidence to start a career that may lead to a permanent job and PR in the desired country.
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Perks of the Program

  • Exposes you to the overseas workplace culture.
  • Learn the skills needed to be successful in a professional working environment
  • Gateway towards international employment
  • Build a professional network abroad.
  • Incorporates soft skills training that make fresh graduates job-ready.
  • Despite the pandemic, tech platforms, start-ups, and several companies are still hiring employees.
  • Since remote work is the new normal, it does not matter if the candidate is in another country as capable candidates will be allowed to work online.
  • International internships and jobs will add value to the resume that will be recognized by companies in India & abroad.
  • A resume that has an overseas tag stands you apart in the crowd and employment portals such as LinkedIn.
  • Exposure to networks outside India may open doors to international employment.
  • Since Borders are closed, and there is limited talent available, this self-improvement program can go a long way in preparing you for the future.

What does the program include?

  • Overseas Workplace Culture
  • Communication Etiquette
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Building
  • Guaranteed virtual internship
  • Career mapping
  • Online career readiness course
  • Resume and LinkedIn service global talent profile
  • Online employability modules
  • Guaranteed hiring manager introductions
  • Online pre-departure learning course
  • Global employability webinar series
  • Internship coaching career coaching
  • Optional academic credit
  • Who can apply?

    • Students who wish to study abroad.
    • Students already studying abroad.
    • Students studying in India but thinking about kick starting career abroad.
    • Students who wish to stay in India but, want to gain an international corporate exposure and skills remotely.
    • Students who are studying at Indian Universities and want to travel to abroad for 3 months for the internship placement.
    • Individuals or working professionals who are in the process of migrating abroad or have migrated.

    Popular Categories

    • Accounting
    • Auditing
    • Administrative
    • Advertising
    • Analyst
    • Art/ Creative
    • Biotechnology
    • Branding
    • Business & Management
    • Business Administration
    • Business Development
    • Computer Science
    • Consulting
    • Coordinator
    • Customer Services
    • Design
    • Ecommerce
    • Economics
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Financial Career
    • FMCG
    • General Business
    • Health Care
    • Health Care Provider
    • Hospitality
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Internet
    • IT
    • Legal
    • Management
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing
    • Mechatronics
    • Merchandising
    • Other
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Product Management
    • Production
    • Project Management
    • Psychology
    • Public Relation
    • Public Relations
    • Purchasing
    • Quality Assurance
    • Real Estate
    • Research
    • Retail Banking
    • Sales
    • Secretary
    • Social & Behavioural Sciences
    • Social Media
    • Software Development
    • Strategy/Planning
    • Supply Chain
    • Supporting
    • Teaching
    • Training
    • Veterinary
    • Writing/Editing

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