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United States of America


Flag of United States of America
  • The United States of America or America is the third-largest country both in size and population. The USA is a constitution-based Federal Republic, located in the western hemisphere of North America.
  • The USA shares its borders with Canada, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.
  • The federal republic consists of 50 states, a federal district, and five major self-governing territories.
  • The currency of the USA is the US Dollar, and the capital city is Washington DC, and the biggest city in terms of population in the USA is New York City.
  • Some Iconic landmarks include Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Lincoln Memorial, Kennedy Space Centre, Hoover Dam, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park and Golden Gate Bridge.


  • The United States of America stretches from east to west, bordering both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  • Mount Mc Kinley in Alaska is the highest point in America and Death Valley in California is the lowest point.
  • The USA is a diverse and beautiful landscape, comprising forests, swamps, farm lands, beaches, deserts, and mountains, and an abundance of vegetation and animal life.
  • The USA has two great mountain ranges: The Appalachian Mountains in the East, and the Rocky Mountains in the west.
  • There are over 3.5 million miles of rivers and streams in the US, including the great Mississippi River, which is one of the world's major river systems.


  • The USA has varied weather conditions. It is divided into seven main regions; New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, and Pacific Coastal region, each with its distinguishable climate and weather patterns. The general climate of the country is moderate. However, the southern part of the country tends to have a more moderate temperature than the north.
  • Spring is from March to May and autumn is from September to November are generally cooler months and a more comfortable time to visit.
  • The summers is from June to August are regarded as hot seasons, winter is from December to February.
  • The Pacific Coastal region, i.e. California, Oregon and Washington, has an oceanic climate, and generally freezing winters.
  • The Rocky Mountains (Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Nevada), has a semi-arid climate and faces the driest weather conditions.

Natural Resources

  • The USA is the world's number one producer of electrical and nuclear energy and a leader in research and development. The United States is the 3rd largest producer of oil and the 2nd largest importer of oil in the world.
  • The USA is the leading producer of refined Petroleum, and Natural gas is found in the fields of Alaska, California and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Iron Ore is found in Minnesota and Michigan also, an important reserve of Magnesium, lead, zinc and copper in Arizona, Utah, Montana, Nevada and New Mexico.


  • The USA comprises a mixed market economy and is the world's leading economy with a GDP of $20.93 trillion.
  • The economy of the USA represents almost 20% of the total global output, and its service sector accounts for 80% of the output; dominated by technology, financial services, healthcare and retail sectors.
  • More than one-fifth of the world's fortune 500 companies originate from the United States.
  • The country has one of the largest and most influential financial markets in the world - The New York Stock Exchange.
  • Trade is an important aspect of the US economy, as it is the largest trading nation in the world, with a combined value of exports and imports making up 28% of its total GDP. The three largest trading partners are Canada, China, and Mexico.
  • The country remains the world's largest manufacturer, as 133 of the world's 500 largest companies are headquartered in the US.


  • The United States is the third most populous country in the world, after China and India with a population of 328,239,523.

USA States & Provinces

The USA(United States of America) States & Provinces
Provinces Capital
Alabama Montgomery
Alaska Juneau
Arizona Phoenix
Arkansas Little Rock
California Sacramento
Colorado Denver
Connecticut Hartford
Delaware Dover
Florida Tallahassee
Georgia Atlanta
Hawaii Honolulu
Idaho Boise
Illinois Springfield
Indiana Indianapolis
Iowa Des Moines
Kansas Topeka
Kentucky Frankfort
Louisiana Baton Rouge
Maine Augusta
Maryland Annapolis
Massachusetts Boston
Michigan Lansing
Minnesota Saint Paul
Mississippi Jackson
Missouri Jefferson City
Montana Helena
Nebraska Lincoln
Nevada Carson City
New Hemisphere Concord
New Jersey Trenton
New Mexico Santa Fe
New York Albany
North Carolina Raleigh
North Dakota Bismarck
Ohio Columbus
Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Oregon Salem
Pennsylvania Harrisburg
Rhode Island Providence
South Carolina Columbia
South Dakota Pierre
Tennessee Nashville
Texas Austin
Utah Salt Lake City
Vermont Montpelier
Virginia Richmond
Washington Olympia
West Virginia Charleston
Wisconsin Madison
Wyoming Cheyenne

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