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Study in Canada: Cost, Courses & Scope, Industry Insights and Part time Work Opportunities

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Study in Canada: Cost, Courses & Scope, Industry Insights and Part time Work Opportunities

  Posted On: 02 December 2023

Study in Canada: Cost, Courses & Scope, Industry Insights and Part time Work Opportunities

Canada, the land of maples, is a land of opportunities for international students who want to study and prosper. Most of the universities in Canada consistently rank among the top in the Global University Rankings. The dynamic academic standards, excellence in research and its student-inclusive society make Canada an ideal study destination worldwide. International students In Canada can enjoy quality life in the most liveable cities of Toronto, go hiking in Alberta, and experience the Breath-taking views of Ontario and Nova Scotia. Canadian Universities offer exceptional education in a stunning natural landscape, thus significantly contributing to shaping tomorrow's leaders in the global platform.

Quick facts

  • Among the top most Student friendly destination
  • Unparalleled learning
  • Plenty of Scholarships, internships
  • Part time job opportunities
  • Post Study Work Visa
  • Excellent Immigration Opportunities

Cost of Education to Study in Canada

Canada has tripled its international student population over the past decade. Canada has much to offer the International student Community, from globally recognized Universities to unparalleled education, practical programs and a bountiful quality of life. Canada offers some of the most affordable tuition fees among the study abroad destinations for International students. Let's have a look at the types of expenses in Canada.

Types of Expenses Annual Expenses in CAD  
Diploma Degree
Tuition Fees for one year 15, 000 20,000
Visa Fees 235 235
Airfare 2,500 2,500
Living and Accommodation 10,200 10,200
Total Expenses 27,935 32, 935

Popular Courses to study in Canada

Universities in Canada offer a wide array of promising and competitive Courses for international students to maximize their scope of career options. The Government of Canada also provides a number of scholarships to study in Canada for international students. A few of the popular courses are as follows

Courses Scope to Study in Canada
Allied Health & Social Services Medical Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Laboratory Assistants, and Analytics.
Business and Management Banking, Healthcare, Aquaculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Distributive Trade and Architecture.
Computer Science and IT Informative System Analysts, Database Analysts, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Computer Programmers, Web Designers, Developers and Cyber Security Specialists.
Engineering Architectural Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Project Manager, Cost Control, Health & Safety, Mechanical engineer, Transportation Engineer, and Biomedical Engineer.
Media and Journalism Reporter, Broadcast Journalists, Columnists, Cyber Journalists, Investigative Reporter, Network Reporter, News Commentator, and Newspaper Critic

Career and Industry Insights

Canada is considered among the wealthiest nations in the world. Canada is a land of hope for students pursuing to study abroad and grab their dream job. Canada's international students have steadily increased due to its highly globalised economy. Along with this, increased efforts are being made to attract international students as a potential pool of candidates for the Canadian labour force.

Ontario attracted the largest share of international students in the last decade. There was an increase in the share of international students from India at the University level due to a higher placement rate.

Canada’s economy is fuelled by Agriculture, Energy, Technology, Manufacturing and Services sectors. Students who graduated from the Universities in Canada are placed in a few of the top global companies with the highest salary ranked worldwide.

A few Popular sectors where international students are placed include Engineering, Construction, IT, Healthcare, Banking and Finance. The Country enjoys a steady job growth rate, thus offering a high standard of living to all its residents, including international students.

Part-time Work Opportunities in Canada for International Students

While studying abroad, many international students rely on part-time jobs to offset the cost of education. As an international student, you can work while studying in Canada as per Government permit and approval. Part-time work in Canada offers flexibility, thus allowing you to schedule your work accordingly. Let us explore the most popular part-time jobs available to international students in Canada.

Teacher's Assistant (CAD 15.65/hour)

The role includes assisting teachers through various tasks like tutoring, creating lesson plans, and updating paperwork and students' grades. One can find this job role very interesting when it comes to interacting with students and teachers continuously.

Bartender (CAD 11.00/hour + tips)

One of the most common part-time jobs for students pursuing their studies in Canada is a server, mainly due to the flexible schedule it offers. However, it requires working nights and weekends. One can make up to CAD 200 in tips a night. The standard tipping rate in Canada is between 15% and 20%.

Uber Driver (CAD 25.00/ hour)

One must be 21 and have a smartphone to be an Uber Driver for part-time work in Canada. Pay depends on how frequently you drive. The most popular hours are early mornings, evenings, and weekends.

Freelancer (CAD 26.00/ hour)

A freelancer can be a writer, web designer, graphics designer, etc. One can also decide the place and time of the work, be it a workplace or home. If you plan to have a career in writing, this is a great way to exercise your skills while getting paid.

Barista (CAD 12.00/ hour)

Coffee shops love to hire students mainly due to their flexible timings and low pay scale. But the job has its own perks, as students can receive impressive bonuses while working.

Dog Worker (CAD 14.62/ hour)

Students around love this job as there is not much of a time commitment. One can offer pet-sitting services to increase your income. This is a fun job for students as you get to hang around. You would not feel away from your own pet, too, as flying with your pet becomes a bit costly for the students.

Translator (CAD 21.20/ hour)

It is always important to learn two to three languages so that you can put them to good use as a translator. This role includes facilitating written communication between individuals, working on documents and more. One must be good at speaking, reading and writing a language fluently.

Follow your passion while studying abroad!