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Scholarships for Indian Students in Canada

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Scholarships for Indian Students in Canada

  Posted On: 23 September 2023

Scholarships for Indian Students in Canada

Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of international students from all over the world. Canada ranks in third position globally for the best quality of life. International students enjoy the same rights and freedom that protect Canadian citizens. According to Statistics Canada 2020, Canada has more than 200 ethnic origins and 200+ languages from around the globe. You will feel open and safe in a culturally diverse society.

Canada is known for offering high-quality education at affordable tuition fees. Students enjoy the benefit of flexibility between the levels of education. Canada offers a wide range of scholarships and work opportunities to help pay for your education and get hands-on experience while you study in Canada. Canada stands out as one of the most popular countries among Indian students.

In this Blog, we will explore the list of Scholarships available for Indian students in Canada. Before you apply for any of these Scholarships, check the eligibility, which varies from University to University

List of scholarships for Indian Students in Canada

Getting a Scholarship is a challenging option, so you must apply ahead. We recommend you start a year before the preferred intake and follow a procedure to avail of scholarships in Canada.

Here is a list of government-funded Scholarships for Indian students to study in Canada.


Name of Scholarship



Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute


For students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Masters and M.Phil. Degree in recognised Indian Universities or Institutions willing to pursue research in a Canadian University.

Eligible students can pursue an e-course or an internship at Canadian universities, which falls under the SICI network.

Offers various fellowships at different levels, from Graduation to Post Doctorate and research to training fellowships


Canadian-Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

Eligibility –

Students with high intellect from the Commonwealth countries applying for advanced study and research at the Masters and PhD levels.


The Award comprises Graduate Students Exchanges (GSEP), which provides $10,000 for transportation, living allowance, and other expenses for 5-6 months and compulsory tuition fees.


Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

Eligibility –

For Graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines.

Students must accept an offer from a University in Ontario and obtain a valid study permit.

The Award is tenable to two to three academic sessions. The value and duration must be mentioned in the offer letter.

Includes –

The Scholarship amount is $ 5,000 per session. You may receive $10,000 for two successive sessions or $15000 for three consecutive sessions.


National Research Council of Canada

It is a Research associateship.

Eligibility –

Offered to students holding Master’s degrees in Engineering and PhD in Natural Science or Engineering Disciplines.


Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

Eligibility –

For Students studying in Quebec. It is a merit-based scholarship.

Offers –

Financial assistance to students at Master’s level or above.

For the Doctoral program, financial aid of $25,000 is provided per year, and duration is up to 3 years with a possible extension of 12 months

For the Postdoctoral program, a Scholarship of $35,000 for one year is provided.

For short-term Research or professional development. $3,000 each month for 4 months is provided.


Partnership Grants by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Eligibility –

For PhD students.

Offers –

Extends support for new or existing research initiatives in the Social and Humanities stream. Scholarship amount to CAD 20,000 for 4 to 7 years.


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Eligibility –

Awarded by the Government of Canada to deserving students who aspire to pursue a Doctoral Degree at a Canadian Institution, a student should be nominated by only 1 Canadian Institution which has received a Vanier CGS quota.

Offers –

The Scholarship offers an amount of 50,000 CAD per year 3 years


Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Eligibility –

Meritorious International PhD students to study in Ontario.

A total of 75 scholarships are awarded each year.


The Scholarship amounts to $ 40,000 annually and is renewable for four years.


Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Eligibility –

International students who wish to pursue postdoctoral programs in Natural Science, Social Sciences and Healthcare Research.


Fellowship is worth $70,000 per year for years

Here is a list of Non- Governmental Scholarships available for Indian students in Canada


Name of the Scholarship



Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

Eligibility –

For students at the doctoral level for a few Canadian Institutions

Offers –

The Fellowship amount is $ 40,000 yearly for three years and $20,000 each for three years, as research and travel allowances, respectively.



Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

Eligibility –

For students who wish to pursue a Master’s or Doctoral program in the animal research field in Quebec or British Columbia University.

Offers –

Offers two $ 1500 Scholarships.

Canada continues to attract a steady volume of students from India. To get admission to universities in Canada, you require excellent academic scores and a Study Permit. The Student Direct Stream (SDS) processes an expedited study permit for students applying to study in Canada at a Designated Learning Institution. SDS does not replace a regular study permit. The processing of study permits under the SDS takes 20 calendar days.

So now that you have the list of scholarships available for Indian students in Canada, what are you waiting for?