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Bow Valley College, Canada: Programs, Admission, Scholarships, Placement, Cost

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Bow Valley College, Canada: Programs, Admission, Scholarships, Placement, Cost

  Posted On: 25 November 2023

Bow Valley College, Canada: Programs, Admission, Scholarships, Placement, Cost

Bow Valley College is an Alberta Rural Development Network member and Colleges and Institutes Canada member. Bow Valley College once again named one of Canada's top 50 research colleges in the annual Research Infosource Rankings. The Bow Valley College was established in the year 1965 and is the region's only Comprehensive Community College, which houses 17,000+ students, including international students from 148 countries. Before you study in Canada, know that Bow Valley College distinctly follows national and global trends in popular sectors of business, health care, and human service to design course curricula that are relevant and useful all over the world.

Bow Valley College, Calgary, is popularly known for its ability to formulate certificates, diplomas, and post-diploma and post-baccalaureate degrees according to relevance and demand globally. One of the most attractive factors is the affordable tuition fee at Bow Valley College, which ranges from 5,000 to 13,000 CAD. Around 91% of the Bow Valley College students are employed across various career programs after graduation and earn an average salary of up to 71,000 CAD.

Bow Valley College Programs

Bow Valley College is popular for its distinctive programs that are relevant and useful. It offers Diplomas, Post-diplomas, Certificates, and Post-baccalaureate certificates in over 100+ programs. The college is known for its English language learning program and academic upgrading. Programs at Bow Valley colleges are delivered in a remarkably optimised and systematic manner in two formats: 1 year and 2-year formats through its distinguished schools:

  • Centre for Entertainment Arts
  • Chiu School of Business
  • Continuing Learning
  • School of Community Studies
  • School of Foundational Learning
  • School of Global Access
  • School of Health and Wellness
  • School of Technology

Top Programs at Bow Valley College are tabulated below:

Program Type Total Annual Fees
Post-Diploma Certificate, Health and Human Services Management 11,836.79 CAD
Post-Diploma Certificate, Cybersecurity 24,792.56 CAD
Diploma, Business Administration-General Business 16,496.881 CAD
Post-Diploma Certificate, Software Development 14,464.07
Diploma, Digital Design 16,897.49
Diploma, Business Administration - Human Resources 12,230.54
Diploma, Information Technology Systems 16,323.84
Diploma, Business Administration - Accounting 11,217.64
Certificate, Veterinary Office Assistant 8,741.92
Diploma, Justice Studies - General Justice 9,246.11
Diploma, Business Administration - Financial Services 11,647.21
Certificate, Human Resources 11,113.27

Bow Valley College Admissions

Three Admissions Intakes are popular at Bow Valley College, Calgary:

  • Spring, fall, and winter
  • Application fee: 140 CAD
  • Educational Certificates: Passing Certificates, Official Academic Transcripts
  • English Proficiency Requirement: English and Maths from Secondary and Senior Secondary School Examination IELTS score-6.0
  • Immigration Details: Passport Copy and Financial Transcripts

Bow Valley College Cost of Attendance

Tuition fees for international students at Bow Valley College vary between 5000 and 13,000 CAD per term. However, the tuition fee varies depending on the program. In addition to tuition fees, international students also need to take care of certain other costs in Canada, which are listed below:

Mandatory Fee for International Students

Type of Fee (per term) Amount (CAD)
Student Services Fee 50
SABVC Fee 61
SA Health and Dental 161
Wellness Fee 50
IT Fee 30
Total 352

Cost of Living for International Students

Type of Category Cost (CAD)
Rent 1,300-1,500
Food 200-300
Utilities 300-350
Transportation 100-150
Miscellaneous expenses 300-400

Bow Valley College Scholarships

Bow Valley College also offers financial help to international students, categorised into Financial Aid and In-course Scholarships. However, international students must meet specific which are as follows:

  • For Entrance Scholarships at Bow Valley College
    • Students have successfully completed their English language learning program, and
    • Students have started a post-secondary program at Bow Valley College, Canada
  • For In-course Scholarship at Bow Valley College
    • Offered to current, full-time international students.
    • Students must have a good academic record
    • Students have completed one academic term of Post-secondary Program
    • In-course scholarships for international students amount is 2,000 CAD.

Scholarships for International Students:

Scholarship Name Award Value ( CAD )
Academic Achievement 2,000
CEA Diploma Scholarship 3,250-19,500
Academic Improvement 2,000
International Mobility 2,000

Externally funded scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students are as follows:

Scholarship Name Award Value ( CAD )
Ontario Trillium Scholarship 40,000
Ontario Graduate scholarship 5,000 per session
Rotary Foundation Scholarships - Global Grants 30,000 to 400,000
Aga Khan Academic Renewable Scholarship 90,000
BrokerFish International Student Scholarship 1,000+health insurance coverage

Bow Valley College Placements

The graduate employment rate is 91%, with the highest student satisfaction rate in the region. International students are ensured high graduate career outcomes, with an emphasis on developing professional skills. Bow Valley College's Special Services Team offers guidance in the following categories:

  • Access to job portals like Career Lab
    • Advice on career planning
    • Enhancing interview skills
    • Networking
    • Attend workshops, job fairs, seminars, and events

The Annual Average Salary of Graduates at Bow Valley College, Canada are as follows:

The Annual Average Salary offered to Bow Valley College Graduates according to the respective schools are as follows:

Bow Valley College in Canada, stands as an exemplary institution fostering academic excellence and professional growth. With its commitment to diverse education, it serves as a beacon of opportunity for students worldwide. The college's inclusive environment, innovative programs, and dedicated faculty empower learners to excel in their chosen fields. Its emphasis on practical skills development aligns with industry needs, preparing graduates for success in the competitive job market. Bow Valley College's strong community engagement and support services ensure holistic growth for students from various backgrounds. In conclusion, Bow Valley College embodies educational excellence, shaping individuals into competent professionals equipped to make meaningful contributions to society.