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Welcome to SIEC (Sonya International Education Centre)

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SIEC Education Pvt Ltd. is a premier Overseas Education, Migration Services, and Recruitment Consulting Agency, a Gold member of the British Council India, and is certified by AAERI, AIRC, and ICEF. Established in 1995, our vast branch network spans across 3 continents, including 30 offices across India and 11 overseas branches in Australia, Canada, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

SIEC employs a two-tier recruitment model for student placements:

  • SIEC Representative Institutions: We are affiliated with over 500 partner institutions worldwide, representing 100% of the Group of 8 Universities in Australia and globally renowned Universities and Colleges across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Europe, and Asia.
  • SIEC Admissions Consultation: We assist aspiring students with their admissions placements; selecting courses and study programs, university application preparation, student visa applications, offer financial management advice, and more. The SIEC team of career advisors can be credited with a success rate of 1000+ student placements per year, at Universities and Colleges that we represent across the globe.

With our dedicated team of 200+ career advisors and support teams, we have built solid relationships with schools and colleges in the cities and countries we represent, and regularly conduct International career-day seminars, and workshops across a diverse range of schools and colleges in India. We also conduct education fairs and country specific-career days, giving students the opportunity to meet with university representatives, and gain valuable information about programs and courses, with the chance to apply to colleges and universities, on-the-spot.


To provide a transparent and efficient service network to our students and institutions, while nurturing a delightful environment for our teams to flourish, personally and professionally.


To be the number one service provider in Education Services, and for SIEC to be the name that pops up every time a student thinks of studying abroad anywhere in the world!

Message from the MD and Founder of SIEC

Founded in 1995, SIEC is completing 29+ years in the business of International Education recruitment, continuing to uphold its founding principles and objectives, which are to "think beyond business and help our students and client institutions achieve their goals and mission as efficiently and effectively as possible".

While doing so, we want SIEC team members to grow, develop and achieve their career objectives in an environment that is respectful, challenging and exciting. Our goal is to keep empowering both our key stakeholders and ourselves, while striving to achieve new levels of service excellence, together with continuous innovation to meet the demands of the rapidly changing industry standards.

We want to foster a culture that is customer-centric, team-oriented, speedy, agile, and accountable. We don't just want to satisfy; we want to DELIGHT our customers at every level of interaction with us.


We have a clear vision for the future, and that is to establish deep and on-going relationship with education providers across India and overseas, to achieve our mutual objectives of career mapping and student development. This unique vision incorporates training, information, and knowledge distribution at all levels, and is the benchmark of our success and our client's success. We are committed to the personal and professional development of individuals and profitability of our partners.

At SIEC, we encompass the knowledge, experience and vast network of Global Education providers, committed to providing you with optimum professional solutions in the areas of education and training.

Sonya Singh,

Globalization has turned the world that we inhabit into a global village. One sector that has truly incorporated this phenomenon is, EDUCATION. Increasing number of students are now moving to international destinations to pursue higher studies in Colleges and Universities across the world.

Studying abroad is not as difficult as it used to be. However, the myriad of options and overload of information sources, offering information on Universities, Course options, Scholarships, and more, confuse students and parents. Therefore, it is important to have a comprehensive and seasoned analysis of the information to help students find the course that best suits their aptitude, interests, and career dreams.

SIEC Education Pvt Ltd strives to be a reliable ally in your pursuit of studying overseas, offering the best, most reliable career advice for students.

Our Services

Career Guidance (Choosing the right University/Course)

At SIEC, student profiles are thoroughly vetted and assessed in order to provide the student with recommendations that would help them to achieve their desired careeroutcomes. SIEC career advisors assist you in narrowing university choices based on the chosen career stream and in consonance with various other constraints. SIEC career advisors are qualified resources of information and are trained to guide you through selection of courses, institutions and destinations.

Organising Educational fairs and seminars

SIEC conducts several awareness events annually for the benefit of the student community, including, educational fairs and seminars, so that visiting delegates from representative universities and experienced overseas education advisors could dispense information regarding the courses and other areas pertaining to overseas education. These events also provide an opportunity for students to apply for admissions to the visiting universities or avail any special offers or discounted application fees. However, students are not obliged to fill in applications and could simply use the educational fairs and seminars to gather more information on their desired courses.

Assistance with University applications

Admissions into International Education institutions can be quite competitive; requiring a lot of research and pre-planning. To ensure that your candidature stands out amongst the numerous applications that Universities receive, SIEC offers guidance and support required to understand the tedious process of applications and a better understanding of the expectations of the university and the chosen program of study. SIEC services extend to providing guidelines to frame an impressive Statement of Purpose along with emphasizing a candidate's individual strengths.

Language Exam Coaching

SIEC, together with our affiliate; ACCT, provide test preparation training for: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, SAT, and GMAT test formats. Our career advisors ensure that they meticulously follow admission trends at various universities, keep tabs on current trends, changes to immigration rules, policies of destination countries, and keep track of employability trends, with the intention of advising and guiding you with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Post- selection assistance (Applying for a student visa)

Our services do not end with candidates securing a place in the University. SIEC education advisors are well versed  with the visa application requirements of different countries and provide assistance in securing the required visa for the duration of your studies, facilitate foreign exchange and remittance of fees, and conduct pre-departure orientations on the destination country, including information about the country's climate, accommodation, living costs, travel, and more, to enable you to have a smooth departure and a comfortable acclimatisation upon landing at your destination.

Post arrival assistance

SIEC also offers post arrival assistance to the students that we place in various universities across the world, including airport pickups and finding suitable temporary accommodation for students, in collaboration with respective universities.

Full Service Offering

  • Organizing career seminars and workshops
  • Student profile analysis and career counseling
  • Short listing of courses & universities
  • University application preparation & lodgement
  • Editing of essays, SOP, letter of recommendation, and resumes’
  • Assistance with student visa, visitor visa,
  • Scholarship and bursary guidance
  • German Language training & test coaching, and English language training (IELTS | PTE | TOEFL)
  • Counselling and interview preparation for visa
  • Assistance with foreign exchange
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Travel & accommodation assistance
  • Recruitment services