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A round up of leading Australian Universities that provide GUARANTEED Internships

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A round up of leading Australian Universities that provide GUARANTEED Internships

  Posted By: 15 April 2021

A round up of leading Australian Universities that provide GUARANTEED Internships

Internships are a great opportunity for Indian students to gain work experience while they are studying in Australia. These short-term work placements can be PAID or UNPAID depending on the industry and the duration of placement.

Many Australian universities offer internships to International students. They are-

Monash University: Can be paid or unpaid; available in a wide range of host organizations; Law, Science & Psychology faculties offer a Guaranteed professional work placement.

Western Sydney University: Many degrees provide an opportunity to participate in domestic or international work experience.

University of Adelaide: Internships of 20 days in duration, with variations on a case by case basis within a host organization.

Flinders University: ‘Work Experience Program’ provides students with work experience and is quite popular among students.

University of South Australia (UNISA): Offers Internship chances in Australian firms; about 4 weeks in length; offered in a range of courses including Accounting, Engineering, IT, Finance, Graphic Design etc.

RMIT University: Offers global internship; paid internships; also offers 8-month internship experience in Indonesia to Business students.

Swinburne University: Offers overseas internships; also offers 30 x $500 scholarships for internships.

Curtin University: International internship programs for Business and Law students; also offers a grant of $2,000 to students for undertaking CRCC Asia’s Internship Programs.

Murdoch University: School of Education offers a wide range of nationally recognized internship programs.

The University of Western Australia: Offers International Research Internship Program; 8 weeks of intensive research training.

University of New South Wale (UNSW): Offers Industry Training Internship, Co-op Program; UNSW Co-op offers 8-week internship under structured professional development program.

La Trobe University: La Trobe School of Business offers a variety of practical learning opportunities and internships.

Few other Australian universities offering internship opportunities to international students are Deakin University, University of Technology Sydney and The University of Queensland.

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