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Top Universities in Australia for Masters

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Top Universities in Australia for Masters

  Posted By: 15 September 2022

Top Universities in Australia for Masters

Based on global university rankings, Australia currently has 36 universities among the top ones, and compared to last year, the rankings have significantly improved from the previous ranking list. So if you are planning to study in Australia to pursue your master’s program, you have made the right decision. The only thing left now is to see which universities should you apply to.

Thus, to help you, we have curated a list of the top seven universities in Australia. So, let’s get started.

Why Study in Australia?

Before we have a look at all the high-ranked universities in Australia, let us first focus on the reasons for studying in Australia. For starters, Australia offers high-quality education, which is demonstrated by the university rankings - several Australian universities top the world rankings every year. 

Apart from this, studying in Australia means experiencing cultural diversity, which is a result of several international students coming together to study at the same university. Last but not least, there is a wide variety of courses you can choose from. So by opting for 1 year masters program in Australia, you’re choosing academic excellence and exposure. 

Best Universities in Australia for Masters

Now that you know why studying in Australia would be a great career decision, let us see the best universities in Australia. 

1: Australian National University

For another consecutive year, Australian National University has ranked the highest. The reason behind the same is the high score in all indications, such as citations per faculty ratio, international students, international faculty, and academic reputation. 

The main campus of the Australian National University is situated in Acton, Canberra, while others are located in the Northern Territory and New South Wales. 

2: University of Sydney

From the fourth rank, the University of Sydney has gone up two ranks in a year, which clearly demonstrates the extent to which it is incredible. As a matter of fact, the university earned perfect scores on international students and international faculty indicators. This shows why several Indian students in Australia apply to this university. 

A member of the Group of Eight (a coalition of research-intensive universities in Australia), the University of Australia dates back to 1850 and is the country’s first university. 

3: University of Melbourne

A member of the Group of Eight, the University of Melbourne has made it to the top of the list in terms of employer reputation and academic reputation. Furthermore, since 42 percent of the university’s population comprises international students, the international students indicator has also obtained a high score. In fact, students from over 130 nations study at the University of Melbourne. 

4: University of New South Wales (UNSW)

With 44th place in the global list of top universities, the University of New South Wales is ranked fourth in the country. The university is a founding member of the Group of Eight. And while it performs well in all the indicators, one aspect that UNSW lacks is the faculty-student ratio. So if you do not have a problem with this ratio, you must consider applying to this university as well. 

5: University of Queensland

The last among the top five universities in Australia is the University of Queensland, which boasts researchers responsible for several recent innovations like the cervical cancer vaccine. 

Moreover, the alumni of UQ consist of Geoffrey Rush, an Academy Award winner; John Harsanyi and Peter C. Doherty, Nobel laureates; and leaders in arts, public service, law, science, and the government. 

6: Monash University

With the main campus in Melbourne, Monash University has five campuses spread across the state of Victoria and two campuses overseas, in South Africa and Malaysia. The university ranked among the top 50 global universities for academic reputation and scores the highest in international students indicator. This means that when you think about forming a study group Australia, it will comprise students from a number of countries.

7: University of Western Australia

Among the first seven universities in Australia to enlist in the best 100 internationally, the University of Western Australia outscores universities like the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Wollongong, and the University of Adelaide in terms of the number of citations per faculty member and proportion of international faculty members. 

8: University of Adelaide

Consistently categorized in the top 1 percent of universities across the globe, the University of Adelaide is globally recognized as a leading research university. It is also the third oldest university and was founded in 1874. Not to mention, the university has nearly 8,000 international students out of a total student population of over 21,000. This further implies cultural exposure and diversity. 

9: University of Technology Sydney

A young, vibrant global university, the University of Technology Sydney is a public university and is defined by its support for the cultural, social, and economic prosperity of communities. In fact, the company scored extraordinarily well in several indicators, like employer reputation, international students, and citations per faculty. 

Founded in 1988, the aim of UTS is to further knowledge by means of teaching inspired through research, utilizing collaborations with industry, community, and professions. 

10: University of Wollongong 

By becoming a part of the top ten universities this year, the University of Wollongong has proven the kind of academic excellence it offers. One of the major strengths of the university lies in its citations per faculty, which ranks 75 globally. This is a clear indicator of the high-end research output.

Originally established by the donations of local people in 1975, the university focuses on making an impact on the Illawarra area and addressing society’s medical, social, environmental, and economic issues. 

The Final Word

Pursuing a master’s in an Australian university is a boon, especially when you study in one of the top universities discussed in this blog. So once you are done applying to the universities of your choice, the living cost in Australia for international students must be taken thoroughly into account. Once this is settled, you can focus on other factors like visa, university admission, etc.