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The University of New South Wales (UNSW)


  • The University of New South Wales, shortly known as UNSW, is an Australian public research University, often referred to as a powerhouse of research, teaching, and innovation, focusing on scientific, technological and professional disciplines.
  • Established in 1949, the University of New South Wales is amongst one of the world's top 100 universities globally, with over 59,000 students enrolling every year along with a 7,000 strong research community.
  • The University has its main campus in Kensington, located just 7 km away from the Sydney CBD. The Art and Design Campus of the University is in Paddington, and the University of New South Wales Canberra located at the Australian Defense Force Academy. The University also has sub-campuses located in Randwick and Coogee.


University of New South Wales offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in eight faculties such as:

  • Art and Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Design, Media Arts
  • Curating and Cultural Leadership
  • Art History & Theory
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • The Arts & Media
  • Education
  • Humanities & Languages
  • Social Sciences
  • Built Environment
  • Business School
  • Accounting
  • AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management)
  • Banking and Finance
  • Economics
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Risk and Actuarial Studies
  • Taxation and Business Law
  • Engineering
  • Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering
  • Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Aviation
  • Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Optometry and Vision Science
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Why study at UNSW?

  • University of New South Wales is also a premier university and the founder and prestigious member of the Group of 8 Universities in Australia.
  • University of New South Wales is a member of Universities 21 (a network of global research Universities), a Member of the Global Alliance of Technological Universities and the Member of Association of Pacific Rim Universities.
  • University of New South Wales has partnerships and international exchanges with over 200 universities around the world.
  • QS World Ranking 2021, University of New South Wales ranks 44th in the world, 4th in the country and 2nd in New South Wales.
  • Times Higher Education 2021 ranks University of New South Wales at 67th position.
  • Academic Ranking of World University ranks the University at 74th position.

Subject-wise ranking

  • QS World University Ranking 2020 ranks four subjects of the University of New South Wales in the top 50 across the world, subjects are:
  • Civil and Structural Engineering - 11th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Accounting and Finance - 15th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Law - 14th globally & 3rd in Australia
  • Engineering and Technology - 37th globally & 1st in Australia
  • In Addition to subject rankings, the Academic Ranking of World University (ARWU) 2020 ranks 20 subjects of the University in the top 50 and two in the top 10 globally. Following are the top-ranked subjects:
  • Water Resources - 5th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Civil Engineering - 8th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Library and Information Science - 12th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Remote Sensing - 13th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Finance - 24th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Mechanical Engineering - 35th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Instrument Science & Technology- 48th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Management - 51-75th globally & 1st in Australia
  • Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2021 Ranks University's engineering and Technology discipline No.1 in Australia.
  • Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of New South Wales is amongst the top 100 MBA programs in the world by Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2020.

Campus Locations

University of New South Wales - Canberra

  • The University of New South Wales Canberra campus is located in Canberra, Australia Capital Territory (ACT).
  • The Canberra campus is housed in the Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA), offering a range of degrees from undergraduate courses, postgraduate and doctoral courses, specializing in arts, business, cybersecurity, engineering, IT, Logistics, Management, Space and Science.
  • The Canberra campus is the only Australian academic Institute with an integrated defense focus program such as defense-related security and engineering research.

Kensington Campus

  • The University of New South Wales Kensington campus is the main campus located just 7 km away from the city.
  • The campus is divided into two geographical sectors: Upper Campus and Lower Campus, separated by elevation.

University of New South Wales Art and Design Campus

  • The Art and Design campus in Paddington encompasses world-class art and design facilities, including museums, galleries, workshops, studios, private workspaces, research and digital labs, student lounges, and spaces for collaboration.
  • It is renowned as the world's premier art and design schools, with a record for producing graduates who have become famous artists, designers, and media creators.


  • Randwick
  • Coogee


The University of New South Wales offer popular programs in the following study field:

  • Mineral and Mining Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Law
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Materials Science
  • Business and Management
  • Economics and Econometrics
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Sports-Related Subjects

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University offers a wide range of scholarships for international students, this includes:

  • UNSW Business School International Scholarship
  • This scholarship is awarded for high achieving international students applying to pursue either an undergraduate course or postgraduate course offered by the UNSW Business School. The total value of the scholarship is $5,000 per year for undergraduate students and $10,000 per year for Postgraduate students.
  • UNSW Business School International Pathway Award
  • This scholarship is awarded to encourage high performing students who have completed a foundation studies program at the University to pursue further studies at the UNSW Business School.
  • The scholarship is valued at $15,000 and will be used to wave off a portion of the total program course fee for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • UNSW Art and Design International Scholarship - coursework. This scholarship is applicable for international students pursuing a full-time Masters by coursework from the Art and Design faculty. The total scholarship value is $5,000


On-Campus Accommodation

The University of New South Wales offers a range of on-campus accommodation with several room options, including fully and partially catered colleges. Following are the residential options:

The Kensington Colleges

  • 1. Fig Tree Hall
  • 2. UNSW Hall
  • 3. Colombo House
  • 4. International House
  • 5. Forster College (Port Macquarie)

Affiliated Colleges Residential halls

  • Creston College
  • Shalom College
  • New College
  • New College Village
  • Warrane College

Off-Campus Accommodation

Students can also choose off-campus accommodation located close to the University campus at the following apartments:

  • 1. Barker Street apartments
  • The Barker Street apartments offer accommodation with 59 rooms, made up of 5-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 2-bedroom shared accommodation options, and single studio apartments with amenities included such as bed, desk & chair, Wardrobe, Sofa, Microwave and fridge.

  • 2. High Street Apartments
  • The High Street Apartments are located opposite the Kensington campus and include nine two-bedroom apartments and six one-bedroom apartments.

  • 3. Mulwarree Apartments
  • The Mulwarree Apartments are located in Randwick, located at a short walk away from the University's campus. The complex has 37 five-bedroom apartments.