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Central Film School London

  Posted On: 09 February 2024

Central Film School London

Have you come across Rohit Shetty's son's news?

The Central Film School recently made the bulletin as Rohit Shetty’s son Ishaan enrols in the prestigious Central Film School London. As stated by his father, Bollywood’s tall-standing action director/producer Rohit Shetty, about Ishaan’s desire to pursue a film career and how his admission into the Central Film School would guide him to success.

The blog delves into the Central Film School London, its courses and requirements and why one should prefer Central Film School to progress into the expert world of film studies and a career in films as a director, storytelling, visual storytelling and much more.

Central Film School London

Central Film School is popular among students who aspire to a career in film and thrive for their art of creativity and visual storytelling come to life. Founded in 2008, Central Film School believes in the transformative power of hands-on learning. It stands by the mission of providing pre-professional, undergraduate, and postgraduate film industry training of the highest standards. The school is globally recognised and is prominently known for providing hands-on practical and industrial experiences taught by active industry practitioners. CFS emphasises imparting practical education in the art of filmmaking, screenwriting, and acting, where the curriculum is specifically designed in such a way that it radiates the institution's dedication to nurturing student creativity, encouraging their unique narratives, and empowering the next generation of visual storytellers.

Why Central Film School Should Be Your Next Act

Your dreams of studying in the UK at one of the most decorated institutes are closer than you think. But before you take your aspirations of studying film industries to another level, know why you should prefer studying at Central Film School.

  • Practical learning: At Central Film School, emphasis is placed on providing hands-on practical experience. The specialised film institution focuses on essential skills needed to pursue a career in the film and TV industry. Whether you are on a three-week short course or a three-year degree, gaining practical knowledge and experience is at the centre of all your learning. Would you not choose to graduate from an institute with a primary emphasis on practical learning?
  • Accelerated degrees: At CFS, undergraduate degrees are delivered over two calendar years. This process enables students pursuing study in the UK film studies to save time and money before entering the industry. Taking up accelerated courses at CFS fast-tracks your courses. This implies that you can cope with your seniors and are a step ahead of your peers.

Besides the accelerated degrees, CFS offers internationally recognised qualifications, validated by Falmouth University, a top-ranked Arts University in the UK.

  • Industry Professionals: Students have the opportunity to learn and get feedback from the screen industry professionals. CFS have a range of industry practitioners teaching across various programmes. The academic team comprises experts and professionals with years of experience in filmmaking, screenwriting, and production- like- Ben Gibson, postgraduate course leader and the former director of the Berlin Film School and many more. Students can learn the most up-to-date methods and practices from expert professionals.
  • Excellent Industry connections: Excellent film industry connections with regular industry events and guest lectures allow students to interact with established industry professionals. Students benefit from learning in a specialist environment where filmmakers, screenwriters and actors collaborate to tell compelling stories. You can learn from the institute's extensive network of strong partnerships with prominent companies within the UK and international screen industry.


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  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities: The CFS campus offers the CFS academic community everything a visual storyteller could need. Students have access to an impressive array of amenities carefully designed to cater to the needs of every student. Facilities at CFS include industry-standard kit and equipment, spacious studio spaces, screening facilities, an edit suite, a dedicated post-production room, a library, a study space, and functional and up-to-date teaching spaces and facilities.
  • Student Support and Experience: Film studies at CFS are more than just academic achievements; they are about discovering oneself and embracing a vibrant community. From participating in screening events to showcasing your final film at the BFI's Southbank Centre, unleash your creativity, connect, explore and have fun at the CFS campus. At CFS, students stay updated on school events and thrive in an environment that nurtures professional and personal growth.

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Courses at Central Film School

Central Film School is popular for its approach to film education and teaching methodology. At CFS, programs, equipment, and teaching methods are constantly checked and evolved to ensure students stay at the forefront of the ever-changing industry practices. Courses at CFS are designed so that students can gain practical expertise and expand their creative horizons to share their vision with the world confidently.

  • Accelerated degrees at CFS: Aspiring Students can accelerate their academic journey with CFS's specialist two-year degrees, carefully designed to fast track your studies and is a perfect choice for those seeking a quicker route to success. Students can combine undergraduate studies with either a foundation or postgraduate programme, thus completing film studies education in just three years.
  • With accelerated degrees, students can enter the job market and start earning earlier, thus saving on tuition fees and living costs.
  • Opting for a two-year degree at Central Film School ensures you stay on track with your peers and thrive in your chosen creative field.
  • Integrated Foundation Year: The perks of the integrated foundation course are beyond just a shorter number of years. Students who complete the Integrated Foundation Year will be able to progress onto the Bachelor's degree. This provides an excellent opportunity for students who narrowly miss their target grades and seek to enhance their creative abilities before embarking on any degree programme.
  • Each module of the integrated foundation year is tailored to nurture critical, creative and technical skills.
  • Modules include Foundation in Screen Practice, Screen Industries Research, Writing Short Scripts, Professional Practice, and Final Group Practice.

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  • Bachelors: Bachelors in Practical Filmmaking, Screenwriting, and Acting for Screen. The following courses are for aspiring filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors. It equips them with essential skills for a successful career in the film and television industry. A few experienced filmmakers, educators, and industry professionals have designed these dynamic programs to nurture talent, install discipline, and impart knowledge.
  • Young and aspiring filmmakers will benefit from first-hand insights into industry practices and standards from industry professionals who serve as tutors. Aspiring screenwriters will refine their writing style, craft step outlines, treatments, and scripts for film, television, and interactive media, as well as gain a deep understanding of platforms, audiences, genres, and vital writing skills.
  • For aspiring actors, the comprehensive two-year accelerated degree program covers textual analysis, physical expression, voice, and collaboration skills. Through classic and original scripts, students will cultivate their own performance style and voice.
  • They will also gain versatility for diverse screen opportunities, including digital content, radio, and voiceover work, while embracing collaboration with students from other programs, providing industry-relevant experience.
  • Graduates of the program are well-positioned to embark on a successful career in the film and television industry, possessing the skills and training necessary to excel in this field and explore different acting specializations.

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  • Globally recognised Masters: The Central Film School offer two programmes for those interested in pursuing a career in the film and TV industries: the MA Filmmaking programme and the MA Screenwriting programme. The MA Filmmaking programme is a year-long course that provides students with essential knowledge and skills to excel in independent filmmaking. Students can choose a specialism from areas such as producing, directing, cinematography, sound, editing, and factual filmmaking.
  • The CFS Master courses strike a perfect balance between practical application and theoretical studies. During the second term of study, students can take a two-week industry placement, and the final major project offers an exciting opportunity to collaborate with fellow students.
  • CFS’s MA Screenwriting programme is a flexible, part-time online course that equips students with essential skills to write, develop, and pitch screenplays. Collaborative projects and research enhance their understanding of cultural and industrial requirements in their chosen sector.
  • Both programmes are ideal for career changers and those aiming to enhance their expertise in specific filmmaking areas. In Today’s interconnected world, Graduates have gone on to pursue diverse and rewarding careers in the television and film industries as Screenwriters, Scriptwriters, Script Readers, Editors, Producers, and Film Critics, among other roles.

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  • Short Courses: Each of the short courses at CFS is thoughtfully crafted to develop your skills in specific areas of filmmaking. Courses are led by industry experts, and acclaimed filmmakers. Over the course of just three weeks, you will have practical insights into pre-production, the shoot and post-production and by the end of the course, you will have your own short film you can be proud of.


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Join a prestigious alumni network of award-winning filmmakers, directors, and industry leaders. Become part of a collaborative community that champions your success and opens doors to endless possibilities. Central Film School isn't just a place to learn filmmaking; it's a Launchpad for your cinematic journey. Are you ready to write your next scene?

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