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Average Data Scientist Salary in the UK-2024: Highest Paying Careers

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Average Data Scientist Salary in the UK-2024: Highest Paying Careers

  Posted On: 15 January 2024

Average Data Scientist Salary in the UK-2024: Highest Paying Careers

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Do you have expectations of high salaries and living a luxurious life ahead? Ah hah, look no further than a career in data science in the UK. Yes! You heard it right. If you are pursuing your studies in data science, then you chose your career right because the world of data science has witnessed explosive growth in recent years due to its demand in the rapidly changing globalised world. With organisations increasing dependence on data to make informed decisions, the demand for jobs in data careers has improved.

Let us explore a few of the UK's highest-paying jobs in data science careers in the table below.

Data Scientist Salary in the UK

Your decision to study in the UK in the field of data science is a wise decision for various practical reasons. The UK is one of the world's top economies, and the field of data science offers various job roles, each with its own responsibilities and salary expectations. Understanding the wages can help students and professionals guide their career paths more effectively.

Job Role

Average Data Scientist Salary

Machine Learning Engineer


Data Analyst

40 Lakhs

Data Engineer

60 Lakhs

Research Scientist

45 Lakhs


However, salaries vary based on the company, type of industry, and location. UK is a hub of data specialists where you can start your career in your choice of industry in the UK. Data Science is considered as one of the highest paying specialisations in the UK

Salaries can also vary depending on your experience, as experience is a Critical factor influencing the data scientist's salary in the UK. Professionals are expected to have more expertise and, hence, are expected to add successful projects and bring valuable gains to the company. Hence, their job market value increases.

Data Scientist Salary in the UK by Experiences

Experience Level

Average Data Scientist Salary in the UK

Entry Level (0-3 Years )

50 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs

Mid-Level (3-5 Years )

70 Lakhs to 90 Lakhs

Senior Data Scientist (5 Years )

90 Lakhs – 1 Crore


Data Scientist Salary in the UK: Region-wise

Every region in the UK has got their demands and regulations. Therefore, data scientists’ salaries in the UK may vary significantly according to the region.. Understanding regional differences is essential while considering a career as a data scientist in the UK. Here is a regional analysis of data scientist salaries in the UK tabulated below:


Average Data Scientist Salary in the UK


66.7 Lakhs


50.4 Lakhs


50 Lakhs


49 Lakhs


47 Lakhs


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Data Scientist Salary in the UK vs India

Now, you may think, what’s wrong in pursuing a career in data science in India? Well, data scientist’s salary in the UK is generally higher than in India, mainly due to differences in cost of living. However, these variations are balanced by each country’s respective economic conditions. But let me ask you, what’s wrong in earning extra and living a satisfied life without much worry and demands, because you already have it. Here, is a detailed comparison of data scientist salaries in the UK and India.


Avg Salary In India

Avg Salary In The UK

Machine Learning Engineer



Data Analyst



Data Engineer



Research Scientist




Do you know the UK is experiencing a high demand for data scientists as businesses and organizations increasingly recognize the value that data-driven insights bring? Professionals who can make accurate judgments from data are sought after across various sectors in the country, including finance, healthcare, retail, and technology. Their contributions guide strategic decisions and enhance functions across industries, making them vital assets to businesses.

  • The demand for data scientists is expected to continue rising as they play a crucial role in driving decision-making processes in the UK.
  • When comparing salaries, it is evident that data scientists in the UK earn higher salaries on average than their counterparts in India.
  • However, it is essential to consider the cost of living and quality of life disparities between the two countries.
  • These factors significantly affect the purchasing power and overall financial well-being of individuals, indicating that salary comparisons alone may not provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

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Aspiring and experienced data scientists alike should gain an appreciation of the complexities of the salary structure. This knowledge can guide their career decisions and help them achieve a financially rewarding future in this exciting field. By understanding the nuances of compensation, data scientists can make informed choices and secure their financial well-being.                                                         

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