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Highest Paying MS Specialisation in the UK

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Highest Paying MS Specialisation in the UK

  Posted On: 01 December 2023

Highest Paying MS Specialisation in the UK

Higher Education is the portal to your study abroad dreams. And education knows no boundary in today’s globalized world. In today’s world, students have plentiful options of courses to choose from. But with the number of university graduates rising steadily yearly, a bachelor’s degree may not be enough to ensure that you stand out and land yourself in your dream job. Therefore, students take post-graduation studies to enrich their resumes and increase their chances of securing work. Hence, choosing the right degree is more important than ever. Implications of your choice can have a significant impact on your future financial stability as well as career satisfaction.

In this article, we will help you explore the ten highest-paying MS specifications in the UK.

1. Engineering

Engineering is one of the top study-abroad programs and highest paying degrees worldwide. With the focus on the growing demand for engineers in every industry, students are increasingly taking up engineering courses. Engineering curriculum involves hands-on mathematical, physics, technology and infrastructure-related projects to architect, analyse and optimize projects to meet societal needs, thus ensuring a promising future ahead.

  • Employability Rate: 85.1 %
  • Average Starting Salary: £37, 909
  • Job Prospects: With some positions offering as much as £75, 000 as the starting salary, a few of the highest-paid MS specialisation in the UK include MS in mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical and aerospace engineering.
  • Top universities/colleges: Staffordshire University, University of Sheffield, University of Leicester.

2. Computer Science

With the rising dominance of technology in every aspect of our lives over the past few decades, there has been a simultaneous rise in the number of students enrolling for higher Education in computer science. The Curriculum focuses on problem-solving, coding, and software engineering principles to emphasise career growth in algorithms, data structures, programming languages, artificial intelligence, cyber-security, computational systems and software development.

  • Employability Rate: 80.5%
  • Average Starting Salary: £40, 000
  • Job Prospects: In the digital age, computer science professionals are in high demand and ensure competitive salaries. A few of the highest-paid MS specialisation in the UK includes software engineering, web developer, cybersecurity analyst, and data analyst.
  • Top universities/colleges: University of Greenwich, University of Bristol and University of Exeter.

3. Business and Management

Business and management is a versatile field that prepares students for leadership and managerial roles and equips them with all the essential skills for various industries, thus making it an attractive option for those seeking high-paying careers. The Curriculum focuses on organisational behaviour, marketing, finance, and strategic management for the students to develop skills in decision-making, problem-solving, and communication.

  • Employability Rate: 90%
  • Average Starting Salary: £45, 000
  • Job Prospects: Graduates after specialisation in Business and management find themselves in high-paying jobs like Business Analyst, Management Consultant, Marketing Manager and Operations Manager.
  • Top universities/colleges: London School of Economics and Finance, University of Bedfordshire, University of Essex.

4. Architecture

Architecture is always in demand from a timeless period. The Curriculum covers innovation in design and construction for functional and aesthetic spaces to foster design principles, structural engineering, urban planning, and sustainable architecture. A career in architecture is gratifying, as it leads to a promising career and high-paying job opportunities.

  • Employability Rate: 90.1%
  • Average Starting Salary: £35, 000
  • Job Prospects: Architects combine artistic and technical skills, thus are suitable to work in various roles such as site supervision, urban planning and designing iconic buildings. At the same time, some of the most common job profiles include CAD Technician, Urban Designer, Architect and Urban Planner.
  • Top universities/colleges: Birmingham City University, Falmouth University, Manchester Metropolitan University.

5. Biological Science

One of the most sought-after subjects by students and professionals globally is Biological science, the subject course of which is Biotechnology. The Curriculum includes a broad range of disciplines – genetics, ecology, environment, ecosystems, molecular and cell biology, nanotechnology, and biodiversity. With the subject gaining popularity in recent years, graduates often find themselves in competitive yet impressive career prospects, including research, healthcare and conservation.

  • Employability Rate: 89.2%
  • Average Starting Salary: £37, 000
  • Job Prospects: Graduates after MS Specialisation in Biological Science found employment as Marine biologists, Microbiologists, Nanotechnologists, Biotechnologists, Pharmacologists, and technicians.
  • Top universities/colleges: University of Cambridge, University of Glasgow, University of Oxford

6. Economics

If analysing market trends and understanding the functioning of economies excite you, then a degree in economics might lead your way to a promising career. The Curriculum covers quantitative analysis, research methods, and micro and macroeconomics. With 10 per cent of the economics graduates earning over £100 000, students specialised in economics gain in-depth study in the field of finance, production, distribution and consumption of wealth, thus contributing to the influencing policies as well as growth and stability of economies around the world.

  • Employability Rate: 89 %
  • Average Starting Salary: £47, 000
  • Job Prospects: After a depth study of resource allocation, market dynamics and economic policies, career opportunities after MS specialisation in Economics include Economist, Financial Analyst, Market Research Analyst, and Policy Analyst.
  • Top universities/colleges: University of Portsmouth, University of Warwick, London School of Economics.

7. Law

Law remains one of the most popular subjects to study in the UK. The Curriculum covers broad analysis of cases, legal research, training lawyers, and courtroom practice to gain insights into legal systems, principles and procedures. Having a master's degree in Law helps to stand out in this globalised work, where a bachelor's is very common, and everyone wants to earn well.

  • Employability Rate: 89.9%
  • Average Starting Salary: £29, 000
  • Job Prospects: Graduates after MS in Law find a plenitude of promising career opportunities such as Solicitor, Arbitrator, and Barrister.
  • Top universities/colleges: King's College London, Queen Mary University of London, University of Oxford.

8. Education Studies

Education Studies is one of the most sought-after subjects in today's generation. The subject delves into theories of learning, pedagogy, and educational psychology. The Curriculum involves classroom management techniques, curriculum design, and assessment strategies to prepare future educators with the ability to inspire, motivate, manage and deal with challenging behaviour.

  • Employability Rate: 94.4%
  • Average Starting Salary: £24, 000
  • Job Prospects: Teacher, Ofsted inspector, and Behavioural Teacher are a few of the top career options that graduates love to opt for.
  • Top universities/colleges: University of Glasgow, Edge Hill University, Kingston University London.

9. Veterinary Science

A subject of all-having empathy towards animals that concentrates on the well-being of animal health. The Curriculum revolves around animal anatomy, physiology, pathology, genetics and practical training, which includes surgery, medicine, and advanced imaging technologies to prepare students for hands-on knowledge to diagnose, treat and prevent illness in animals.

  • Employability Rate: 96.4%
  • Average Starting Salary: £35, 000
  • Job Prospects: Animal nutritionists, Animal Behaviourists, Surgeon, Specialist and Research are a few of the top career options that graduates love to opt for.
  • Top universities/colleges: University of Liverpool, University of Nottingham, University of Central Lancashire.

10. Medicine & Dentistry

Pursuing a degree in dentistry and medicine can lead to a high-paying and satisfying career, allowing graduates to make a significant impact on their patient's overall health and well-being, enabling graduates in medicine and dentistry to find employment more easily. The Curriculum involves disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, thus providing in-depth studies of human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical practice to prepare future doctors and dentists through hands-on experience in hospitals to serve in healthcare settings worldwide.

  • Employability Rate: 99%
  • Average Starting Salary: £35, 000- £45, 000
  • Job Prospects: Graduates find a plenitude of promising career opportunities such as Anaesthetist, Cardiologist, Clinical Radiologist, General Doctor, Hospital Doctor, Neurologist (medicine), Dental hygienist, Dentist and many more.
  • Top universities/colleges: University of Bristol, University of Sheffield, Queen's University Belfast.

Most master's programs enhance your analytical and writing skills, considered as essential competencies in any industry. Moreover, obtaining a specialized degree signifies a genuine interest in a particular field or role, as it encompasses a major investment of time, effort, and financial resources. This can give potential employers confidence that you are not only capable of excelling in a given role, but also committed to the organization's long-term goals.

Thus, investing in MS Specialization can be a decisive factor in securing a job or advancing your career. In conclusion, a master's degree is an endorsement that reflects a candidate’s expertise, analytical skills, and commitment to a specific field.

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