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9 Reasons Why The UK is Top Destination for Indian Students – 2024

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9 Reasons Why The UK is Top Destination for Indian Students – 2024

  Posted On: 22 January 2024

9 Reasons Why The UK is Top Destination for Indian Students – 2024

The UK is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations, with more than 50 Lakhs international students enrolling each year. Every year, universities in the UK make up the Global Top 50, with 3 to 4 universities consistently ranking in the Global Top 10. Studying at UK universities will benefit you by earning a recognised degree from the UK and help you expand your knowledge, meet new people, network with influential personalities, experience a new culture, and explore the world from the West. Students will get to experience support on the academic front and a chance to live a lavish student lifestyle.   

The UK is the home to some of the world’s oldest universities and colleges, having their roots in the 12th and 13th centuries. Education in the UK has a globally known legacy and has set a benchmark in education for other countries.

 With hundreds of years of educational excellence, the UK has become a top study-abroad destination for the majority of international students. If you are looking for the best study abroad experience and developing global experience alongside, then consider studying in the UK.

Top 9 Reasons why the UK is a top study destination among Indian Students

1. Access to Top Universities

Universities in the UK stand as the epitome of educational standards. The UK hosts 4 of the world's top 10 universities, with very precise 26 institutions ranking among the world 100, according to the QS World Ranking 2024. Universities in the UK provide practical and utility-based knowledge, which helps you develop analytical skills and acquire critical thinking approaches and creativity. Universities in the UK have consistently ranked at the world's top for centuries. Universities in the UK approaches a combination of theoretical and practical teaching methods.

2. Quality of Education

The Education standards of all universities and colleges in the UK are assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). This standardized process not only helps in checking audits and subject performances but also helps in identifying the best education practices and sends feedback for improvisation (including the top study abroad programs), ensuring all students have access to the best quality of learning and teaching irrespective of the courses they are in. The UK has played a significant role in nurturing talent, as most Novel Laureates have received their education from top UK universities. It is evidently proven that a quarter of the global leaders are alums of top UK universities. And this glorious track record places the UK at the global top for pursuing higher education.

3. Shorter Duration of Courses

Courses in the UK are shorter compared to extensive programs offered in many other countries. However, this process does not compromise the educational standards and quality, thus maintaining the balance of the UK's educational reputation. Shorter courses mean graduating sooner than your friends studying in another country. Students can complete an undergraduate program in just years and just a year to finish their post-graduation courses with some of the highest-paying MS Specialisations in the UK. The concept behind this is to earn a degree in the shortest time possible and cut short tuition fees and living costs for international students.

4. Industry – Oriented Flexible Courses

The globalized world requires flexible and structured industry-oriented courses to step into this competitive world. The UK is famous for its tailored courses, such as courses in LSE Summer School. The UK has a wide range of courses specially catered to meet the needs of the growing industrialized world. This proves to be a better value for your educational investment and enhances your knowledge in real-world situations. Courses curriculum in the UK are structured in such a way that it focuses on developing industry demand skills, followed by students experiencing quicker promotions and earning more.

5. Support for Indian Students

The UK has many national and international organizations that assist Indian Students. Assistance from pre-arrival support to post-arrival help that outlines requirements to study, live and settle in the UK, also highlighting the medical insurance, accommodation guides, and many more. Support for the international student community also comes from the universities in the UK in the form of instructive workshops, academic assistance and cultural activities. Student Organizations (Student clubs, organizations, etc) in UK universities play an essential role in nurturing their talents through numerous in-house and international extracurricular activities.

6. Work Opportunities

The UK offers lucrative work opportunities for International students, and Indians are no less in numbers in the job queue. The UK degree will give your resume more value and importance in this competitive world. Your education, experience, and exposure to the industrialized world provide you with a competitive edge that equips your talent with the ability to be sustained in any part of the world. Universities in the UK also provide a number of scholarship options for Indian Students, too.

You can Work while studying in the UK. You can work up to 20 hours a week during the term and full-time during semester breaks. The UK offers exciting employment prospects for Indian students. Part-time work can help you cover your everyday expenses along with your studies.

As per the Post-study work opportunities in the UK for Indian students, many believe that a UK degree is worth the financial investment. While your UK degree already shows that you can adapt and learn quickly in every different perspective of life, post-study work rights state an allowance of 3 years' stay in the UK after completing your studies. Learn about the UK Student Visa.

Universities in the UK also provide a number of research opportunities for Indian students. A survey states that most international students pursuing research in the UK are Indians, contributing to different major sectors and leading to ground-breaking discoveries. If you are aspiring to be a research scholar, then the UK can be your happy place.

7. Explore Europe

What's more exciting than exploring the world alongside studies? The UK is well connected to major European countries. The land of hills is also connected to crucial sea routes and critical economic hubs, where you can learn, explore and grab an opportunity to grow, witnessing the vibrance and elegance of cities in Europe. With the airport being functional 24 hours and considered one of the busiest globally, you can explore significant countries in Europe within a short span of time. A weekend trip is sufficient to cover significant landscapes in the countryside. Know that countries in Europe are among the top global tourist destinations.

8. Reliable Health Benefits for students

International students have access to free medical assistance while studying in the UK. However, to avail of the medical benefits, students must pay a small amount (International Health Surcharge). Your SIEC experts can help you better understand the benefits in detail.

9. Rich Cultural diversity and rich history of the United Kingdom

The UK is popular for its rich history, culture, and diversity. Exploring its towns, cities, and villages is a unique experience. International students make up 14% of the population, which allows them to experience other cultures. Maintaining strong ties to your own culture is possible by attending community events.

Are You Ready to take the leap? Studying in the UK is an investment in your future and an adventure that you will ever forget. Studying in the UK is beyond just textbooks.

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