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Seven Reasons to Choose Degree from Bath Spa University, UK

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Seven Reasons to Choose Degree from Bath Spa University, UK

  Posted On: 15 December 2023

Seven Reasons to Choose Degree from Bath Spa University, UK

Studying in the UK is one of the most exciting decisions you may ever make in your academic career, and by choosing Bath Spa University, you will be studying in the only UNESCO World Heritage city in England. Bath- a city of timeless elegance and infinite charm, is no less a reason to study in the UK and at a university with a reputation for high-quality teaching, great student experience and excellent student satisfaction.

Bath Spa University can trace its history back over 160 years to the original Bath School of Art, arrange a free consultation with SIEC to begin your Bath Spa application.

1. Flexible Courses

Bath Spa University offers a range of creative, cultural, and humanities-based courses with real-world approaches to thrive in the changing world. Courses at Bath Spa University are carefully designed to be unique, thus providing exciting opportunities to explore different study options. Apart from courses, international students also enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, collaborative learning spaces, personal tutors and peer mentors, and a wealth of advice and guidance - and you'll have everything you need to realise your potential.

2. Thrilling Career Prospects

The door to a global career opens right at the Bath. International students can connect with world leaders and grab exciting employment opportunities through Bath Spa University's strong links to industries. The career service team provides extended support to all students through personalised counselling. Bath Spa graduates enjoy prospects above the national average, with around 95% of graduates in work or further study after six months.

3. Exceptional Student Experience

Bath Spa University's caring ethos runs through every aspect of its aim. The University enjoys significant reviews from its student community, aired globally. International students rate their tutors and lecturers for the support and accessibility they deliver, even after completing their degree. Student services offer advice on anything from finances to homesickness, as well as providing disability support and many more.

4. Engaged Community

Bath Spa University is relatively small, yet enough for students to feel treated and respected as individuals to help them learn crucial aspects of growing in life. It’s a thriving community with several extracurricular opportunities - clubs, societies, volunteering, and work-based activities. It all makes for a fulfilling, rewarding - and successful - community, thus making it a stunning option for international students to study in the UK.

5. Historic Campuses

Bath Spa University campuses are extravagant in history, with beautiful, historically rich, castle-like buildings and breath-taking settings. The university staff and teams work continuously to take thorough care of them to ensure they provide an inspirational setting today and beyond.

They are investing in modern facilities while keeping the historical vibe alive, guaranteeing that upcoming generations of students can benefit from them.

6. Globally Connecteds

Bath Spa University has a globally connected community. The university has strong partnerships and links with businesses, organisations and institutions across the globe. The university welcomes international students to its beautiful campuses, and graduates leave as citizens with ambition, drive, and focus to become pioneers and leaders in the ever-changing new world.

7. Safe Environment

Bath Spa University offers international students a conducive environment to focus on their studies. The campuses at Bath Spa University are stunning and inspiring enough to attract a vast number of international students to the city of Bath. The city of Bath has an enviable global reputation for being a safe and enjoyable place to live. It is ranked among the top 'safe student cities'. Bath has a distinct personality, with a lively yet intimate community.

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