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Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is popularly known for its natural attractions, rich culture and stunning landscapes attracting people worldwide. The rapid development of the country has grown to become a recognized educational hub. According to UNESCO, Malaysia is the 11th most ideal study abroad destination globally. 2019's QS World University ranks 6 of the Malaysian universities in the top 500, University of Malaya ranks at 87th position.

Why study in Malaysia?

  • Malaysia has over 111 recognized public and private universities and branches of international universities offering education in 151 different courses and twinning programs.
  • Malaysian colleges and universities offer various courses in several fields, including pharmacy, engineering, business, law, IT, Commerce, and economics.
  • The multicultural environment encourages international students to interact with people of different cultures and religions
  • Global Peace Index ranks Malaysia at 29th in the world's most peaceful country.

Academics in Malaysia

The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education governs education in Malaysia. It has two types of institutions: colleges and universities. It is also the home branch of campuses of other foreign universities at affordable tuition fees.

Intakes in Malaysia

Academic intakes in Malaysian universities vary from institution to institution. Generally, there are two intakes:

  • February Intake
  • July Intake

But, few courses have flexible intakes like April, October.

Scholarships in Malaysian University

Malaysian Universities and colleges offer scholarships to International students in various fields such as Science and Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental studies, and Information and Communication. Here are some popular scholarships.

  1. Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP) Scholarship.
  2. Malaysian Commonwealth scholarship.
  3. Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS)

Cost of Education & Accommodation in Malaysia

Education in Malaysia is relatively affordable as tuition fee is lower in branch campuses than the parent campuses of International universities. Tuition fees might vary based on public or private institutions.

The cost of living and accommodation is also reasonable which eases the student's financial burden.

Malaysia Study Visa Requirements

Malaysia has an easy and trouble-free immigration process which is a prominent factor in influencing international students to study in Malaysia.

Malaysian student pass does not require appearing for any interview; students need to apply three months before the course's course commencement. Students can apply online via the education Malaysia website.

Post Study Work Permit (PSW) in Malaysia

International students can choose to work part-time while studying in Malaysia during their vacations. After completion of graduation, the prospect of employment in Malaysia widens for international students.

International students who wish to work in Malaysia after studies can upgrade their student pass to an employment pass or temporary employment pass, which is valid from six months up to five years.

SIEC has been placing students to study in Malaysian universities and colleges, for than 25 years. At SIEC, we guide and assist you with the complete application process and help you study at your dream destination, MALAYSIA.