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Malaysia Visa Guidelines

For students willing to study in Malaysia, it's mandatory to have student pass to pursue education in Malaysia. The student visa process for Malaysia is easy and quick. Many universities in Malaysia process the student's pass on behalf of the applicant.

visa guideline

Steps to apply for a Malaysian Student Pass -


Apply for a student pass via university or institution or directly through Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) Website.

Student Pass Application Fee: $ 17.65*. (Subject to Change)


Provide supporting documents and submit the documents including:

  • Offer Letter
  • GRE/GMAT Score (If required)
  • English Language Proficiency Result

*The list of documents might vary depending on each student's course and qualification
Visit your nearest SIEC branch to know more about the list of documents


Undertake the mandatory medical test and receive the medical report from authorized medical practitioner


Submit the medical report and passport to the Immigration Department.


The Immigration Malaysia will send the student pass to the University, and the University will send a letter confirming the student pass.


Submit the passport to the Immigration Department again and receive the passport with a student pass sticker attached to it.

For more details, schedule a Free Counselling Session with the career experts at SIEC.