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Study in Singapore with Paid Internship Opportunities

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Study in Singapore with Paid Internship Opportunities

  Posted On: 15 April 2021

Study in Singapore with Paid Internship Opportunities

Nanyang Institute of Management (NIM) is a prestigious institution in Singapore offering job oriented programs with paid internship opportunities. Indian students look forward to study here as it provides an opportunity to them to move to Australia, UK or USA from here. It has a partnership with various universities in these countries.

A student may do a diploma at NIM and then can pursue Bachelor’s degree in Australia, USA or UK. Students may get scholarships as well based on their academic performance in Singapore.

Why Study at NIM

  • The top reason is paid internship programs
  • Hospitality and Tourism Program: One of the best Hospitality Programs in Singapore, includes a 6-Month paid internship; students usually get SD 600 -1000/month
  • Diploma in Construction Engineering: Includes a 6-Month Paid Internship in Singapore; after completing it students may do B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from USA or Australia
  • No IELTS required to move to Australia from here
  • No IELTS or SAT needed to move to USA from here


  • One of the top 10 institutions in Singapore
  • Highly reputed; EduTrust certified
  • A preferred private education institute (Jobs Central Learning Survey)

Popular Programs

  • PG/Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • PG Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Management
  • MBA
  • PG Diploma in Engineering Management
  • Diploma in Construction Engineering…and many more

Campus Activities

NIM motivates students to unleash their outgoing personality by organizing events like-Outdoor Beach Day, Villa BBQ Activity, Industry Nights Event, Zumba Fitness Event, Graduation Ceremony… and many more.

Why Study in Singapore

  • Affordability: An affordable destination for Indian students if compared with western study abroad options.
  • Cleanliness: Thanks to government policy, Singapore is a shining clean city and the greenest city in Asia having about 50% green cover.
  • Safety: Strict laws ensure a low crime rate; streets are secure for students; ragging is strictly prohibited in Singapore colleges.
  • Multi-Cultural City/High Living Standard: A blend of rich multi-cultural heritage and festivals; high standard of living, cutting-edge infrastructure and cosmopolitan society.