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Scholarships in Germany for International Students

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Scholarships in Germany for International Students

  Posted On: 18 June 2024

Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Germany is emerging as one of the top study abroad destinations for International students. Germany offers an affordable education and an inclusive and immersive study environment. Studying in Germany offers abundance of career opportunities for International students, open doors to Global Companies and a settled life abroad. Scholarships in Germany for International students in one of the main reason behind Germany soaring as Next International Career Move.

While studying in Germany is cost-effective as compared to many other nations, navigating finances to study abroad in Germany can be little challenging. Living Expenses for international students in Germany are estimated to under €1,000 per month according to a survey. Living expenses in Germany includes accommodation, food, transportation, and miscellaneous cost in Germany, which international students tend to include in their cost of living, and that differs in different cities of Germany.

Fortunately, there are various scholarships in Germany for international students to help ease the financial burdens. From Government funded to University funded Scholarships in Germany, international students find it easier to fund their studies in Germany. Let's have a look at the Scholarships in Germany for International students.

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Scholarships in Germany for International students: Study and Live in Germany

Government – Funded Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Government and organization funded scholarships in Germany are the most popular scholarships in Germany for International Students. Government-funded scholarships in Germany plays a crucial role in making higher education in Germany accessible to international students from all around the world.

1. DAAD Scholarship for International Students in Germany

DAAD Scholarships is offered by the German Academic Exchange Service each year, plays a significant role in supporting graduates, PhD students, and postdocs in Germany.

DAAD Scholarships cover a monthly stipend of €934 for graduates and €1,200 for PhD students. These also cover travel allowances and many a time include an insurance coverage.

Eligibility Criteria for DAAD Scholarships include academic achievements, school leaving certificate from a recognised board or college, language proficiency, and relevant internships or work experience.

2. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships in Germany

1500 scholarships are provided each year to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, from all countries who are pursuing to study in German Universities, particularly universities of applied sciences, or universities of the arts.

This scholarship covers €812 per month plus a €300 study allowance to Germans, international students. Non EU- students, not educated in Germany are allowed to get a monthly stipend of €934 with health insurance and other allowances.

For Doctoral students, Germans, foreign students educated in Germany, and EU nationals not educated in Germany are allowed a basic monthly allowance of €1,350. Non EU students not educated in Germany can get €1,200 per month, and a €100 monthly mobility allowance, and a couple of individual allowances.

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3. Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Program

The Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship is carefully designed for first year students with outstanding achievements in their career and studies. This specific scholarship is open for students from all around the world.

This scholarship covers €300 per months, where half of the amount is provided by the federal government, and the other half from private donors. It is granted for at least two semesters. The Deutschland Stipendium is granted by universities of Germany.

Eligibility criteria for this scholarship includes academic excellence, social engagement, and personal achievements. The most important aspect of this scholarship is that the former is not based on personal or parental income, and doesn’t affect BAfoG grants.

4. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship (KAS) is granted to international students, and graduates who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in Germany, doctoral studies in Germany, or wants to pursue a research fellowship of at least three semesters at a university in Germany.

Under this Scholarship, graduate students receive a monthly allowance of €934 for two years, while PhD students receive €1,400 per month for three years. Additionally, this program include health insurance, family and children's allowance, and course-related financial assistance.

The Eligibility criteria includes a recognised university degree with strong academic performance, possess B2- level German language skills, certificates of social and c=voluntary work, a minimum if four semesters in Germany, plus support democracy and human rights.

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5. Erasmus+ Program

The Erasmus+ Mobility Programme for Higher Education Students is one of the most popular scholarships in Germany for international students and invites German higher education students who have completed their first year of study to participate in an enriching international experience. This opportunity is open to students enrolled at a higher education institution that is part of the Erasmus+ project and whose home institution has a signed Erasmus cooperation agreement with the receiving institution!

The scholarship covers study periods and traineeships (work placements) in specified Erasmus+ program countries and partner countries. Sponsored students are exempt from tuition, registration, and examination, laboratory, and library fees at the host institution.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be regularly enrolled at a German higher education institution.
  • Have completed their first year of study.
  • Eligible students must be in at least their second year of study
  • Be enrolled at a higher education institution participating in the Erasmus+ project.
  • Have their home institution sign an Erasmus cooperation agreement with the receiving institution.

6. Bayer Foundation Fellowship

One of the most popular Scholarships in Germany for International students is The Bayer Foundation Fellowship. These fellowships are available for exceptional master's, PhD, and medical students spanning various scientific disciplines. They welcome students from different countries, including Germany and beyond. This offers opportunities for those studying human and veterinary medicine, medical engineering, applied medical sciences, and data science in medicine.

The Bayer Foundation Fellowship is not just about recognition, it also provides substantial financial support. The fellowships offer funding of up to €10,000 for international research projects, internships, and other activities. This funding covers travel costs, visa expenses, living expenses, and exceptional project costs. The scholarships are designed to enrich existing study programs and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

This popular scholarship in Germany for international students has set some eligibility criteria for international students. Candidates must possess outstanding academic credentials in their specific areas of study and should be pursuing master's, PhD, or medical degrees. Eligibility requirements may differ based on the fellowship program, but overall, applicants are expected to showcase scientific creativity, relevance to related fields, and awareness of potential societal implications.

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Scholarships Offered by German Universities

German universities offer a prestigious array of scholarships to study in Germany for international students, a testament to their commitment to supporting students in their academic pursuits. Whether you're already studying or considering a future at one of these esteemed institutions, the opportunity to apply for these exclusive scholarships is a rare privilege worth pursuing.

1. Humboldt Research Fellowship

The Humboldt Research Fellowship, globally recognized as one of the prestigious scholarships in Germany for international students, is open to postdoctoral researchers worldwide, regardless of their field, and is divided into two categories:

Postdocs: If you have recently completed your doctorate (within four years) or are close to finishing (within six months), Apply for the Humboldt Research Fellowship. Experienced researchers: If you have obtained your doctorate within the last twelve years and have a strong publication record, take a step forward to study in Germany.

The Humboldt Research Fellowship in Germany offers a substantial monthly stipend of €2,670 for postdoctoral researchers and €3,170 for experienced researchers. Additional benefits include family support, private health insurance subsidies, and travel expense allowances, ensuring a secure financial situation during your research.

To apply for The Humboldt Research Fellowship to study in Germany, non-German nationals must have lived abroad for over ten years or five years with strong ties to their current residence. Living in Germany for over six months within 18 months before application disqualifies. They need a mentoring agreement, written confirmation of research facilities from a German institution, two expert reviews, language proficiency in German or English, and must adhere to scientific ethics. Previous Humboldt Foundation sponsorship is a disqualifier.

When applying for The Humboldt Research Fellowship, it's crucial to include all the necessary documents. These include a CV, research outline, publications, doctoral certificate, language certificate if needed, and any extra materials that may support your application. By ensuring you have all the required documents, you can increase your chances of a successful application.

2. TUM Linde / MDSI Master Scholarship

Scholarships in Germany for international students are a lifeline for students who want to pursue a degree in Germany. The Linde / MDSI Master's Scholarship is for students enrolled in the "Data Engineering and Analytics" or "Mathematics in Data Science" Master's programs at the Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI) with a German or foreign higher education entrance qualification. Female students are encouraged to apply.

The Scholarship provides €1,000 per month for up to twelve months. Applicants must have been enrolled in one of the Master's programs since the winter semester of 2023/24 or earlier, demonstrate exceptional talent in data engineering, analytics, or mathematics in data science, and show outstanding academic achievements and dedication to their studies. Applicants from previous calls are not eligible.

3. University of Hamburg Merit Scholarships

Scholarships in Germany for international students include the merit scholarship at Universität Hamburg, which is intended for highly qualified international undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students enrolled at the university for at least two semesters, pursuing a degree, and without German citizenship.

The Scholarship provides up to €850 per month for doctoral researchers, with some potentially receiving up to €1,000 per month. It covers a funding duration of 2 semesters (12 months), with the option for reapplication. In exceptional cases, the maximum funding is for three years.

To be eligible for the Universität Hamburg scholarship:

  • Must be enrolled at Universität Hamburg for at least 2 semesters, pursuing a degree
  • Must not hold German citizenship and should not be eligible for the federal student loan scheme
  • Submit a CV, letter of motivation, proof of social/intercultural activities (if applicable), academic records, and evaluations from two professors or junior professors
  • Applicants are assessed based on academic performance, other skills, social engagement, and financial need by a committee comprising faculty members and student council representatives.

4. Berlin International University of Applied Sciences Christian Wulff Scholarship

One of the exclusive German scholarships for international students is The Christian Wulff scholarship at Berlin International (BI), awarded to one BA or MA student. The Scholarship covers 50 per cent of the tuition fee from the time it is awarded until the end of the regular studies (up to the 6th semester).

The Christian Wulff scholarship at Berlin International (BI) is more than just financial assistance. It represents a prestigious acknowledgement of exceptional academic accomplishments and remarkable involvement within the BI community. The selected recipient, nominated by the president and deans of BI's faculties, is unveiled at the graduation ceremony, marking a moment of immense pride and celebration.

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Federal German State-Specific Scholarships

Federal state scholarships in Germany for international students are government-backed financial aid programs for students in different German states. Here are some to consider. Remember, numerous scholarships are available, and you have a good chance of securing one that suits your needs and aspirations.

1. Baden-Württemberg Stiftung

BW-Stipendium is one of the most prestigious and popular scholarships in Germany for international students. The BW-Stipendium is available for students in Baden-Württemberg who want to study abroad and international students who wish to study in Baden-Württemberg. It's a prestigious opportunity and benefits around 1,500 students every year.

The Scholarship provides financial aid ranging from €600 to €1,400 per month, along with other assistance and access to an international network for scholars from diverse backgrounds. Eligibility criteria include enrolment at a higher education institution in Baden-Württemberg or a partner institution abroad. To identify deserving candidates, requirements to study in Baden-Württemberg include academic merit and other relevant qualifications.

2. Bavaria – Max Weber-Program

The Max Weber Program is open to exceptionally gifted students enrolled at Bavarian higher education institutions. It targets high school graduates and students who wish to study or are already enrolled at a Bavarian higher education institution.

The Max Weber Program provides a semester allowance of €1,290, financial support for study projects abroad, and a variety of educational seminars and events. Scholarships are available to high-achieving Bavarian tertiary students from their third semester onwards. Applicants can apply directly or be nominated by professors, Elite Graduate Program Heads, or examination boards. Scholarships are offered for Bachelor's and subsequent Master's degrees in the same subject. Applicants are typically under 23 years old and should have at least two semesters left in their standard study period. Selection is based on academic performance, extracurricular involvement, interviews, and group sessions.

3. Bavaria – Mari¬an¬ne-Plehn-Pro¬gram

Studying in Germany opens doors to career opportunities in MNCs and top global companies. The Marianne-Plehn-Program targets exceptional young scientists within the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, offering a unique blend of Scholarship and part-time employment. This program enables doctoral students to gain teaching and administrative experience alongside their research.

The Marianne-Plehn-Program includes:

  • A 25% part-time employment alongside a scholarship.
  • Offering social security.
  • Teaching experience.
  • Administrative tasks.
  • Access to the Elite Network of Bavaria's resources and programs.

To be eligible for the Marianne-Plehn Program, which is regarded as one of the lifeline scholarships in Germany for international students, applicants must have a doctoral scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Within twelve months of starting their doctoral Scholarship, applicants must conduct postgraduate studies at a Bavarian university and begin 25% part-time employment within six months of funding approval.

4. Berlin – Elsa Neumann Scholarship

Scholarships in Germany for international students include the Elsa Neumann scholarship, which is for doctoral researchers enrolled and supervised at one of the universities in Berlin. It is provided in accordance with the Berlin State Act to Support Early-Career Researchers and Artists (Gesetz zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Nachwuchses).

This Scholarship in Germany for international students provides financial support, including a monthly stipend of €1,350 and a €100 monthly allowance for research expenses. This German Scholarship can be awarded for up to two years and may include family and travel allowances.

Applicants must submit progress reports and statements from academic supervisors. Dissertation completion scholarships are awarded for a maximum of one year and are non-renewable. Applicants must have excellent academic records, research contributions, and academic supervision at a Berlin university. Those receiving public funding are not eligible.

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MBA Scholarships for International Students in Germany

Numerous prestigious business schools in Germany provide scholarship opportunities for international students specifically aimed at international business students, including those pursuing an MBA.

1. ESMT MBA Scholarships

ESMT Berlin offers a range of MBA scholarships in Germany for international students, designed for outstanding MBA applicants. These scholarships in Germany target various groups, including women in business, LGBTQ+ individuals, and individuals from different regions, those with excellent academic and professional profiles, and more.

The scholarship coverage varies based on the specific scholarship program. These Scholarships in Germany for international students cover tuition fees, ranging from €1,000 to €24,750. Additionally, depending on the scholarship type, recipients may receive financial support to participate in ESMT's summer entrepreneurship program.

Requirements may also vary based on the applicant's background, including nationality, gender, and military service.

2. HHL Leipzig Scholarships

These scholarships in Germany for foreign students are primarily aimed at candidates applying to HHL's full-time MBA program. Each Scholarship has focus areas or criteria. The list includes the Middle East Scholarship, Africa Scholarship, Latin America Scholarship, Eastern Europe Scholarship, Women in Business Scholarship, Future Entrepreneur Scholarship, Young Leipzig Leader Scholarship, and Dean's List Scholarship.

Successful candidates for these scholarships in Germany will receive a partial tuition reduction for the full-time MBA program. The exact amount varies depending on the Scholarship.

To apply for this Scholarship, applicants must meet their specific criteria, including holding an undergraduate degree, having at least three years of work experience, securing a high GMAT score, and applying for the full-time MBA program in Germany.

The Dean's List Scholarship in Germany for international students has additional requirements, such as exceptional academic and professional achievements, international experience, and dedication to social causes, outstanding admission interviews, and alignment with HHL's values.

3. WHU Otto Beisheim Scholarships

WHU is one of the most valuable scholarships in Germany for international students. It offers various scholarships for candidates from all countries applying to their MBA program to study in Germany. These scholarships aim to support individuals who can bring unique value to the MBA class.

The scholarships provided by WHU do not specify a fixed amount, except for the WHU e-fellows.net Scholarship, valued at €10,000. WHU scholarships have different requirements and selection criteria. These factors include academic performance, life and professional experience, entrepreneurship, leadership, GMAT/GRE results, gender (e.g., WHU Women in Business Scholarship), or participation in specific programs (e.g., e-fellows.net Scholarship). Each application also needs the applicant's essay and a detailed financial plan.

4. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Scholarships

Frankfurt School scholarships are designed to promote diversity in their MBA programs. These highly valued scholarships in Germany for international students are available for applicants of various MBA programs, including Executive MBA, MBA in International Healthcare Management, Part-time MBA, and Full-time MBA. Frankfurt School scholarships target high-performing candidates, entrepreneurs with sector-specific backgrounds, women in business, and those with a global mind set.

Frankfurt School scholarships offer a partial tuition fee reduction of up to 30% for the respective MBA program. Scholarship recipients are selected based on academic performance, GMAT results, application quality, personal achievements, and needs. Eligibility for these scholarships in Germany for international students is based on criteria such as extracurricular activities, social commitment, intercultural skills, global experience, and professional background.

5. Mannheim Business School Scholarships

Mannheim Business School Scholarships in Germany for international students open doors to outstanding candidates. They include the Most Outstanding Candidate Scholarship, Excellent Candidates Scholarship, Women in Business Scholarship, and the MBS Network Scholarship.

The applicant's performance throughout the selection process greatly contributes to the final scholarship amount, and the value of the scholarships depends on various factors. However, all scholarships partially cover a portion of the tuition fee.

Selection criteria for Mannheim Business School Scholarships in Germany for international students include the following:

  • "Most Outstanding Candidate": Exceptional achievements, motivation, strong academic and professional backgrounds, high test scores, international experience, language skills, and unique qualities.
  • "Excellent Candidates": Outstanding achievements, motivation, high GMAT or GRE scores, international experience, and language skills.
  • "Women in Business": Accomplished women.
  • "MBS Network Scholarship": Considers personal characteristics and strong profiles.

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Germany is the land of Palaces and Castles, Poets and Thinkers, and has a long and exciting history narrated by old-age monuments and architectural marvels. Germany has been at the forefront of many cultural, political, and historical revolutions, the impact of which can be seen in Germany's educational reforms over the years. To attract more international students, Germany is enhancing career opportunities for students who want to study abroad in Germany and start a career in Germany. To start with, Germany offers a huge range of scholarships for international students to study in Germany.

Scholarships in Germany for International students are paving the way for students who wants to pursue their careers in Germany, as they cut across the already low tuition fees of Universities in Germany, and offers students the opportunity to ease their financial burden.

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