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Best German Cities for International Students

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Best German Cities for International Students

  Posted On: 23 August 2022

Best German Cities for International Students

The nations with the best educational systems come to mind when considering higher education. Germany was the first country to pioneer the idea of providing free education to students around the world, even though many countries are pushing forward to offer affordable and high-quality education to foreign students. The nation is renowned for its top-notch free universities, programmes, curricula, safe environment for students, culture, food, and fascinating history.

German culture blends the modern with the traditional, the urban with the rural, and will immerse you and make you enjoy every minute of your stay. Germany also has a long and rich past. In this article, we'll examine some of the factors that make the finest student cities in Germany a popular option for foreign students.

Why study in Germany?

  • German higher education is regarded as the greatest in the world, and "Made in Germany" is a guarantee of superiority for any good or service.
  • Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world. 43 German universities were listed in the QS and Times Higher Education world university rankings.
  • Germany is a Schengen member, thus students there can travel freely in other Schengen nations while they are studying there.
  • One of the main benefits of study in Germany is that government-funded universities in Germany don't charge tuition. Students must contribute up to 250 euros per semester, though this amount may change depending on the universities.


Munich is the next city on our list of the top student cities in Germany. It is regarded as Germany's third-largest city and a well-known hub for foreign students from all over the world. Any international student would have a hard time getting bored in this lovely city. Students can enjoy and spend time in hundreds of music venues, cafes, restaurants, public parks, museums, and theatres.


Berlin, the capital of Germany, comes first on our list of the finest student cities there. For the most part, its dynamic nature, landscapes, scenic splendour, bustling nightlife, flowing creativity, and well-known colleges make it a popular study location for international students. Berlin offers a wide range of enjoyable activities for students to engage in, like attending cultural and community events, seeing museums and theatres, and tasting the city's exquisite cuisine.

In addition to the around 20 private professional and technical universities, Berlin is home to five significant state universities. In addition to having a range of degree programmes and courses to choose from, students can receive training from some of the most renowned academics in their professions.


Hamburg is another of Germany's top student cities, drawing tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. In addition to being known for its hamburgers, the city is well-known for its degree programmes in a range of subject areas, including social sciences, the arts, music, engineering, and design. The Hamburg universities are well-known worldwide for their state-of-the-art infrastructure, academic programmes, and technology. In Germany, Hamburg is renowned for fusing modern and traditional aspects.


Frankfurt is another of the most popular student cities in Germany, especially for those interested in studying finance or business management. In addition to strengthening Germany's national economy, its large concentration of business and tourism centres makes it simpler for students to acquire the essential expertise and skills in the corporate sector. Frankfurt is renowned for its many skyscrapers and distinctive buildings, which provide the illusion of a future city in all its luxury.


Stuttgart, which is regarded as Germany's strongest industrial metropolis, offers the ideal environment for overseas students to study and enhance their careers. Stuttgart is most likely well-known due to the two big worldwide corporations that call this city home: Porsche and Daimler. As one of the greatest student cities in Germany, the city is also well-known among international students for having top-notch universities that provide students with a strong combination of the practical and theoretical abilities needed to succeed in life.

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