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Free Education in Germany | How to Study for Free in Germany?

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Free Education in Germany | How to Study for Free in Germany?

  Posted On: 23 June 2022

Free Education in Germany | How to Study for Free in Germany?

Studying abroad is still a dream for everyone, but a lot of dreams remain unfulfilled due to financial constraints. Furthermore, due to a lack of knowledge, students are unaware of the different programs, scholarships, and free educational institutes that provide financial support to individuals who wish to pursue their desired degrees. When we think about acquiring higher education, we think of countries with the best educational systems. While many nations are pushing forward to provide affordable and high-quality education to overseas students, Germany was a pioneer in giving free education to students in a variety of areas. In this article, we will look at universities in Germany that provide free education, but first, let us understand why people choose to study in the country.

Why Study in Germany?

A large number of international students are selecting Germany to further their studies because of its world-renowned universities, rich history, art museums, and burgeoning nightlife.

German degrees are highly valued by recruiters all over the world. There are around 400 higher education institutions in the country, with over 19,000 different study programmes. Medicine, management, PhDs, engineering, robotics, and other courses are just a few of the numerous alternatives. In addition, a new and advanced foreign study programme is added to the curriculum each year.

Germany's higher education is often recognised as the best in the world, with "Made in Germany" as the grade seal on any product, education, or service.

Germany is home to 43 world-class universities, the ranks in the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Because Germany is a Schengen member, students studying there will be able to travel freely to other Schengen countries.

The $0 tuition expenses at government-funded schools are one of the most persuasive reasons to study in Germany. Students are required to pay a semester fee of up to 250 euros, which varies by university.

Can International Students study in Germany for free?

International students who want to study for free in Germany have a variety of possibilities. They have over 10,000 programmes to choose from at German universities and institutions. Students will not only receive an internationally recognised education, but they will also be able to experience inexpensive living costs, nice people, and breathtaking scenery. The best aspect is that there are plenty of possibilities for anyone with a desire to learn, regardless of their major.

Private VS Public colleges

In Germany, there are two sorts of universities: private and public. The great majority of students attend government-funded public universities. While private institutions are more expensive, they frequently feature lower-class numbers and a more international student base. Both types of universities provide high-quality education, but you must do your homework to find the best fit for you.

Education System in Germany
  • Germany has around 500 universities and offers over 19300 courses. German language study is highly recommended for students planning to study in Germany.
  • Germany is well-known for its research-intensive courses because it is the birthplace of the world's first research university, Heidelberg University.
  • Despite having many prestigious universities, Germany also offers a wide range of degrees tailored to students' interests. Germany has also implemented a number of traditional courses.
  • The majority of programmes are taught in their native language, German. However, a few universities offer courses in English. English language classes are frequent in Master's programmes.
  • A few universities also offer bilingual Master's programmes, which are taught in both German and English.

Germany demands that the brightest minds come to the country to study and preferably to stay and work after graduation. As a result, there are no general tuition charges for international students who come to Germany for free or low-cost education. However, there are other expenses such as accommodation, travel, and so on, but because tuition fees are the most expensive charges that students face, studying in Germany helps ease a significant burden.

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