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Jobs that promise the Highest Salaries in Germany

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Jobs that promise the Highest Salaries in Germany

  Posted On: 15 April 2021

Jobs that promise the Highest Salaries in Germany

Germany is a global hub for International Students with a commendable history in its Education and Research sector. Hence, they value skills and knowledge the most and also welcome everyone who could be a good Human Resource.

It is one of the booming Study Abroad destinations especially amongst the Indian students. This is because of the fact that German Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) offer FREE* Education to both Natives and International Students. So, for everyone who wish to learn and learn in a Quality EducationSystem that doesn’t hurt their pocket, Germany for sure is the best option.

While planning your education you ought to think about the advantages you are going to get afterwards. Apart from the Experience and Knowledge you get there are various things which remain a big Question Mark. For Instance,“What would be the worth of your education?” is one of the most common questions after investing a good deal of Time and Money on Studying Overseas.

So, here we bring some quantitative and qualitative information that could help you in knowing how much you are likely to earn after you complete your education in Germany.

Doctors and Dentists in Germany could earn on an average €79538 (INR6065136) per annum.

Qualified Lawyers could earn on average €74013 (INR5643830) per annum.

Student enrolled in Philosophy & Humanities could earn on average €47022 (INR3585642) per annum.

Below are the common Job Fields with highest salaries and their Pay scale.
Job Field Income P.a. (In Euros)
Medicine & Dentistry €79538
Law        €74013
Industrial Engineering €70288
Engineering €69850
Mathematics & Computer Science €68241
Natural Science €66954
Business Studies & Economics €65404
Architecture €55822
Psychology €55204
Earth Science     €53713
Political & Social Sciences €52974
Teaching €50000
Philosophy & Humanities €47022
Historical & Cultural Sciences €46836
Design €46075
Education & Social Pedagogy €45116

These are the pay scales for the common job fields in Germany but this could be your Salary only when you score pretty well in your Graduation.

Go Ahead, Build a Future which people dream of and turn your Dreams to Reality.

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