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GMAT Exam Pattern & How to Prepare for the exam?

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GMAT Exam Pattern & How to Prepare for the exam?

  Posted On: 17 May 2021

GMAT Exam Pattern & How to Prepare for the exam?

What is a computer adaptive test?

The computer adaptive test is not the same as the computer-based test. Candidates will be given one question at a time, and the accuracy of the previous answer will determine the difficulty level. The next level of questions will be flashed with a higher difficulty level based on the accuracy of the last answer. If the answer is wrong, the next question will be of lower difficulty and will receive a lower score.

According to the paper pattern, the final score is determined by the difficulty level of questions that the students attempted. Correct answers to difficult questions, for example, will result in higher scores, whereas correct answers to more straightforward questions will result in lower scores. Furthermore, according to the GMAT test pattern, there is no negative labelling for incorrect answers.

GMAT Exam Pattern

Table Captain
Test Section Duration Subject No. of Question
Analytical Writing Assessment 30 minutes Analysis of Argument One Topic
Integrated Reasoning 30 Minutes

Multi-Source Reasoning

Graphics Interpretation

Two-Two Part Analysis

Table Analysis

12 Questions
Quantitative Reasoning 62 Minutes

Data Sufficiency

Problem Solving

31 Questions
Verbal Reasoning 65 Minutes

Reading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning

Sentence Correction

36 Questions

GMAT Preparation Tips

Aiming for GMAT this year? Then, the below points are just for you. It ensures to guide you through the correct preparation methods and techniques for a successful result. Scroll on to know where to get started.

  • Choose the appropriate time slot: To achieve a high GMAT score, you must carefully plan your entire preparation process, and the first step is to choose an exam date. It can take anywhere between 1 to 3 months for preparation. So, plan and arrange the things accordingly to the exam date. 
  • Study material: Study materials: If you want to get a GMAT score of 700 or higher, you will need professional help. SIEC offers the best supervision to students striving for high GMAT scores. Our trained experts who own years of experience in handling students will assist you in achieving a higher score by providing study materials, test papers, and GMAT preparation tips.
  • Time management: You must be familiar with the structure and style of the exam. Knowing the directions ahead of time would save you a lot of time in the long run. Since the GMAT is a computer-based adaptive test, you will only be able to answer one question at a time, so plan ahead of time how long you will spend on each one.
  • Keep practising:  Work continuously on the commonly asked questions, previous year papers, sample papers and mock tests to increase your speed. 
  • Work on your weaknesses: If you follow the correct GMAT preparation method, you can identify the areas blocking you from achieving a high score. Pay special attention to those areas, practise more on those topics, track your progress over time, and revise those topics if needed.
  • Online learning: Online learning platforms are preferable to traditional coaching classes because they allow you to save time. They are flexible and allows for an individual assessment at affordable prices. 
  • Keep a note of the time: Keep a record of the time you take to solve a problem. This can help you to understand where you stand and work better on your skills. 

So, if you are someone who is looking to prepare for GMAT then, ensure to talk to SIEC Experts about the online classes for the exam.  Call us today at 9779046382 to get started with your classes.