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Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in USA for International Students 2023

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Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in USA for International Students 2023

  Posted On: 12 May 2023

Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in USA for International Students 2023

Do you think that your financial problems are coming in the way of your dream to study in USA? Well, not anymore. If you are an academically bright student and possess exceptional learning skills, you should worry lesser about your funding to study abroad. 

In case you have not already heard, there are several fully funded masters scholarships in USA for international students. Each has its own criteria so check out your eligibility first and then apply. What if you are fortunate enough to study in USA through a scholarship? So keep reading to find out more about these.

1.   The University of Minnesota Fellowship

A fully funded scholarship for international students, the University of Minnesota Fellowship is provided to students pursuing a master’s program in the US. As a matter of fact, the scholarship covers health insurance, travel costs, living expenses, and entire tuition fees. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
2.   University of New Haven Scholarship

If the University of New Haven is on your list of colleges where you would like to study in USA, you should definitely apply for the University of New Haven Scholarship. The several benefits that you can avail of in case you win the scholarship are:

  • Hourly wage
  • 75% of tuition aid
  • Work opportunity and experiential learning during the master’s course

3. Yale University Scholarship

Another fully funded scholarship to study in USA for international students, the Yale University Scholarship is available for students planning to pursue undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. As a matter of fact, this particular scholarship can range between a few hundred dollars and USD 70,000 per annum. Besides, the average scholarship at Yale, which is need-based, is USD 70,000 per year. 

4. Stanford University Scholarship

If Stanford University offers the course you want to pursue, it would definitely be on your list, considering the world-class education that the university provides and the extent to which it is renowned. So if you are planning to apply to Stanford University and need a scholarship to back your study, you should apply for Stanford University Scholarship. If you are lucky enough to bag it, all these expenses will be covered:

  • Academic expenditure
  • Living costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Full tuition fees

Now that sounds like a jackpot, doesn’t it? But it goes without saying, you should work really really hard to attain this one.

5. Fullbright Scholarships USA

If you are applying for masters scholarships in USA, you must give Fullbright Scholarships a try. The Fullbright Foreign Student Program offers a fully funded scholarship for international students that covers the following:

  • Health insurance
  • Airfare (travel expenses)
  • Full accommodation fee
  • Living stipend (that is, living allowance)
  • Full tuition fee

If you get this scholarship, you can choose from various universities to study in USA. 

6. The University of Memphis Scholarship

If you are an international student, you can apply for the University of Memphis fully funded scholarship for pursuing a master’s program. The scholarship amount differs for domestic and international students. 

7. AAUW Fellowship Program

Are you still looking for masters scholarships in USA? If so, you should consider applying for AAUW Fellowship Program. The scholarship is provided by The American Association of University Women, USA. Besides, it doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to - you can apply to this as a native of any country in the world. Not to mention, it is applicable to all master’s courses offered by the university. 

The program covers between USD 18,000 and USD 30,000 every year. The renewal is dependent on the maintenance of academic standards. 

8. Rotary Peace Fellowships

The Rotary Peace Fellowship Program involves fully funded scholarships for international students who wish to study in USA. The scholarships cover the following:

  • Field-study costs
  • Internship expenses
  • Round-trip transportation
  • Board and room expenses
  • Full tuition fees

9. Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program

If you want to Study in USA at the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, The University of Chicago, or Stanford University, you should absolutely apply for Onsi Sawiris Scholarship. If you get lucky and bag the scholarship, this fully funded scholarship for international students will cover the following expenses:

  • Health insurance
  • Travel
  • Living expenses
  • Full tuition fee

10. ACI Foundation Scholarship

To Study in USA for international students can be highly expensive, which is why the ACI Foundation Scholarship helps undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral students with numerous expenses. The scholarship offers an educational stipend of nearly USD 10,000 to USD 15,000. This aids in covering several expenses, including materials, books, residence, and tuition.