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All you need to know about Quad Fellowship for STEM

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All you need to know about Quad Fellowship for STEM

  Posted On: 06 September 2022

All you need to know about Quad Fellowship for STEM

Quad Fellowship is the latest combination of financial benefits introduced for students willing to pursue STEM programs in the United States. The long-awaited scholarship for students from Quad member nations to study in the US and get postgraduate degrees in STEM fields was just announced by US President Joe Biden. The news was made at the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue's widely reported first face-to-face meeting on Friday, September 24, 2021. If you want to gain from the Quad Fellowship for STEM, read the eligibility requirements, paperwork requirements, and application process below.

What is Quad Fellowship?

100 outstanding master's and PhD students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from the United States, Japan, Australia, and India will be encouraged by this initiative to study in the country. Through the fellowship, a network of scientific and technology professionals who are dedicated to encouraging innovation and cooperation in the public, corporate, and academic sectors as well as within and among the Quad countries will be created. Through cohort-wide travels and in-depth programming with each nation's leading scientists, technologists, and politicians, the programme will give Quad Scholars a solid grasp of one another's societies and cultures.

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Eligibility for Quad Fellowship Program

  • 18 years of age or older at the time of application
  • Be nationals of Australia, India, Japan, or the United States,.
  • By August 2023, possess a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in a STEM discipline.
  • Has a track record of outstanding academic success at the undergraduate level.
  • Suppose candidates are enrolled in an acceptable academic programme as a Fellow. In that case, they may apply even if they are currently enrolled in a Master's or PhD programme in the United States (i.e., August 2023 - May 2024).

Sponsor of the Quad STEM Fellowship

The Quad fellowship for the STEM programme will manage the scholarship programme, a charitable effort that will consult with non-governmental groups. The program is developed up of academic institutions, foreign policy organizations, and businesses from each Quad nation. Accenture, Blackstone, Boeing, Google, Mastercard, and Western Digital are the sponsors of the programme. 

Benefits of Quad Fellowship Program

The Quad Fellowship provides a special balance of financial advantages, intercultural interactions, networking opportunities, and content programming. A one-time $50,000 grant will be given to each Quad Fellow, which can be used for tuition, books, accommodation & board, fees, research, and other associated academic costs (e.g., registration fees, research-related travel). All Quad Fellows are qualified to submit a separate application for demonstrated needs-based support of up to $25,000 to help with the costs of finishing graduate-level coursework.

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Application Process

The application process consists of the following three steps:

We expect that the deserving students will be prepared to apply after reading our blog post about the Quad Fellowship for STEM. Sign up for a career counselling session with one of our mentors right away if you have questions about the process' difficulties or would like to learn more about fellowships in the nation of your preference.

  • Pre-program: Fellows Eligible will have access to a range of virtual tools and programmes upon acceptance to the Quad Fellowship in order to establish ties with their cohort as they complete the graduate admissions process.
  • The Fellows will participate in a residential experience in August that will last through the end of the academic year, followed by virtual programming options that will help them better grasp subjects at the nexus of STEM and society.
  • Senior Fellows will have access to tools that facilitate a lifetime network across batches and the Quad countries once they have completed the Quad Fellowship programme.
  • Online Application: Three essays, background survey details, and three letters of recommendation are requested in an online application. A professional contact or another academic contact may write one of the letters of recommendation; at least two of the letters must be from professors who can attest to the candidate's academic abilities.
  • Expert evaluation to determine the applicant's level of expertise in their STEM speciality.
  • Final-round panel interview to gauge aptitude for bridging gaps, results-orientedness, and interest in the nexus of STEM and society.
  • The announcement of conclusions will be announced in October or November 2022.