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9 Reasons Why You Should Study MBA in USA

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9 Reasons Why You Should Study MBA in USA

  Posted On: 25 November 2022

9 Reasons Why You Should Study MBA in USA

An MBA degree from the US is often viewed as the gold standard of business academics. While universities offering degrees in business in Asia and Europe are great, the US continues to be the most popular country for pursuing MBA. So if you wish to study MBA in USA, but have second thoughts about the same, this blog will help you get rid of them. Because here, we have shared 9 reasons why you should study MBA in the USA.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. MBA in Entrepreneurship in USA can help you become a successful entrepreneur. 

Venture capital is increasing day by day in the US and it’s now that you can seek investors for starting your own business. Opting for an MBA in the US will not only enhance your startup skills but will also help you gain the necessary knowledge for establishing your own business. In fact, there are business schools that offer specialization in entrepreneurship. 

2. To Study MBA in USA for Indian students means getting a diverse learning environment.

Several MBA programs attract Indian students to the US. And by studying with people from all over the world, you get to learn in a diverse learning environment. This helps in obtaining a variety of perspectives on various topics, especially when you work on a group project with your peers from different parts of the world. The distinguished socio-economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds mean different opinions on the same subject. 

3. Visa Policy in the US

Through the Optional Practical Training system, you can continue to stay in the country for a year post completing your MBA in case you are an international graduate. In case you are a graduate of STEM MBA, the period becomes two years. Isn’t that interesting?

4. High Salary Potential

As compared to graduating from business schools in other parts of the world, the potential for salary is greater when you complete your MBA in the US. As a matter of fact, the median starting salary for MBA graduates at companies in the US is $115,000. Nonetheless, the salaries vary based on the school you attend. 

For example, if you happen to graduate from Stanford, you can expect a minimum salary of nearly $160,000 three years after graduating. Thus, the salaries match the cost of >studying MBA in USA. In no time, you’ll be able to make the same amount of money you invested in your education.

5. Work with the world’s best companies.

The most excellent jobs for MBA graduates from US business schools involve job roles such as financial manager, management consultant, and marketing manager. And what’s better than being employed in one of the world’s top organizations?

6. Learn from the best faculty.

Studying MBA in the US equals exposure to top-notch industry standards, insights, and the latest research. Not to mention, you will get to learn from the best faculty. Thus, overall, you get world-class academics combined with experience in the industry. For example, the case-study method adopted by Harvard makes students place themselves in business executives’ shoes and solve real-world business problems. 

7. Two-year MBA program

Unlike business schools in other countries that offer MBA programs that last a year, US business schools provide two-year MBA programs. While the first can be attractive in terms of affordability, the learning of one year cannot match the amount of learning that takes place in two years. In case you cannot afford the program, you can also consider to study MBA in USA with scholarship. 

Essentially, the first year allows students to gain basic insight into finance, strategy, and management. In the second year, they opt for a specialization based on their area of interest. The choices include sustainability and artificial intelligence. 

8. High-Quality Programs

The MBA rankings are topped by Wharton, Stanford, and Harvard every year. From the return on investment to employability, these universities have perfect scores. Not to mention, an MBA degree from the United States continues to pay off even after you complete your degree. This involves the brand association with Columbia Business School, Stanford, or Harvard, which makes you stand out of the crowd through your resume. 

9. Social life and clubs

In case you’re a social butterfly, you’d be amazed to find out that several MBA programs in the USA conduct social events regularly. These comprise trips around the country, dinners, and movie nights. Moreover, there are several societies and clubs that you can enroll in. For instance, you can join a club for a career such as the University of Southern California Marshall’s Entrepreneur and Venture Management Association (EVMA), or an organization formed for women in business, such as the University of North Carolina’s Carolina Women in Business.