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11 Benefits to Study in Ireland for Indian Students

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11 Benefits to Study in Ireland for Indian Students

  Posted On: 05 February 2024

11 Benefits to Study in Ireland for Indian Students

Are you aware of the exciting educational opportunities that await Indian students in Ireland? Do you know why studying in Ireland for Indian students is Among the top 10 worldwide are courses in Computer Science, IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Management, and Business Analytics. Pursuing Your Studies in Ireland can provide numerous benefits, including high chances of employment in the country. Moreover, Ireland's universities have earned a reputation for their excellent postgraduate study programs and high research outputs. As an award-winning journalist has noted, Ireland is leading the way in technological research, earning it the nickname "AI Island."

Study in Ireland for Indian Students: 11 benefits

Ireland has emerged as a preferred destination among Indian students for pursuing higher education. The country boasts top-ranked universities, affordable 1-year master’s programmes, and 2-year post-study work visas, making it an attractive option for students.

Apart from these, there are many other reasons why Ireland is an excellent choice for Indian students. Studying in Ireland can be a life-altering experience, offering several benefits, some of which start before you begin your journey. If you are an Indian student planning to study abroad, Ireland might be the right destination.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of studying in Ireland or pursuing your studies abroad in Ireland.

  1. You don’t require a GRE Score
  • Irish Universities are in the same league as the US Universities and accept Indian Students even without a GRE Score.
  • You can still study at the universities in Ireland such as Trinity and UCD. Indian students require an excellent academic record and scores on one of the tests - IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duo-lingo.
  • Also, although almost all Irish universities do not require GRE and GMAT scores, they can ask for them to pursue studies in the MBA stream.
  • Isn't this appealing enough to apply to study in Ireland as an Indian Student, as you don't require any qualification test scores for entry?
  1. English Language Proficiency Training
  • We understand that English Proficiency test scores are only sometimes sufficient to secure admission.
  • Therefore, Ireland has come up with a brilliant program to bridge the gap between International Students and English Proficiency.
  • The prestigious Irish Universities offer short-term Pre-sessional English language programs.
  • These courses are designed in a way that could help international students acquire skills needed for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, DET, and PTE.
  1. Acceptable Study Gap In Ireland
  • Well, as long as you can explain the gap between your last academic year and the time of application, you are good to go without a study gap.
  • You can justify a study gap for various reasons.
  • In your SOP, you can explain your study gap by citing various reasons, such as vacation, health issues, or ventures.
  • However, you must draft a powerful, opinionated, persuasive SOP to draw the checker's attention.
  1. Lower Cost of Studying for Indian Students
  • Compared to the most preferred study destinations, the USA, the UK, and Australia, studying in Ireland can cost much less in tuition fees.

Place of Study




12,000 to 37,000

10 to 33 lakhs


13,000 to 15,000

11 to 13 lakhs

Institute of Technology

12,000 to 36,000

10 to 32 lakhs


  • While the tuition fee is lower than in other study-abroad destinations, other expenses include accommodation, student visas, and medical insurance, which would cost no more than 9 lakhs a year.
  • Independent colleges in Ireland should be a sweet deal for Indian students because of the availability of lower fees.
  • However, Indian students can further reduce their cost of living expenses by getting a part-time job or paid internship.
  1. Abundance of Scholarships
  • Opportunities do not come by chance; you must search for and seize them. If you are considering studying in Ireland, scholarships in Ireland are one of the many ways to minimize your tuition fees.
  • Let us name a few to ease out your searches: Government of Ireland International Education
  • Scholarships Programme (sponsored by the Higher Education Authority), The Government of Ireland Post-graduate Scholarship Programme, Scholarships by the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS), and many more.
  • A scholarship amount of 10,000 euros per year is provided to around 60 students annually.
  1. Benefit of Studying 1- year Masters in Ireland
  • Pursuing a one-year Master's program from an Irish University can help students get into their dream jobs more quickly than their counterparts in other study abroad destinations.
  • With a one-year master's degree in Ireland, you can resume work with your previous employer and join the elite workforce sooner.
  • Completing a one-year program is cheaper in Ireland than a two-year post-graduation program.
  • Studying in Ireland will bring to your doorstep an abundance of lifelong educational experiences. This will allow you to settle abroad earlier than any of your fellow-mates.
  1. 100% Visa Approval
  • India and Ireland share a cordial relationship, which means that Indians have a significantly lower chance of their visa getting rejected.
  • Thanks to the countries' external policies and cordiality, the Irish Visa Approval Rate for Indian students has grown by over 95% in the last five years.

Easy Pathway to PR

  • Do you know that Ireland has one of the most effortless PR processes? Yes, Ireland stands in the top five for the smoothest PR processes.
  • A Critical Skill Visa allows you to apply for a PR in two years, while a General Work Permit allows you to apply for a PR in five years.
  1. Renowned Universities and Quality Education
  • Securing admission to Irish Universities would allow you to study at globally renowned universities. Also, they are ranked among the best in the world regarding gender equality and climate action.
  • If you are fond of history, then you would love to study in Ireland because the Universities in Ireland offer a pristine atmosphere.

Quality Education

  • As per the i-graduate report, students pursuing graduate and post-graduate degrees in Ireland reported high student satisfaction with their academic experience.
  • The significance of completing an MS degree in Ireland also lies in preparing students to enter the workforce within one year.
  • And apart from graduating with a combination of world-top programs in Science, Technology, Maths, Medicine, Finance and many more, you will also find that the tuition fees in Ireland are way cheaper than any counterpart study abroad study destination.
  1. Work Opportunities

Part-time Work Opportunities

  • According to labour statistics, Ireland has more than 350,000 part-time employees. This number has risen in the last five years due to growing regional investment and new businesses.
  • One of the popular part-time jobs in Ireland is an assistant teacher. Isn't it a good opportunity for most students as you can earn from the same campus you are studying?
  • In Ireland, you are allowed to work 40 hours per week, but only from June to September and from December 15th to January 15th, inclusive. 
  • At other times, Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week while studying.

Post-Study Work Visa

  • A general 2-year post-study work visa is offered for Indian Students. However, Ireland provides two types of work visas - General Work Permit and Critical Skills Employment Permit.
  • The General Work Permit allows an individual to work in numerous occupations unless the profession is excluded from the Ineligible List of Occupations for Employment Permits.
  • When it comes to Critical Skill Visa, as per reports, 65% of the visas in this category were grabbed by Indian students studying in Ireland. Critical Skills Employment Permit targets highly skilled individuals (engineers and technologists), and Indians are regarded as the most talented and skilled worldwide.

Employment Rates are at an all-time high

  • Ireland's employment rates confidently state that the country is fully employed; the government lowering tax rates for corporates has benefitted the companies by encouraging them to hire more graduates in the last few years.
  • Graduates are getting employed in Pharmaceuticals, Finance, and Biotech Industries. Indian Students are getting placed in top biopharmaceutical companies in Ireland.
  • Thanks to the tailored courses in the Universities of Ireland, Indians have enhanced their confidence in taking on real-time challenges in the IT hub of Europe.
  • Due to the high demand level and limits in the supply chain, companies are also increasing compensation packages to retain the most skilled students, including Indians, which is also one of the many supporting reasons for Indians to study, work and settle in Ireland.

Homes Global Companies

  • Do you know 19 of the Top 20 Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Biomedical companies are in Ireland?
  • The technological ambience in Ireland is the biome Irish people breathe in.
  • Ireland's liberal FDI Policies and ease of doing business open the door for intellectual and talented individuals across the world, thus creating ease of doing business.
  • Ireland has more than 1000 MNCs, many of which seek MS degree holders from the Irish Universities, especially Indians in areas like AI, Telecom, and life sciences.
  • Ireland is the home to several top world companies like Google, Facebook, Roche, and many more.
  1. Quality of Lifestyle

Safe and Friendly

  • Isn't it safe to read beforehand about your study abroad destination's attitude towards international students?
  • The locals are often recognised as some of the friendliest folks in the world.
  • And talking about how Indian students feel in Ireland, then you should feel happy that Indians feel they are at home in Ireland, feel safe and peaceful.
  • Indians often term their study period - a heavenly experience.

Indian Community in Ireland: Growing and Dynamic

  • Irelands witnessed a gradual growth in the number of Indian students after the Irish Government recognised several policies that aimed at attracting as many as 100,000 Indian students to move abroad for their higher education every year.
  • As of the last decade, there are 26,000+ Indians in Ireland, out of which more than 10,000 are involved in senior managerial positions, doctors and engineering and so on.
  • According to reports, the number of international students increased by 45% in just five years.
  • According to DBEI, the majority of the work permits were obtained by Indian students, more than any other nationality.
  • You will feel at home in Ireland because there are many local shops (where you can find Indian go-to foods, from dal rice to curry) with local names run by Indians.
  1. Irish Culture and Heritage
  • The best part about studying in Ireland is that you can earn a 360-degree, thus fulfilling experience from your study abroad - whether you are a bookworm, traveller, or history buff.
  • Ireland is not only world-renowned for its education but also for its unique and pristine architecture, diverse history, pure race, and music.
  • You will get to witness 1000-year-old grace come alive at night in Dublin, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland. The country has plenty of parks, museums, and statues paying homage to its colonial leaders.

Did you know that Halloween originated in Ireland?

  • Studying in Ireland will be thrilling for travel-enthusiast, photographic Indian students, as Ireland wears the garland of nature within its heart.
  • Famous movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Games of Thrones had scenes filmed in Ireland because the landscapes there breathe life into individuals' dormant lifestyles.
  • If you are a travel bug, you should grab the opportunity to visit Western Ireland, as the western part of Ireland is full of breath-taking sceneries, docks, rocky coastlines and historic castles.

Ireland is the gateway to your heavenly experience - study, work and travel.

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