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Global Citizens 2030

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Global Citizens 2030

  Posted By: 14 February 2024

Global Citizens 2030

Did you know that choosing to study in Ireland offers you the opportunity to live in a country that has a rich history and is famous for its warm hospitality? Ireland is now looking to the future with great ambition. Global Citizens 2030, which was launched in January 2024, is a comprehensive strategy aimed at driving the country forward through talent, innovation, and inclusivity.

Quick Go –through

  • Ireland wants to attract the best generation of International Learners, Researchers, and Innovators to the country.
  • Ireland is preparing its students (International students) and researchers to lead and innovate in a rapidly changing global landscape.


Ireland visualises a future

  • Where education, research, and innovation are limitless.
  • The country is determined-to make this happen by welcoming more international students, researchers, and innovators.

Objective By 2030, Ireland aims

  • To increase global talent by 10% by 2030, a "moderate" growth that will balance the need for talent with logistical constraints.
  • Ireland also empowers its domestic students and researchers to work in multi-national, multi-cultural, and diverse workforces.
  • Embark on your Journey to Study, Work and Settle in Ireland to shape the future of education, research, and innovation.

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This particular Blog delves into the heart of Global Citizens 2030, unveiling its six pillars, dissecting its goals, and highlighting its potential impact on Ireland's global footprint.

Global Citizens 2030: Ireland's new International Talent and Innovation Strategy

Pillar 1: Talent and Innovation at the Heart of Ireland's Global Footprint

At the heart of Global Citizens 2030 lies the unwavering belief that talent and innovation are the cornerstones of a thriving nation. This pillar focuses on fostering a robust ecosystem where creativity, ingenuity, and expertise flourish. Important initiatives include:

  • Establishing "Team Ireland"– a collaborative network of Irish talent and innovation stakeholders operating in strategic global locations.
  • Enhancing research and development (R&D) investment to nurture cutting-edge solutions and attract international collaboration.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and start-up growth by providing resources, mentorship, and access to funding.

Pillar 2: A First-Choice Destination for International Learners, Researchers, and Innovators: A Magnet for Global Minds

Ireland recognizes the immense value of attracting and retaining global talent. This pillar aims to make Ireland a magnet for international minds by:

  • Implementing the International Education Mark (IEM) to ensure the highest quality standards in Irish education.
  • Streamlining the visa process in Ireland and offering attractive career opportunities for international graduates.
  • Investing in world-class research facilities and fostering vibrant academic communities.

Pillar 3: Global Citizens in Multi-National, Multi-Cultural, and Diverse Workforces

The Global Citizens 2030 acknowledges the undeniable strength of diversity and inclusion. This pillar champions:

Promoting equal access to education and career opportunities for all, regardless of background or origin.

Combating discrimination and fostering a culture of respect and understanding in Irish workplaces.

Nurturing intercultural dialogue and collaboration to enrich both businesses and communities.

Pillar 4: Enhanced European Influence in Education and Research

As a proud member of the European Union, Ireland seeks to play a leading role in shaping European education and research. This pillar emphasizes:

  • Strengthening collaboration with EU partners on joint research projects and knowledge exchange initiatives.
  • Actively contributing to EU policy development in areas like skills development and innovation.
  • Leveraging Ireland's unique strengths in areas like digital technologies and renewable energy to benefit the entire continent.

Pillar 5: A New Era of Collaboration on our Shared Island

Global Citizens 2030 recognizes the importance of building bridges and fostering cooperation across the island of Ireland. This pillar prioritizes:

  • Enhancing educational and research collaboration between institutions in North and South.
  • Promoting joint initiatives that address shared challenges and unlock economic opportunities.
  • Supporting cross-border mobility and knowledge exchange to enrich both communities.

Pillar 6: Thought Leadership in Talent, Innovation, and Science Policy

Ireland aspires to be a global thought leader in shaping the future of talent, innovation, and science. This pillar underlines:

  • Sharing best practices and expertise with other countries on talent development and innovation strategies.
  • Actively participating in international discussions on emerging trends and challenges in science and technology.
  • Conducting cutting-edge research to inform evidence-based policymaking in the areas of talent and innovation.

Global Citizens 2030: A Catalyst for Change

The impact of Global Citizens 2030 transcends mere economic benefits. It seeks to create a vibrant, inclusive, and future-proof Ireland where talent flourishes, ideas take flight, and everyone has the opportunity to contribute and thrive.

This ambitious strategy holds immense potential to:

  • Strengthen Ireland's global competitiveness by attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Drive economic growth and job creation through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Forge a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone feels valued and empowered.
  • Positively contribute to the world by sharing best practices and collaborating on global challenges.

Global Citizens 2030 in Detail: Flagship Initiatives of Global Citizens 2030 Ireland

Launched in January 2024, Global Citizens 2030 stands as a bold roadmap for Ireland's future, fuelled by talent, innovation, and inclusivity. But it's not just aspirations – its action. At the heart of this strategy lie six flagship initiatives, ambitious undertakings designed to propel Ireland toward its envisioned global excellence. Let's dive into these initiatives, uncovering their potential impact and exploring how they are set to transform the Irish landscape.

1. Team Ireland: Uniting Global Talent and Innovation

  • Imagine a network of Irish talent and innovation champions operating strategically across the globe, actively attracting the best minds and fostering fertile ground for collaboration. That's the vision behind Team Ireland.
  • This initiative establishes a robust network of Irish Embassies, Institutes, and diaspora organizations as hubs for talent and innovation outreach. Think of it as Ireland extending its hand to the world, welcoming and nurturing the brightest minds who can contribute to its growth.
  • Team Ireland will go beyond mere networking. It will actively scout for talent, create attractive career opportunities, and facilitate connections between Irish businesses and international innovators. Think of it as a global talent marketplace, but with a distinctly Irish flair.
  • The impact? A dynamic influx of expertise, fresh perspectives, and a vibrant ecosystem where ideas spark and solutions ignite.

2. Innovation Catalyst Labs: Igniting the Spark of Creativity

  • Ireland's fertile ground for innovation needs nurturing. Enter the Innovation Catalyst Labs. These dynamic spaces, strategically located across the country, will serve as breeding grounds for creativity and collaboration.
  • Imagine tech entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and social innovators co-creating in a vibrant atmosphere, fuelled by cutting-edge resources and expert mentorship.
  • These labs will focus on specific thematic areas aligned with Ireland's strategic priorities, such as climate tech, digital health, and sustainable agriculture. Think of them as test kitchens for the future, where ideas are prototyped, tested, and refined, ready to be unleashed onto the world.
  • The potential? A pipeline of disruptive innovations, globally-relevant solutions, and a thriving start-up ecosystem that positions Ireland as a leader in diverse sectors.

3. Future Skills Academy: Bridging the Gap for a Digitally-Empowered Workforce

  • In a world driven by technology, the future of work demands agile minds equipped with the right skills. The Future Skills Academy recognizes this and empowers individuals to navigate the ever-evolving landscape.
  • This ambitious initiative provides accessible, industry-aligned training programs in areas like artificial intelligence, data science, and cybersecurity.
  • Imagine upskilling initiatives tailor-made for diverse demographics, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals.
  • Think of immersive boot-camps, industry-led apprenticeships, and online learning platforms readily available to all.
  • The potential? A future-proof workforce, equipped to seize opportunities in the digital age, a more competitive Ireland, and a citizenry empowered to reach their full potential.

4. Inclusive Innovation Initiative: Fostering Diversity for Sustainable Growth

  • Innovation thrives on diversity. Recognizing this, the Inclusive Innovation Initiative champions’ inclusivity at every stage of the innovation pipeline.
  • This means supporting under-represented groups, from women in STEM to individuals with disabilities, in accessing opportunities and contributing their unique perspectives.
  • Imagine mentoring programs connecting budding female entrepreneurs with established industry leaders. Think of accessibility grants empowering individuals with disabilities to participate in cutting-edge research projects.
  • The potential? A tapestry of diverse voices enriching the innovation landscape, fostering a more equitable society, and unlocking solutions that resonate with a broader range of needs.

5. Global Youth Exchange: A Passport to Bridging Cultures and Shaping the Future

  • The future belongs to the youth. The Global Youth Exchange program recognizes this and fosters cross-cultural understanding and collaboration among young minds. Imagine Irish and international students participating in joint research projects, tackling global challenges like climate change or digital ethics. Think of cultural exchange programs igniting lifelong friendships and understanding.
  • The potential? A generation of global citizens equipped with empathy, intercultural competence, and the ability to tackle global challenges collaboratively.
  • It's a future where diversity isn't just tolerated, but celebrated, and where young minds shape a more inclusive and sustainable world.


A voyage of innovation, a call to embrace the potential of a truly global Ireland. So, are you ready to embark?

Ireland, a nation synonymous with lush landscapes, ancient castles, and welcoming hospitality, is now charting a bold course for the future. Launched in January 2024, Global Citizens 2030 stands as a comprehensive strategy designed to propel the country forward through talent, innovation, and inclusivity. This ambitious initiative holds immense potential to transform Ireland's global footprint, positioning it as a leader in education, research, and economic prosperity.

Conclusion: A Future Embraced

These flagship initiatives are just the tip of the iceberg, showcasing the bold ambition of Global Citizens 2030. They promise not just economic growth and innovation, but a transformation of the Irish spirit. It's a roadmap toward a future where talent is nurtured, inclusivity reigns, and global collaboration shapes a brighter tomorrow. This isn't just a strategy – it's an invitation to join.

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