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Is Ireland the Right Choice for Your Master's Program?

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Is Ireland the Right Choice for Your Master's Program?

  Posted On: 18 February 2023

Is Ireland the Right Choice for Your Master's Program?

You might have earlier wanted to pursue your undergraduate degree abroad and for some reason, be it financial or academic, that couldn’t happen. So here you are, exploring your options to throw a cap again - only this time, somewhere abroad. And we believe you would have already given thought to other countries and are finally considering to study in Ireland. So we will cut the unnecessary and get straight to the question - Is Ireland the right choice for your master’s program?

Are you waiting for us to give you a yes or no? Well, we won’t. That is something you will figure out on your own once you read this blog.

We will, however, tell you why you should study master’s in Ireland. Are you ready? Let’s get to the details then.

1. Ireland is an English-Speaking Nation.

You might be wondering why we are stating the obvious. Well, there are several countries, like Ireland, offering quality education to students but their first language is not English. This means that students are required to be proficient in that language in order to attend classes. Here is where you are fortunate. You will not have to go through the hassle of learning another language when you choose to study in Ireland.

If English is not your first language, all you need to do is take an English language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. Now if you’re thinking, “Well, that’s easy!”, all we ask of you is to not underestimate it. The best Ireland colleges for master’s require a minimum score. If you fail to obtain this, you will have to take the test again. And who likes taking tests? So we advise you to prepare well for it the first time.

2. Rising Employment Opportunities

Pursuing master's programs in Ireland means high employment opportunities. In fact, if you are thinking about taking up a job here after you are done with your master’s, we have a piece of good news for you.

The augmented productivity rate of employees in the country is boosting the economy. This has further opened up excellent opportunities for further employment. And the fact that Ireland has a low corporate tax rate, it has become a hub of multinational companies. So once you study master’s in Ireland, you can expect numerous job options for you here. Did someone say ROI?

3. Get a Blue Card!

If you do not know about the blue card yet, you have certainly not performed thorough research for master's programs in Ireland as well as living here.

Don’t worry, we will explain it to you. If you study master’s in Ireland, you will get a choice to get a Blue Card of residentship. This means that you will be entitled to all the perks a European citizen can enjoy in the country. Now that sounds exhilarating, doesn’t it?

4. Option to Stay Back

Master's programs in Ireland last for a year or two. And considering how beautiful this country is, we are pretty sure you would not want to head back home right after you are done with your studies. What about staying for another couple of years? Wondering how can that happen? Well, to study master’s in Ireland means getting the choice to stay back for two entire years. This much time is enough to bag the perfect job. Besides, this is how you get to obtain your return on investment.

5. Quality Education

Truth be told, the best Ireland colleges for master’s are some of the globally ranked colleges. Pursuing your graduation here would mean that you get an internationally recognized degree from a renowned academic body. Not just this, the universities also offer a wide variety of courses. So you can choose the course that best fits your career plans. And if we are being honest, not all universities, including internationally renowned ones, provide students with an array of courses.

The outstanding teaching methods, wide practical experience, and experienced professionals all add up to quality education. Besides, you also get to save a great deal of time when you study in Ireland because Ireland is now providing one-year postgraduate degrees that do not require any previous work experience.

Are You Going to Study in Ireland?

Now that we have shared almost everything with you about pursuing a master’s program in Ireland, do you think it’s the right choice?

If you are still waiting for us to give you an opinion, well, yes, studying in Ireland is worth it all. The amount of exposure, the privileges, the quality of education, and the job opportunities - all make studying in Ireland highly valuable.