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Victoria lies to the tip of Australia's East coast, and is the second smallest state, covering an area of 227,600 square kilometres. It is a beautifully diverse landscape, encompassing extraordinary coastlines, pristine beaches, abundant mountain ranges, national parks, forests, wineries, lakes, wetlands and underground cave systems.


  • Victoria is a densely populated and second most populous state of Australia, with a total population of 6.35 million.
  • More than 70% of the Victorian population reside in the city of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria.
  • The most commonly spoken languages in Victoria, other than English are Mandarin, Italian, Vietnamese, Greek and Arabic.


  • Medicare funds healthcare is primarily for Australian PR holders and Citizens. In Australia, medicare is a government run medical scheme, operated by Medicare Australia, which is the primary health care funded in Australia and covers 70% of healthcare costs of an individual.
  • There are three types of Healthcare schemes available for residents, including:
    • Medicare
    • The pharmaceutical benefits scheme
    • Private Health Insurance
  • Australia has its own health cover system for international students called Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC). To ensure the medical safety of the student in Australia, it is mandatory to purchase OSHC.


  • The Victorian climate is known to be extremely volatile and unpredictable,with temperatures fluctuating from extremely hot to extremely cold, and residents are quite used to experiencing all four seasons in a single day.
  • In general, the Victorian climate can be described as quite pleasant in Spring, warm in summer, mild during Autumn and crisp and cold in Winter.

International Student population in Victoria

  • Victoria encompasses leading Educational infrastructure, with ten prestigious, world class Universities, offering students cutting- edge facilities, expertly trained academic staff, and exceptional student services.
  • Additionally, Victoria has a total of 18 Technical and Further Education Institutes (TAFE).
  • Victoria is known as a global knowledge hub, continuously attracting leading academics and researchers to its institutions.
  • According to the 2018 QS World University rankings, 6 of the 10 universities in Victoria are among the highest ranked universities in the world, with one university in the world's top 30 and two universities in the world's top 100.
  • Victoria's vocational educational and training institutions offer high quality practical training and skill development courses in close conjunction with industries and employers to ensure that graduates are trained with the required skills demanded by employees.