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Singapore Admission Guidelines

Singapore Admission Guidelines

The Universities of Singapore is known for its diverse and innovative environment. They offer several programs in different field, and here are the eligibility and admission requirements.

  • 1.   Research and select the course or program that best serves the student's personal, academic and professional goals which include:
    • Select the desired level of studies such as
      •   Level of study such as Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and PhD
      •   Field of study, Singapore offers attractive courses in hospitality, banking and finance, management
      •   Identify course duration
      •   Type of course such as full-time study or part-time study.
      •   Choose the desired university
      •   Identifying course fees (scholarship opportunities, if any)

    If you are willing to study in Singapore, contact SIEC experts or visit the nearest branch to choose the right course and university.

  • 2.   Singapore universities have their eligibility criteria for international students applying for UG courses.
    • Undergraduate Eligibility Criteria
      •   For private university student must have more than 65% in both 10th and 12th standard
      •   For public university student must have more than 90% in both 10th and 12th standard
  • 3.   Academic intakes vary from university to university, such as:
    •   NUS and NTU have two intakes for undergraduates and postgraduates, i.e. August intake and January intake
    •   Private universities like PSB Academy and Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) have flexible intakes, including Feb and July
  • 4.   Determine Course Entry requirements
    •   Singapore is flexible for entry requirements in terms of academics
    •   Minimum English language exam waiver is provided based on students academics
    •   Students with an education gap of more than six months need to submit a letter explaining the reason for the gap
  • 5.  Submit the application online with supporting documents and wait for an offer letter from the University. Students can be asked for a Skype interview
  • 6.   After receiving the conditional offer letter student needs to fulfil the requirements outlined in the letter.
  • 7.   Receive full offer letter, complete the payment of fee and proceed with visa application
  • 8.   Undertake a medical examination in the home country or Singapore( A part of visa procedure)
  • Note: Student studying in Singapore is offered a transfer option to other countries, which depends on criteria like academic performance.

    For detailed assistance on the application process, schedule a free counselling session with the career experts at SIEC.

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