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Northern Territory

Northern Territory (NT)

  • Located in the central- northern region of Australia, Northern territory is a self governing state sharing its borders with Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.
  • Darwin is the capital city of Northern territory.
  • Northern Territory has a multicultural community comprising residents from over 145 different countries, with over a quarter of the residents speaking a language other than English.
  • Northern Territory is an ideal destination for international students, due to its relaxed and tropical climate and broad range of study options.
  • Northern Territory was listed in the top 20 “Best of the World” by National Geographic Travel Magazine.


  • The Northern Territory is sparsely populated as it houses 245,786 people,with 51.7 % of the total population being male and 48.3 % are female.
  • The capital city - Darwin houses half of the population of the state as it has a total 120,000 residents.


  • Northern Territory covers around 1/6th of the total Australian mainland and is spread out over a total area of 1.35 million square kilometres.
  • It seems as the land which is forgotten by time, but well-preserved. The Territory is made up of rich wetlands and rainforests in the North and dry, and infertile deserts of the red centre.
  • 80% of the territory is flat located in the tropics and consisting of more than 6,000 kms of coastline and dotted with mangroves, tidal flats, swamps, grasslands, river floodplains, rock formations, gorges, and rainforests.


  • The Territory is leading in renewable energy, and has several factors responsible for the state's economy such as, oil and gas extraction, international education, health service delivery, production of beef cattle, barramundi, crocodile skins and pearls.
  • International education and training has been listed as the 9th largest export in the Northern Territory and generates over 400 jobs contributing nearly about $88 million to the Australian economy.
  • One of the largest industries in Northern Territory is Construction, which is rising day by day.


  • Medicare funds healthcare is primarily for Australian PR holders and Citizens. In Australia, Medicare is a government-run medical scheme, operated by Medicare Australia, which is the primary health care funded in Australia and covers 70% of the healthcare costs of an individual.
  • There are three types of Healthcare schemes available for residents, including:
    • Medicare
    • The pharmaceutical benefits scheme
    • Private Health Insurance
  • Australia has its own health cover system for international students called Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC). To ensure the medical safety of the student in Australia, it is mandatory to purchase OSHC.

University Education

  • The Northern Territory provides a diverse range of top-quality education and training institutions, including vocational education.
  • Charles Darwin University (CDU) in Northern territory, ranks in the top 2% of World Universities byTimes Higher Education, and it is a member of the Australian Innovation Research Universities Group.
  • Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses in the Northern Territory allows international students to gain workplace skills and qualifications in a diverse range of industries.
  • Vocational Education & Training providers in the territory are associated with local employers to provide work experience for VET graduates in various fields such as aged care, early childhood and school-aged care, hospitality and commercial cookery, engineering, civil construction, and leadership and management.
  • The Northern territory has low unemployment rates and provides excellent opportunities for International students to pursue part-time or casual work, internships and work placements.

Higher education institutions in Northern Territory