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  • Founded in1938 by Stanley Kaplan, educational pioneer, Kaplan is known to be one of the world's largest and most diverse educational providers having millions of students across the globe.
  • Kaplan, Singapore is a Lifelong Integrated Learning Partner offering more than 500 academic programs for higher learning and skill certified courses. The institution has students from over 35 countries.
  • The Institute offers Bachelor's, Master's, Graduate certification, Diploma, Foundation Diploma, GCE O-level and certification courses in the following study area:
    • Accounting, Banking & Finance
    • Business & Management
    • Communication & Media
    • Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Education & Social Science
    • Information Technology
    • Language
    • Health Services
    • Law & Criminology
    • Engineering
    • Foundation Diploma
    • 0-Levels
    • Customized Corporate Training
  • Kaplan University offer various degrees in collaboration with the leading university from across the globe such as
    • Murdoch University (Dubai)
    • North Umbria University (United Kingdom)
    • University of Essex (United Kingdom)
    • University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
    • Royal Holloway, University London (United Kingdom)
    • Monash University (Australia)
    • University of South Australia (Australia)
    • RMIT University (Australia)
    • Birmingham City University (United Kingdom)

Why study at Kaplan University ?

  • Kaplan University has more than 40 partner universities and offers more than 3,000 courses and various learning options such as online learning and degree preparation.
  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy and Kaplan Higher Education Institute has achieved the renewal of the 4-year EduTrust certification in 2019 by the regulatory authority of the private education sector, Committee for Private Education (CPE).
  • Kalan is Singapore's leading and most awarded private education provider, JobsCentral Learning Training and Education Development (T.E.D), 2018 titles Kaplan as the “Best Private Education Institution”.
  • JobCentral Learning Training & Education Development (T.E.D) 2018 awards Kaplan as the Best Private Education Institution for Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Business Management, Communication & Media, Computer Science & IT, Law, Sales & Marketing, and Social Sciences.


  • Kaplan acknowledges ambitious students with outstanding academic performance, offering a range of scholarships for students in Australia and across the globe.
  • Kaplan scholarships include:
    • High Achievers Scholarships
    • Regional Scholarships
    • Dean's Awards
    • Alumni Scholarship