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International School of Management


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  • International School of Management is a private, state-recognized German business school, having it's headquarter in Dortmund.
  • Established in 1990 as IDB-Wirtschaftsakademine, and later in 1992, the university was renamed as International School of Management (ISM).

Why Study at International School of Management?

  • CHE University Ranking 2021 ranks International School of Management highest for its internationality, Contact in professional practice and support at the beginning of the course.
  • According to the U-Multirank ranking, the University placed globally amongst the Top 25 for Contact to work environment and student mobility.
  • The University is ranked amongst the top 10 universities in Germany in the categories such as practical relevance, career opportunities and service, lecture quality, jobs and digital learning and service and advice by the Trendence University ranking.
  • International School of Management is ranked WirtchaftsWoche Raking 2019


Dortmund Campus

  • The Dortmund Campus is the largest campus of the University, and it enrolls approximately 930 students.
  • The strategic location of the campus offers many doors for students as the campus is in the mid of a technology park and at 15 minutes f walking distance from the city center.

Frankfurt Campus (Main Campus)

  • Established in 2007, the Frankfurt campus of International School of Management is located in Sachsenhausen.
  • The Frankfurt campus enrolls nearly 910 students, and the city has various job opportunities.
  • The city is Germany's major financial and service center; major sectors involve the creative industry, IT sector, Telecommunication, biotechnology and life science.

Munich Campus

  • The University's Munich campus is known as the University of Applied Science, and it enrolls nearly 750 students.
  • The campus is located a minutes' walk from Karlshöfen and is well connected through the train station.
  • Munich is an important economic center of Germany, and significant sectors are tourism, vehicle and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT industry, and Germany's media location.
  • The University's Munich campus offers bachelors programs in International Management and Information systems and masters in Strategic Marketing Management, Finance, Business Intelligence & Data Science, Luxury Fashion & Sales Management, and International Business.

Hamburg Campus

  • The Hamburg campus has currently enrolled nearly 560 students, and the campus has two modern buildings located in the HafenCity, just 10 minutes away from the city center and nearest train station.
  • Hamburg is the cultural and economic hub of Northern Germany.
  • The Hamburg campus offers bachelors programs in International Management, Information Systems and a master's program in International Management, Business Intelligence & Data Science, International Logistics & Supply Chain Management, and International Business.

Cologne Campus

  • The Cologne Campus was established in 2014, located in the MediaPark, just a minute walk from the Hansaring S-Bahn Station.
  • The campus is locaGermany's in Germany's most important business as the city is home to various industries.
  • Cologne is also referred to as an innovative media city.
  • The International School of Management's Cologne campus offers a full-time bachelor program in International Management and Finance & Management and masters programs in International Management.

Stuttgart Campus

  • The Stuttgart Campus is of International School of Management is located in the economic hub of Stuttgart, at a walking distance from the Heusteig quarter.
  • The City is known to have the most vital economic region in Europe. Also Stuttgart is amongst the innovative high-tech location in Europe.
  • Stuttgart campus offers full-time bachelor and masters programs in International Management.

Berlin Campus

  • The Berlin Campus of the University was established in 2019, the campus located in the center hub of Berlin Schöneberg.
  • Berlin campus offers combined innovation, culture and a cosmopolitan environment.
  • Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is the hub of international business as the city is home to various companies from various sectors and also a political center
  • The Berlin campus offers a full-time bachelor program in International Management and Finance & Management and fill-time master programs in International Management, Strategic Marketing Management, Finance, Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management and International Business.


Full-Time Bachelors

  • International Management
  • Finance & Management
  • Information System

Full-Time Masters

  • International Management
  • Finance
  • International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Business Intelligence & Data Science
  • Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management
  • International Business


International School of Management offers an early bird discount of 1000 Euro on the tuition fee.


International Student does not offer on-campus accommodation for students but the University affiliates accommodation for students.

Affiliated housing is located in close proximity to campus.