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Curtin University Singapore


Curtin University Logo
  • Founded in 1966 as the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT), later in 1987, the institute got its name from the former Prime Minister of Australia - John Curtin.
  • Curtin University is one of the renowned and highly ranked research Universities in Australia located in Bentley, Perth.
  • The University is a member of the Australian Technology Network and is active in research in its wide range of academic and practical study areas.
  • Curtin University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in the following study areas:
    • Agriculture, environment and sustainability
    • Architecture and Construction
    • Arts and Creative Industries
    • Business, Management and Law
    • Culture, Society and Indigenous
    • Education
    • Engineering, mining and related technologies
    • Health
    • Information Technology
    • Physical science and Mathematics

Why choose Curtin University ?

  • Curtin University is recognized worldwide for its interaction with industries and high-impact research and a wide range of innovative courses.
  • Academic Ranking of World University 2020 ranks Curtin University amongst the “Top 1%” of the world Universities.
  • Curtin University is a highly preferred university in Western Australia. In 2019, approximately 53% of undergraduate students of the state preferred Curtin University.
  • Good University Guide 2022 ranks Curtin University amongst the top 20 per cent, also rated with 5-starts for quality teaching, learning resources, starting salary, learner engagement and overall experience.
  • According to tot the Graduate Outcomes Survey 2019, graduates of Curtin University had the highest rate of full-time employment after completion of the course.
  • QS World University Ranking by Subject 2021 ranks Curtin's Mineral and Mining Engineering 2nd in the world.
  • University is recognized for its excellence in research as 95% of the research conducted are rated above the world standard.
  • According to the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020, Curtin University is ranked amongst the top 5 universities in Australia and top 50 in the world for Hospitality & Tourism Management.



Curtin's Perth Campus

  • Curtin's Perth Campus is the University's largest campus, situated around six kilometers to the southeast of Central Perth in the suburbs of Bentley.
  • The Perth campus was established in 1900. Initially, it was known as Perth Technical School.
  • The campus is home to the Curtin Law School. Curtin Perth Campus offers programs in all study areas of the University, including a Bachelor of Law.
  • Perth is a more affordable city as compared to other Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Curtin Murray Street

  • The Murray Street campus of Curtin University was established in 1894, and is located in Perth's central business district and is home to the University's business school and law school.
  • The Murray Street campus of Curtin University is closely interacted with the business sector and also offers postgraduate courses in business administration and leadership.
  • The Murray Street campus is home to the Curtin Law School and is located close to Perth's law court allowing students to gain practical as well as

Curtin St. Georges Terrace

  • Curtin University's St. George Terrace has two locations: Curtin 137 St George Terrace and Curtin 139 St George Terrace.
  • 137 St George Terrace is located in the Old Perth Technical College, and 139 St. George Terrace is housed in the city's oldest educational landmark, Old Perth Boy's School.
  • The campus offers students with distinctive learning city-based industries.

Curtin Kalgoorlie

  • Curtin University's Kalgoorlie campus is housed next to the Central Business District, and students' accommodation is also located close to the campus.
  • Kalgoorlie city is the historic mining city of Australia located in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. Curtin's Kalgoorlie campus is home to the renowned WA School of Mines-Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering.
  • The campus specializes in courses in Mining and Metallurgy and offers flexible learning options such as online and on-campus learning for courses in health, education and commerce

Curtin Midland

  • Curtin University's Mainland campus was established to strengthen the bond of health services and community agencies in Perth's eastern regions.
  • The campus offers learnings based on environment and health science.

International Campuses

Curtin University, Malaysia

  • Established in 1999, the first international campus of Curtin University was set up on the island of Borneo, on the northwest coast of Sarawak.
  • Curtin University, Malaysia, offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in all the study areas, including commerce, engineering, health, science and arts, except education.

Curtin University, Singapore

  • Curtin University also has its presence in the world's most cosmopolitan city - Singapore.
  • The Singapore campus was established in 2008. Before the collaboration, Curtin University offered courses via the Singaporean Human Resource Institute, Marketing Institute of Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Materials Management.
  • Curtin University, Singapore, offers courses in Agriculture, environment and sustainability, Business, Management and Law and Health.

Curtin University, Dubai

  • University's Dubai was established in 2017 in the Dubai International Academic City.
  • Curtin Dubai offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Information Technology, Agriculture, environment and sustainability and Business, Management and Law. All courses offered by Curtin University are licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai.

Curtin University, Mauritius

  • Curtin Mauritius is the most recent campus of Curtin University, established in 2018. The campus is located at Moka, towards the southeast of Mauritius capital.
  • The Curtin Mauritius offers courses in Agriculture, environment and sustainability, Information Technology, Business, Management and Law, Health and MBA Global.


  • Curtin University offers scholarships to international students based on merit and needs, which includes:
  • The Australian Government's Endeavour Leadership Programs
  • Destination Australia
  • Australia Awards Scholarships


On-Campus Accommodation

  • The University offers more than 1,000 locations for students to stay on-campus. Living on campus is quite convenient and safe and allows students to interact closely with fellow students and professors.
  • Curtin University's on-campus accommodation is furnished with gas, electricity and water. The accommodation is mainly located close to the campus and has easy access to ATM's restaurants, public transports and supermarkets.
  • Students are advised to apply for accommodation on-campus during the time of application.

Off-Campus Accommodation

  • Students willing to live off-campus also has plenty of option available close to the campus location such as:
    • Shared housing
    • Homestays
    • Single rentals
  • Students can also seek assistance from Curtin's Housing Advisory Services for organizing accommodation as per the student's needs and budget.