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Top 10 Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

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Top 10 Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

  Posted On: 30 March 2024

Top 10 Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Study abroad consultants in Delhi help students in and around Delhi make their study abroad dreams a reality, from assisting students in selecting universities that best match their profile to preparing them for the tests that help them get through the university exams. Additionally, they help them get education loans and prepare their financial records to help them experience a hassle-free visa process. The overseas education consultants in Delhi also offer services that ensure profile quality, resumes, and other application materials. Here is a list of the top 10 study-abroad education consultants in Delhi.

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List of Top 10 Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Are you thinking of going overseas to study, but the amount of information and possibilities available to you seems overwhelming? Do not be afraid! To help you easily navigate this life-changing experience, we've created a list of the best 10 study abroad consultants in Delhi.

SIEC Education

SIEC provides just one solution for all of your needs. SIEC is the leading study abroad consultancy in Delhi. SIEC is a leading premiere study abroad consultancy in Delhi, a Gold member of the British Council India, and is certified by AAERI, AIRC, and ICEF. SIEC Education was established in 1995. SIEC Education has 34 branches across India and has spread its wings to international destinations. Located in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. SIEC is one of the most preferred and trusted overseas education consultancy in Delhi, and it assists students in pursuing studies abroad. SIEC Education has sent more than 6000 students each year to their desired destinations to pursue their desired courses. SIEC puts forth every effort to give students a quick and easy admissions procedure, including a quick visa process. SIEC Education has a legacy of success with 20,000 success stories and 99.8 visa approval rates. SIEC also provides language and aptitude coaching to students aspiring to study abroad. SIEC Test Masters offers IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT coaching, regular mock tests, one-on-one feedback, curriculum as per the latest update and many more. Services at SIEC include Profile analysis, Counselling, University and course selection, Visa Guidance, Admission Assistance, Pre-Departure Briefing, Post-Arrival Assistance, Accommodation and Ticketing Assistance. SIEC offers the opportunity to interact with university delegates from universities to study in USA, study in Canada, study in UK, study in Australia, study in Germany and many more. If you want to reach us, then you can contact us on 9779046382 or visit us at our address in Delhi.

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Canam Consultants

Canam Consultancy Services has become the most esteemed study abroad service provider for students who want to study abroad. Canam has expertise and skill of 28 years. Canam offers students complete support when selecting universities. At Canam, advisors help students with career tests and collect documents required for the university and visa process, including financial documents. Canam Consultants helps students achieve their study abroad dreams with ease.

IDP Education

IDP is known for assisting a large number of students who wish to study in different study-abroad destinations like the USA, UK, Australia, and many more. IDP Education is one of the most trusted study abroad consultancy in Delhi as they have been in business for nearly 50 years and built a wide network of counsellors, trainers and alumni. IDP has branches in over 30 countries to connect and help students with their dreams of studying abroad. IDP is also one of the world's largest providers of international education services

Leap Scholar

Leap Scholar is one of the leading study abroad consultancy firms in Delhi NCR. Leap Scholars aims to support future leaders in their quest to study at their best dream institute abroad. The legacy of success at Leap Scholar is carried out by a dedicated team of global experts and student mentors who guide you at every step of your journey, from selecting the right university to financial counselling to lining up job interviews. Leap Scholar invests heavily in student's success.

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EdNet Consultants

One of the leading study abroad consultants at EdNet Consultants. Students from all around India, the UK, the USA, the UAE, Hong Kong, and Singapore have been connected to EdNet for their dedicated services for 22 years. They place students at top universities and colleges across the globe. EdNet Consultancy also has a legacy of placing students in Ivy League institutions. They also help students receive scholarships that align best with their career goals.

Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu is a leading study abroad consultant in Delhi, helping students navigate their dreams of studying abroad dreams. At Leverage Edu, they help students in realising their full potential and making the right decision towards their study abroad dreams. Leverage Edu provides personalised mentors so to counsel them one-on-one towards their higher education dream in finding the right course and many more.

AECC Global

AECC Global has been assisting students worldwide in realising their overseas education ambitions. AECC Global has a legacy since 2008 in the field of overseas education. They help students get into top universities and colleges around the globe, including countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the USA, and many more. AECC provides end-to-end advice to fulfil their study abroad dreams.

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The Global Exposure

Global Exposure is one of the top study abroad consultants in Delhi and the Initial abroad student visa experts in Delhi NCR. They extend guidance and advice to students on their overseas study requirements and aid them with the Admissions and Visa procedures throughout. AECC is equipped with talented, skilful professionals and reputed partners all across India. They assist students in making the best decisions for their abroad dreams such as selecting the right university and courses.


Kanan is one of the oldest and leading study abroad consultancy in Delhi, established in 1996. Its values are trust, honesty, innovation, leadership, and quality. Kanan. co is affiliated with AIRC and supports students at every point in their study abroad journey with reliable services, resources, and solutions. Kanan.co assists students in their journey of studying abroad step by step so that they have a hassle-free application process.


Colluni is one of the leading overseas education advisors in Delhi and focuses a great deal on assisting students in making the proper decision when it comes to reaching overseas to fulfil their study abroad dreams. These include well-known locations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as places such as France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, and others.

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Importance of Hiring a Study Abroad Consultancy Service

Hiring a study abroad consultancy service can offer a multitude of advantages to students seeking to pursue education overseas. These consultancy services play a pivotal role in guiding students through the complex process of studying abroad, providing expert advice, support, and assistance at every stage of the journey. From evaluating profiles and selecting universities to navigating the admission process and visa applications, study abroad consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth and successful transition for students. Let's delve deeper into the numerous benefits of engaging with a study abroad consultancy service:

Expert Guidance and Support

Study abroad consultants are well-versed in the intricacies of the education systems in various countries, helping students make informed decisions about their academic paths. They offer personalized guidance tailored to each student's unique needs, preferences, and aspirations. By leveraging their expertise and knowledge, consultants can recommend suitable universities, programs, and countries that align with the student's academic background and career goals.

University Selection and Program Matching

One of the key advantages of working with a study abroad consultancy service is the assistance in selecting the right college and program. Consultants evaluate students' academic records, interests, and budget constraints to identify universities and programs that best suit their requirements. This personalized approach saves students valuable time and effort by narrowing down options that align with their academic strengths and objectives.

Application Process Assistance

Navigating the application process for international universities can be daunting, with varying requirements and deadlines to meet. Study abroad consultants provide invaluable support in crafting compelling applications, writing standout essays, and preparing for interviews. Their guidance ensures that students present themselves effectively to admissions committees, increasing their chances of acceptance into their desired programs.

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Visa and Immigration Support

Visa applications and immigration procedures can be complex and overwhelming for students planning to study abroad. Study abroad consultants offer comprehensive assistance in understanding visa requirements, preparing documentation, and navigating the intricacies of the immigration process. By providing guidance on visa applications, consultants help students secure the necessary documentation for a smooth transition to their chosen study destination.

Financial Advice and Scholarship Opportunities

Studying abroad often comes with a significant financial investment. Study abroad consultants help students create realistic budgets, explore funding options, and identify scholarship opportunities to alleviate financial burdens. By offering financial advice and guidance, consultants ensure that students are well-prepared to manage their expenses and make informed decisions about their education abroad.

Accommodation Support and Transition Assistance

Finding suitable accommodation in a foreign country can be challenging for international students. Overseas education consultants assist students in exploring accommodation options, such as student housing, homestays, or private rentals that align with their preferences and budget. Additionally, consultants facilitate a smooth transition by connecting students with local contacts, alumni networks, and community organizations to help them settle into their new environment.

Post-Arrival Support and Networking Opportunities

Beyond the initial transition, study abroad consultants continue to provide support to students during their time abroad. They offer post-arrival assistance, guidance on academic and cultural integration, and networking opportunities to help students thrive in their new academic environment. By fostering connections and providing ongoing support, consultants ensure that students have a fulfilling and enriching study abroad experience. In conclusion, hiring a study abroad consultancy service offers students a wealth of benefits, from expert guidance and university selection to application assistance, visa support, financial advice, and post-arrival assistance. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of study abroad consultants, students can navigate the complexities of studying overseas with confidence and ease, maximizing their academic and personal growth opportunities.

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How to Contact SIEC Education?

For those aspiring to study abroad with SIEC Education, reaching out is simple. Contact them via their website, phone, email or visit their office for a personalized consultation.

1st Office: Delhi (Head Office)

Address: B-2/9 1st Floor, Opposite Happy Model School, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058

+91 9779046382


2nd Office: Delhi (Central Office)

Address: B-1/7, Plot No.7, Block B-1 547, 3rd Floor, Near Amar Leela Hospital, Janakpuri New Delhi, 110058

+91 9779046382


3rd Office: Delhi (Safdarjung Enclave Office)

Address: A1/153, Ground Floor, Behind Green Fields School, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110 029

+91 9779046382



Before you step in on your study abroad journey, we advise you to make two recommendations. First, figure out which study abroad advisors in Delhi offer all the services you need, and make sure the advisor you choose responds quickly. Make sure their value justifies the money you are paying them to complete the task. Second, take into account the feedback from both previous and present clientele. These give you a decent idea of the kind of consulting firm they worked with. But be sure to poll more than just one or two people. It will be possible for you to remain impartial.

This blog will help Delhi students who want to study abroad find the best overseas education consultants in Delhi.

Reach out to SIEC for Application inquiries and assistance.

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