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Top 6 reasons to study in Japan | An ideal student destination

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Top 6 reasons to study in Japan | An ideal student destination

  Posted On: 13 April 2024

Top 6 reasons to study in Japan | An ideal student destination

Looking for exciting opportunities to study in Japan? The rapidly evolving ‘Society 5.0’ in Japan is the perfect amalgamation of innovation and IT advancement embellished with vibrant culture and rich heritage. Japan’s streets are where ideas meet innovation. The ultra-smart country offers premium quality of life, encouraging society’s different players to introduce state-of-the-art concepts and utility-driven solutions.

Initiating the process of a new era where technology is integrated into every aspect of life, Japan offers a plethora of possibilities for students to discover, expand their horizons, and aspire for emerging frontiers. Want to study in Japan? Here’s everything you need to know!

Why study in Japan?

A hub of educational accomplishments, Japan is known for its superior pedagogy. Owing to its systematic and diverse education structure, Japan has consistently bagged the honor of being one of the top 10 countries to study in. It attracts students from all across the globe and gives you an insight into a multicultural spectrum while also staying true to its own distinctive traditions. Japan over the years has become increasingly popular as an affordable study abroad destinations, witnessing a growth rate of 160% in international students.

Top benefits of studying in Japan-

If you are asking yourself, “Why should I study in Japan?” here are all the reasons why you should study in Japan next!

Unparalleled education quality

Did you know that Japan is known for its leading performance in reading literacy and disciplines like mathematics and science amongst all OECD countries and outperforms the average educational quality found in most other countries? With students boasting a score of 529 in comparison to the usual average of 486 and 94.6% of Japanese adults possessing upper secondary qualifications in the age range of 25-64 in contrast to 78% elsewhere, Japan is an excellent choice to attain your educational aspirations.

Monitored by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Universities in Japan offer degrees that are globally acclaimed. This ensures a solid base for your career in any part of the world.

Study in Japan - Scholarships that make tuition affordable

Unlike several other countries where international students are required to pay a massive tuition fee that either leaves students in debt for years or burns an unrecoverable hole in their pocket compromising all their savings, several universities in Japan allow international students to pay the same amount as domestic students. This makes Japan an extremely affordable student destination when compared to other G7 countries.

If you want to study in Japan, MEXT (Ministry of Education Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) and JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) scholarships, and several other student schemes help international students cover tuition costs in Japan. Apart from the largely known scholarship schemes, the universities also offer their very own scholarships to help academically meritorious students.

During your tenure in Japan, you can also opt for many other private scholarships. The annual fee of a Japanese university is approximately one-quarter to one-half of that of US universities’ yearly tuition expenses.

Part-time opportunities in Japan

There are also multiple part-time work opportunities for international students to cover their expenses. In the course of your time in Japan, you can choose to work up to 28 hours on a weekly basis when your semester is in full swing and up to 40 hours per week during vacations. This again makes Japan a much more financially affordable destination since you get several opportunities to not only work and gain different experiences, meet new people and form lucrative connections, but also provide monetary support to yourself.

One of the safest countries across the globe

Japan is known for its safe environment and medical excellence. Exceptionally low crime rates and substance abuse along with technological innovations to combat natural catastrophes make Japan one of the safest countries to live in. Over your time in Japan, you can expect to live in peace knowing that you are secure. It’s a convenient environment for students to focus on the more important aspects of life than unwanted hardships that one might face in some other countries. Japan has an energetic and high-spirited student culture that allows international students to thrive and establish a strong academic foundation.

Learning a new language is always beneficial and gives you a competitive edge over your other peers. Multilingualism is an asset that you can bring into play when applying for several demanding job positions. It will also help you effectively communicate with the locals while living there making your stay much easier.

Economic growth and high employability

Japan is home to many world-famous multinational companies in the fields of tech, manufacturing, and automotive along with being the 3rd largest economy in the world. These Japanese companies have branches all across the globe and being proficient in the Japanese language is a major advantage that can be employed to acquire a better understanding and knowledge of the country’s business culture.

Japan has come under the spotlight several times for its rapidly decreasing population. A major factor contributing to the generation of more employment opportunities in Japan, across different sectors, for international students, is the skill shortage in these companies. This is where Japanese proficiency can be used to your advantage since most companies in Japan mandate fluency in Japanese as a prerequisite.

International students who’ve landed a job in Japan have the choice of renewing their work visa as many times as required. This is an added advantage since most other countries assign a stipulated time period, which doesn’t allow international students to stay beyond a certain time post-graduation.

Key takeaways-
  • In terms of education, Japan falls under the top 10 countries to study in. It draws in millions of international students every year.
  • Japan boasts of globally recognized multinational companies and the rapidly decreasing population of Japan contributes to the skill shortage in these companies. This provides multiple employment opportunities for international students.
  • Japan is one of the most affordable student destinations with several part-time work opportunities to make it financially viable for international students.
  • Post your graduation as long as you are employed, you can renew your work visa as many times as you want.

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