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Reasons to study in Denmark

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Reasons to study in Denmark

  Posted On: 01 June 2024

Reasons to study in Denmark

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable study abroad experience that combines academic excellence with a high quality of life? Look no further than Denmark - a Nordic gem that has been consistently ranked as one of the happiest and most liveable countries in the world. With its cutting-edge universities, innovative culture, and welcoming atmosphere, Denmark offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth, which is an enough reason for international students to study in Denmark.

In this blog post, we'll explore the top reasons why studying in Denmark should be at the top of your list of study abroad destinations. From its world-class education system to its vibrant student life and stunning natural beauty, Denmark has something to offer every aspiring student. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will challenge you, inspire you, and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, brush up on your Danish (or don't worry, most Danes speak excellent English!), and get ready to unlock your full potential in the land of "hygge" and happiness. Let's dive in and discover why Denmark is the perfect destination for your study abroad adventure!

Study in Denmark: Explore Top Reasons

High-Quality Education

  • Denmark stands out as a hub of prestigious education, boasting five universities that rank in the QS World University Ranking. The degrees you earn here are not just internationally recognized, but they also hold significant value in shaping your future. The education system and facilities offered by Danish universities are globally renowned, offering you a unique opportunity to be part of an elite academic community.
  • Studying in Denmark is more than just academic excellence. It's about immersing yourself in a vibrant and innovative culture while gaining practical skills highly valued by employers. Danish universities prioritize interactive and student-centric teaching methods, fostering a culture of collaboration and hands-on learning. This approach not only enhances your learning experience but also equips you with the skills you need to succeed in your career.
  • Moreover, Denmark is at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, offering you the chance to be part of a community that actively contributes to global efforts in sustainability. This experience will prepare you to be a responsible and conscious global citizen, ready to tackle future challenges.
  • With a wide range of English-taught programs available, Denmark welcomes international students with open arms, fostering a strong sense of belonging and community. The country's inclusive and welcoming environment ensures you can fully engage with your chosen field of study while exploring the rich Danish culture.
  • Studying in Denmark is an academic journey and a personal one, filled with opportunities for growth and self-discovery. The country's high standard of living, low crime rates, and emphasis on work-life balance create an ideal environment for students to thrive.
  • In conclusion, studying in Denmark is a transformative experience combining academic excellence, cultural richness, and innovative spirit. By choosing to study in Denmark, you are investing in your future and opening doors to a world of possibilities.

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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

  • Studying in Denmark is a financially viable option. Tuition fees vary based on the level and duration of the education, with the cheapest degree starting at 6000 EUR per year. This is significantly more budget-friendly compared to other European countries, allowing you to focus on your studies without the burden of high costs.
  • Some universities or colleges also offer scholarships to students on a merit basis. These scholarships are highly competitive, and the application process typically involves specific steps or requirements. The institutions are looking for crème students who can also contribute to the standard of their education level.
  • International Students can also apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programme, a prestigious scholarship funded by the European Union. This scholarship covers all the expenses for both EU and Non-EU students, including tuition fees, living costs, and travel expenses. It is available for masters or doctoral level studies. Students with good English proficiency and an excellent academic background can apply for these scholarships.
  • Erasmus offers full-time scholarships, including monthly allowances, participation costs, and student travel and insurance costs.

Friendly Living Environment

  • Studying in Denmark offers an amicable living environment to international students. The culture and atmosphere are open-minded, and the locals are known for their specific characteristics or behaviour. Students from around the world would help you create a great network. Cities in Denmark are mainly known for their aura of nightlife.
  • Studying in Denmark offers an extremely friendly and welcoming living environment that has attracted a growing number of international students in recent years. The country consistently ranks among the happiest nations in the world, thanks to its high standard of living, low crime rates, and strong social welfare system. Danish people are known for their trust, openness, and community spirit, creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere for international students.
  • Denmark's cities, such as Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense, are vibrant, clean, and well-organized, with excellent public transportation and infrastructure. These urban centres provide:
    • A perfect blend of modern amenities and historical charm.
    • Offering a wide range of cultural activities.
    • Restaurants.
    • Entertainment options for international students to explore.
  • Moreover, Denmark's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is evident in its eco-friendly policies and initiatives, which resonate with many students who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world. The country's dedication to renewable energy, green urban planning, sustainable living creates a unique and attractive atmosphere for those seeking to study in a socially and environmentally conscious society.
  • Apart from this, you can freely live in Denmark without any fear of racism. The local people speak Danish, but 70% of the population uses English to communicate. Also, you can easily access entertainment, libraries, restaurants, and other outdoor activities.

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Embrace the Aura of the Safe and Happiest Nation

Denmark is renowned for being one of the safest and happiest countries in the world, making it an ideal destination for international students seeking a transformative educational experience. The country consistently ranks high in the World Happiness Report, with factors such as social development, economic success, and a robust public welfare system contributing to its high standard of living.

  • A Safe Environment
    Denmark is known for its low crime rates, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without worrying about personal safety. The country's strong social welfare system and high level of trust among citizens further enhance the sense of security and well-being.
  • A Happy Nation
    Denmark's emphasis on community spirit and social equality is reflected in its high ranking on the World Happiness Report. The country's unique cultural trait of "hygge" (coziness, togetherness, and well-being) permeates various aspects of life, fostering a sense of comfort and belonging among its citizens.
  • Education and Culture
    Denmark offers world-class education, with its universities recognized globally for their academic excellence. The country's innovative culture and emphasis on sustainability make it an attractive destination for students interested in cutting-edge research and practical applications.
  • Student Life
    Studying in Denmark provides a vibrant student life, with many universities offering a range of extracurricular activities, cultural events, and social gatherings. Students can enjoy a diverse range of cuisines, explore historic landmarks, and engage in outdoor activities amidst the country's picturesque landscapes

Exceptional Career Opportunities

  • Studying in Denmark provides excellent career opportunities for international students alongside offering high-quality education. International students are allowed to work in Denmark up to 20 hours per week during their studies, with a minimum wage of 10-12€ per hour. After completing their degree, colleges and universities help students find internships with reputable companies, often leading to permanent positions based on their skills and knowledge.
  • Following graduation, international students can apply for a 6-month job search visa to seek suitable employment and begin their careers. They also have the option to extend their visas with a work permit. The process of obtaining a work permit typically involves specific steps and requirements, such as demonstrating relevant skills and securing a job offer from a Danish employer.

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Spouse and Kids' Visas

In Denmark, the immigration process allows spouses and children to accompany international students on a study visa. This means that once you are in Denmark, your spouse will have the opportunity to work full-time, which can be incredibly beneficial for managing living expenses. This arrangement gives students the peace of mind to concentrate on their studies while their spouses can pursue their own professional goals.

  • Additional Benefits
    • Free Education for up to 2 kids above 5 years
    • Spouse Full-time work rights
    • No taxable income up to 5.5 lacs

High Standard of Living

Imagine living in a European country with a fantastic standard of living. Denmark offers the second best quality of life in the world, with a growing economy and excellent health benefits. In Denmark, people have easy access to basic needs like education, clean water, healthcare, and technology.

  • Work-life balance
    But it's not just about work and necessities. The Danish work culture promotes a healthy work-life balance, with a 37-hour work week and at least 5 weeks of paid annual leave. This creates a relaxed and comfortable environment for students to study and live in.
  • Leader in Sustainability
    Denmark is also a leader in sustainability and environmental protection. This is great for students who are passionate about these issues and want to study in a country that prioritizes sustainability.

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