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Post – Study Work Opportunities in New Zealand

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Post – Study Work Opportunities in New Zealand

  Posted By: 15 March 2024

Post – Study Work Opportunities in New Zealand

Students often look for post-study work opportunities to work, and settle abroad after completing their education abroad. Of course, better lifestyles and quality of living are some of the most comprehensive reasons for the student to choose foreign countries for their future. Still, the main attractive reason is foreign countries offer better packages. New Zealand is among the best countries to study, work, and settle for Indian students. New Zealand offers highly competitive post-study work opportunities and comfortable lifestyles, thus helping people maintain an outstanding work-life balance.

New Zealand has its own set of working rules and regulations for foreign immigrants, like any other country in the world. The government of New Zealand has laid down a few laws for individuals looking for post-study work opportunities in New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the most preferred destinations for people pursuing a career abroad. Here are some of the essential points to keep in mind for those people seeking job opportunities in New Zealand.

Note that the type of visa depends on a lot of factors like skill level, work permanency, job profile, age and a few other factors.

  • If you are a foreign resident, then you should provide proof of your job qualifications, as well as the employer's offer letter.
  • Foreign nationals should maintain a minimum balance in their bank accounts at all times. This is proof that they have the resources to afford themselves while on a temporary visa.

How to get a Job Post- study in New Zealand

If you are thinking of first coming to New Zealand and, afterwards, getting a job, then you are highly mistaken. Before coming to the nation, you must hunt for and get a job to receive a visa. Your online application for a visa to New Zealand comes with a CV and cover letter. In New Zealand, CVs seldom mention all of your previous positions. Instead, they explain your talents and how you've used them. In the next round, you may be contacted for a telephone interview if your application passes the first round. In the last round, you may be contacted for a face-to-face interview. Before you interview, make sure you've done your research about the position, its responsibilities, and the organization.

This can also boost your connections and networking. Because many jobs aren't posted, applying on the spur of the moment might be beneficial.


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Types of Work Visa in New Zealand

All working visas are temporary in nature and have different time frames. As part of its immigration policies, no one has a permanent work permit in New Zealand. Here are some of the prominent work visas that professionals in New Zealand can avail themselves of.

  • Essential Skills Work Visa
  • Work to Residence Visa
  • Skilled Migrant Residence Visa

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Top Post- Study Job Opportunities in New Zealand

Being a developing country, New Zealand has many exciting job prospects for international students. These jobs are spread across various work sectors, thus offering something or another to all those who come seeking a career in their domain. Here is a list of some of the most sought-after post-study job opportunities in New Zealand for international students:


Software Engineer is likely to be the most popular job profile in New Zealand's environment. Software architects are also in the most-in-demand jobs in New Zealand, and being a skilled and talented foreign national, you can easily find a job opportunity in New Zealand for this profile. There are plenty of work engineering jobs available to migrants with the right skills. Apart from employment in the field of Software engineering, most in-demand engineering jobs also include Chemical Engineering, Material Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and many more.


New Zealand has various post-study work opportunities in the industry of medicine, which means that an individual wanting to pursue a healthcare career can explore different career opportunities according to their interest across the wide range of medicinal science.


If you are interested in pursuing a career in Medical science, then New Zealand has the perfect arena for you. Medical professionals are in high demand in New Zealand, and Indians are some of the most favoured individuals for these positions. Currently, New Zealand is witnessing a shortage of Physiotherapists in the country; hence, if you have a degree in Physiotherapy and are willing to pursue your dream in New Zealand, then do not delay and start with the application to work and settle in New Zealand. The Government of New Zealand is actively encouraging skilled physiotherapists from overseas to work in New Zealand.


Midwifery in New Zealand regained its status as an autonomous profession and has its own scope of practice, code of ethics, standards of practice and competencies to provide complete primary maternity care on its own responsibility as they work collaboratively with other health professionals when necessary. There is currently a shortage of midwives in some parts of the country, so this is another profession that can help you make the big move to working and living in New Zealand. As a midwife, you can choose to self-employed, however, the pay in a hospital or company can be higher if you have experience. Your only requirements are registration with the Midwifery Council of New Zealand and at least three years of experience.


Research and development have a special space in the job areas of New Zealand. There are many research and development jobs that you can take up after your graduation in New Zealand. Many students in New Zealand opt for a PhD in their respective fields to contribute to the field of research as scientists. Young scientists are in most demand across the globe and New Zealand is no less in this. Scientists’ jobs are one of the most sought-after post-study job profile in New Zealand. These are Environment Scientists, Food Technologists, Climate Scientists, and Spatial Scientists. In the recent decade, New Zealand has witnessed a growing number of foreign nationals taking up research jobs in the country. Also, the government of New Zealand is actively working towards sustainable development. Hence, the country's policies attract many young professionals to its doorsteps.

Agriculture and Forestry Professionals

Agriculture and Forestry are two of the largest sectors in New Zealand. There is a high demand for dairy and other farmers like beekeepers, market gardeners, winemakers, and also vets. While some of the job profiles mentioned earlier require NZQF qualification at level 4 or higher and two or three years of experience, depending on the job, a few of these will need a level 7 bachelor's degree and five years of experience. Whichever profile you choose to pursue your career in New Zealand, the nation provides you with the resources, high investment on return, and a fruitful career ahead.

There are many other jobs in demand currently, and there are several routes to working in New Zealand.

What is it like to work in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the average working hours are 40 hours from Monday to Friday. However, flexible working options such as a 4-day work week are offered by some employers in New Zealand. The minimum wage is $ 18.16 per hour for trainers and freshers, while it stands at $ 22. 70 per hour for an experienced or an adult. Foreign nationals enjoy vacation allowance according to international standards. Employees are entitled to at least two weeks of annual vacation. The most lucrative aspect of corporate jobs is overtime pay if you work on a federal holiday.

Here are a few authentic and official websites where interested overseas candidates can explore post-study work opportunities in New Zealand. Not all the jobs are listed in the portal; hence, one must be very careful before applying.




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