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  • Western Sydney University, originally known as the University of Western Sidney, was established in 1989. It is located in the Greater Western region of Sidney and is a multi-campus university.
  • Western Sidney University was rebranded in 2015 and got its present name.
  • Courses covered at WSU are: undergraduate, postgraduate and higher research degrees
  • WSU has 6 campuses and one precinct: Bankstown, Blacktown, Campbeltown, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Paramatta and Penrith.
  • WSU is a Public university and is home to over 48,458 students

Why study at Western Sydney University?

  • WSU is Ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world
  • Ranked 24th in Australia in 2020 as per QS World University Rankings
  • Ranked 251-300 as per Tokyu institute of Technology
  • Ranked 301-350 as per Aix-Marseille University
  • Young University Rankings 2020 Rank - 36

Campus Location

Bankstown Campus Location: Milperra, which is around 5 kilometers from the Bankstown CBD. The Bankstown specializes in Social Sciences and courses such as psychology, sociology, nursing, arts, linguistics, and Education. The campus is renowned for the MARCS institute and for hosting Bachelor of Policing courses. Also, Bankstown campus is popular for teaching interpreting and translation courses. Bankstown campus includes facilities such as: Gym (Bootcamp, Yoga, Boxing and HIIT training), Multi-faith Centre, Muslim prayer room, Queer room, Chaplaincy and a Women's room, a new library, a modern full-size football oval and a cafeteria. The Gym has no joining fee and there are no lock-in contracts.

Paramatta Campus Location: Located in the center of Greater Sydney and is nearest to Sydney CBD. The site on which this campus stands was originally a female orphan school which was founded in 1813. Programs taught at this campus include Science, Business and Law.

Paramatta City Location: 169 Macquaire Street and 100 George Street, Paramatta NSW, 2150. This campus is an extension of Paramatta campus and some of the post-graduate courses are re-located here, such as, business (Sydney Graduate School of Management), the social sciences and humanities. The Campus is also popular for its Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) program.

Blacktown Campus Location: Nirimba Education Precint, 11 Eastern Rd, Quakers Hill, NSW 2763. As per latest announcements made, a new Medical facility will be set up at Blacktown –Mount Druitt Clinical School which will be situated at Blacktown Hospital. WSU opened The College at the old Blacktown campus in 2009 after protests about divesting of property and resources from the site

Campbeltown Campus Location: Macarthur region (semi-rural) in South Western Sydney. Along with Bankstone campus, Campbeltown campus too was part of the Macarthur Institute of Higher Education which was founded in 1984. Macarthur Astronomy Forum is also provided by Campbeltown campus; it even hosts community astronomy nights in collaboration with Macarthur Astronomical Society. Courses and degrees offered by Campbeltown campus are in medicine, health, sciences, nursing, law and business. The campus also has some research centers. WSU's Campbeltown campus started offering courses like Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) ever since its School of Medicine was established in 2007.

Hawkesbury Campus (also known as Richmond campus) Location: Situated next to the town of Richmond, in Hawkesbury Valley in north-western Sydney. Originally, the campus was the Hawkesbury Agricultural College which was established by the New South Wales Department of Agriculture in 1891. Courses offered by Hawkesbury campus are in environmental health, forensic science, nursing, medical science, natural science (environmental, agricultural, horticultural), and secondary school science teaching. The campus is well-known for its forensic science degree and is also home to a crime scene house, and various forensic lab equipment. Then, there are also ‘The Centre for Plant and Food Science' and ‘Hawkesbury Earthcare Centre' (organic farming organization with a seedbank) located at the Hawkesbury campus; this Centre is affiliated with ‘Henry Doubleday Research' and the ‘Alternative Technology Association'

Penrith Campuses Location: These campuses are spread in three areas in two Sydney suburbs; Kingswood, Werrington South and Werrington North. One can avail of various campus facilities such as: computer room, classrooms and lecture theatres, tennis courts, a gym, a bar (the Swamp Bar) and also student accommodation.
There are fewer classrooms and lecture theatres at Werrington South. Nevertheless, faculty of communication, design and media are there at the Werrington South campus. Currently, majority of the place is used by the staff only.
Werrington North, which was earlier a teaching Centre but currently, it is used for administration purposes only, and also houses the offices of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.

Liverpool Campus Location: 100 Macquaire Street, Liverpool NSW 2170. Facilities available at the Liverpool Campus are state-of-the-art Library, IT support and a lot of activities. Since it is located in the major urban Centre, it has a network of connectivity of transport, employment opportunities and retail and community amenities.

Courses offered at Western Sydney University

  • Clinical, Pre-clinical & health
  • Health
  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Engineering & technology
  • Computer Science
  • Business & economics
  • Physical sciences
  • Education
  • Life sciences
  • Arts & humanities
  • Law
  • Social sciences
  • Psychology


  • Scholarships to meritorious international students are awarded up to the tune of $7,500, $5,000 or 50% of tuition fee (undergraduate and postgraduate).
  • Australia Awards Scholarship: funded by the Australian Government in line with bilateral and regional aggrements.
  • Student Support includes services such as campus security (24/7 hotline – 1300737003), Childcare on campus, Counselling, Disability services etc. At WSU, there is a free study support known as Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) that facilitates study sessions and is run by experienced students. The Study Central is the first point of contact for any student seeking information, advice, forms and referrals to other services (studentcentral@westernsydney.edu.au).


On-campus Accommodation of Western Sydney University:

There is a wide range of on-campus accommodation meeting all standards of high quality and affordability on Western Sydney University Village covering Bankstown, Campbeltown, Hawkesbury, Nirimba, Paramatta and Penrith campuses. All the villages of WSU are self-centered and provide facilities 24 hour support and are fully furnished as well. At each campus there is an extremely helpful community which facilitates the stay and helps one to learn.

The campuses are very close to the university which is an additional benefit for the students. One can opt to stay in a shared villa or flat, or even rent a studio. One can avail of facilities such as: 24/7 support, security and WiFi access, laundry facility, courtyard, computer lab and games room. The On-campus rooms are All-inclusive with flexible booking policies, where a studio can be taken starting from $322.85 (approx.), and a 5 Bedroom Apartment starting from $241.60 (approx.). WSU's Villages are extremely reliable to stay in where one can maintain a balance between social events and working assignments in the library.

One can search for Off-campus accommodation at sites such as: www.Realestate.com.au, or www.Domain.com. However, these sites are not run by the University.