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  • Tasmanaia - the island state separated from the mainland by the Bass Strait.
  • The state is blessed with being known as a natural state due to its unspoilt environment as half of the state comprises world heritage sites, national parks and reserves.
  • It is the smallest state in Australia having a total area of 68,401 square kilometer.


  • Tasmania has a population of 527,000, it has a homogenous population as compared to Australia as the Immigration to Tasmania is extremely low and 65% of present-day Tasmanians are descendants of the 10,000 founding families that arrived in Tasmania in the mid-19th century.
  • More than 40% of the population resides in Tasmania's capital and largest city, Hobart.


  • With a population of only a little over half a million people, the state is famous for its raw nature, it boasts some of the purest air and clearest skies in the world, popular for its stunning Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights.
  • The diverse landscape of Tasmania is comprised of rugged mountains, usually snow-capped in winter, dense bush land (including the Horizontal Forest, so-called because the tree trunks are bent over parallel to the ground), tranquil countryside and farmland.


Tasmania has a diversified economy, with a significant number of exporters. The majority of exports go to Asia, with Japan being Tasmania's biggest single exporter.
The biggest industries in Tasmania include mining, agriculture, forestry, fishing, and tourism.


  • Medicare funds healthcare is primarily for Australian PR holders and Citizens. In Australia, Medicare is a government-run medical scheme, operated by Medicare Australia, which is the primary health care funded in Australia and covers 70% of the healthcare costs of an individual.
  • There are three types of Healthcare schemes available for residents, including:
    • Medicare
    • The pharmaceutical benefits scheme
    • Private Health Insurance
  • Australia has its own health cover system for international students called Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC). To ensure the medical safety of the student in Australia, it is mandatory to purchase OSHC.

University Education

  • Tasmania is one of the most affordable states to live in. The cost of living and housing have remained consistent over several past years.
  • The states houses one of the top global universities; the University of Tasmania (UTAS)
  • The University of Tasmania research institute is top ranked and has participated in various recent research which include: Astrophysics research to map the Universe, building an independent underwater vehicle to conduct Antarctic research, and chemical research to detect homemade explosives and more.
  • The state offers various student support services such as dedicated student advisors, free English language support, tutors and mentors.
  • The universities offer courses in fields like Art, Health, Business, Sciences, Natural Resources and the Environment, Tasmania offers courses in specialist fields including; naval architecture, maritime technology management and Antarctic Science.

Universities in Tasmania