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South Australia


  • South Australia 4th largest state located in the southern central region of Australia , and the most arid region of the country.
  • Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia.
  • South Australia's Central Business District (CBD) is a renowned center of world class education comprising six universities.
  • It is also the only Australian state having its Universities appearing amongst one of the significant three global ranking systems.


  • South Australia occupies approximately 1/8th of the country's total land is composed of an arid landscape and low mountain ranges.
  • The Flinders Ranges are the more significant mountain ranges in South Australia, stretching 800 km across the state.
  • The highest point in the state is Mount Woodroffe, at 4,708 ft, and is located in the North-western part of the state in the Musgrave Ranges.
  • The Nullarbor Plain in the southwestern part of the island is the world's single largest milestone and stretches over 684 miles west into Western Australia.


  • South Australia has a population of 1.7 million people which is 7.14% of the total Australian population
  • The capital city Adelaide is densely populated with around 77% of the country's population, followed by Mount Gambier
  • 49.3 % of the total population are male and 50.7 % of the population are female
  • Over 77% of the total South Australian population live in the capital city, Adelaide.


  • South Australia has a strong economy and its key industries are; Minerals, Fishing, Renewable energy, Agriculture, Forestry, Manufacturing, Health and Education, Food and wine.
  • Major exports include wheat, wine, meat, metals, education and tourism.
  • South Australia produces more than half of Australia's wine and is known for its national wine centre.Wine exports in Australian Capital Territory account for over 60% of the country's total wine exports.
  • South Australia is strong in emerging technologies and has the Southern Hemisphere's most significant biomedical facilities.
  • South Australia is rich in renewable resources, oil, gas and minerals. 25% of the world's uranium resources and 37% of Australia's wind power capacity can be found in South Australia and are fast-growing sectors in the state.

University Education

  • The capital city, Adelaide houses some of Australia's most prestigious and innovative Universities, and is tagged as the “hub of education excellence”.
  • Three of Adelaide's public Universities are rated highly among International University Rankings, including:
    • University of South Australia
    • University of Adelaide
    • Flinders University