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Why Study at Regional Australia?

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Why Study at Regional Australia?

  Posted On: 30 March 2022

Why Study at Regional Australia?

Anyone who dreams of studying in Australia probably wishes to study and learn at the country's three largest cities—Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane that has rightly earned their reputations as the most desirable places to live in Australia, but they are not the only places to consider if you're looking to study in Australia. There are many well-reputed universities throughout the country that offer great opportunities for students from abroad.

Australia has identified itself as a top choice when it comes to potential MBA, MS, and PhD students. What's even more surprising is that smaller towns and rural areas are rapidly gaining appeal among students who want to study for their MS, MBA, or PhD in Australia. The Re Australian can provide you with a holistic experience and high-quality education and exposure. Apart from this, Regional Australia has plenty of international educational institutions, countless more advantages which will enhance your experience.

Check this blog if you are looking for studying in regional Australia or willing to explore pathways for PR. The Australian government has opened doors of opportunity for students in the regional region, such as 1000+scholarships and up to 4 years of Post-Study Work Permtion upon graduation on a study visa.

What is regional Australia?

From November 2019, the government redefined a regional area as any area that is not Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane.

Cities such as the Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, and Wollongong are now classified as regional, allowing international students to earn an extra 5 points by studying in one of these cities.

New South Wales

Are you thinking about studying in New South Wales? Charles Sturt University offers regional campuses in Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Wagga Wagga, and Orange, each offering something different. Environmental Science, Health, and Education are among the courses available on the Albury campus, which has a strong environmental concentration. Nursing is one of the study options available at Bathurst.


Are you interested in studying in regional Victoria? La Trobe University offers a diverse selection of courses in business, information technology, education, health, and science.


This scholarship is available in Queensland from several universities with remote campuses. Central Queensland University (CQUni) is Australia's largest regional university network. The campuses are Bundaberg, Cairns, Gladstone, Mackay, Rockhampton, and Townsville. CQ Uni prides itself on small class sizes and personalized learning.

James Cook University, the University of Queensland, Sunshine Coast and Southern Queensland are several universities sponsoring the scholarship.

Western Australia

Curtin University in Kalgoorlie, Edith Cowan University in Bunbury, the University of Notre Dame in Broome, and the University of Western Australia in Albany are some of Western Australia's remarkable universities.

South Australia

The University of South Australia offers students unique courses; the university's regionals campus, including Mount Gambier and Whyalla, are some of the regional regions of South Australia. Popular courses include Social Work, Early Childhood Education, Primary education and Nursing.

Northern Territory

The prestigious Charles Darwin University houses four of its campus located in Nothern Territory, offering top courses like Education, IT, Accounting, Nursing, Engineering and Community.


The University of Tasmania, with campuses in Burnie, Hobart, and Launceston, focuses on preparing students for jobs. Nursing, Education, IT, Health, Design, and STEM are just a few of the amazing course possibilities available.

Advantages of studying in Regional Australia

  • Experience Great Lifestyle

Enjoy a better quality of life in a less crowded, peaceful city.

There is less traffic congestion and no long lines to get where you need to go, allowing you to save time and enhance skills.

  • Additional year for Post-Study Employment Visa dor student

An international student can get full-time work privileges for an additional year on a post-study work visa after graduating from a regional area college or university.

  • Employment-oriented courses:

Consider how beneficial studying in regional Australia can explore popular courses appropriate to local professions to their full potential. Several regional institutes and universities offer such courses. For example, in New South Wales, you can study Marine Biology, whereas, in Adelaide, you can study winemaking.

  • Small classes

In regional Australian universities, the smaller the class size, the easier it is to learn. Expert instructors provide you with the greatest personal tutoring.

  • Affordable living costs

If you live in a big city, you will pay more money. However, this is not the case in the countryside and smaller towns where living costs are affordable.

Contact SIEC expert counsellors today, learn about more such advantages and opportunities to study in Australia and take a leap to your education and career.