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Study in Europe | All you need to know - Best Country, Top Universities & Popular Courses

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Study in Europe | All you need to know - Best Country, Top Universities & Popular Courses

  Posted On: 24 May 2022

Study in Europe | All you need to know - Best Country, Top Universities & Popular Courses

Europe - A sophisticated continent often confused for a country. The continent is a pretty popular study destination amongst Indian students. The unique education system plays a significant role in building a professional career for students here. If you plan to study in European countries and find it challenging to pick which country to study in, then stay till the end of this blog.

Europe has a robust economy, stable politics and definitely an excellent education system. According to European statistics, 1.3 million students move to Europe to pursue further or higher education every year. The continent offers international students with numerous options for bachelor's, master's, PhD and short-term exchange programs. Students commonly do extensive research to get admission to European colleges where they can gain an international reputation. And if you are one of them, then you are at the right spot.

Why Study in Europe?

Excellent Education Quality

Undoublty, Europe has an excellent education system with a long-standing tradition of offering world-class education via some of the world's oldest and most prominent universities. Europe was indeed a forerunner in the industrial revolution. Thus most European countries are proud of their great educational infrastructure.

Wide Range of Courses & Specializations

European Universities have a range of courses and specializations to offer international students ranging from engineering and medicine to music and art.

Travel Opportunities

For students passionate about travelling, studying in Europe will give you opportunities to travel and explore. Many European nations provide student visas, making it easier for students to travel. Furthermore, most European nations have a common currency, i.e. Euro making it easier for students to travel.

Boost Career

If you are looking for a prosperous career in India, the global experience might be quite valuable. With a degree from the continent, you will also find it easier to get work in Europe. And if you aim to immigrate to a European nation, getting an education, there is a great beginning.

Lower Tuition Fee

Studying in Europe can be affordable compared to other countries like the USA, Canada and Australia as the tuition fees are way lesser. Some of the European countries like Germany have no tuition fees (public universities.

Top Universities & Colleges in Europe with Rankings

University/ College Ranking (QS) About
The University of Oxford - UK 2 Established in 1096, It is one of Europe's oldest universities.
University of Cambridge - UK 3 Established in 1209, produces the highest number of Noble Peace prize winners in the world.
University of Copenhagen - Denmark 79 Established in 1479, one of the top-ranked universities in Europe
Tech. University of Munich - Germany 50 Amongst the leading universities in Europe, founded in 1472
University College London - UK 8 The first University in the Uk to admit and promote women's education equal to men.
Imperial College London - UK 7 Established in 1907, stands amongst the top five universities in the United Kingdom and in the top 20 worldwide.
ETH Zurich 8 Founded in 1855, ETH Zurich ranks as the 6th best university globally
University of Manchester 27 Founded in 2004, the University is a member of the prestigious Russell Group, known for teaching excellence
University of Edinburgh 16 Operational from 1583, amongst Scotland’s four ancient university and  6th oldest university in the world offering English tough courses.
EPFL 14 Established in 1969, one out of two Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the institute specializes in engineering and Natural Science.
London School of Economics & Political Science 49 Founded in 1895, it is a constituent college of the Federal University of London.

Best Country in Europe to Study in

Europe has long been a popular study location due to its multiculturalism and merging bowl of many cultures and nationalities. To assist you in your hunt for the finest places to study in Europe, here is a compiled list of the continent's top-ranked nations that you should consider.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a global pioneer in various fields of education, including engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law, and finance, and has a reputation for world-class research. The United Kingdom has an internationally recognized education system as well as specialities that can make a significant impact on your future.


For centuries, Ireland has been known as the home of saints and academics, producing some of the world's finest poets and philosophers. Ireland is one of the greatest countries in Europe to study because of its top universities, unique courses, and post-study work visa opportunities, along with academic quality and the cheerful and welcoming Irish people.


Despite being a small nation, Austria's universities are world-renowned. Most of the universities in Austria are ranked highly in global university rankings, assuring you of a high-quality education if you choose to study here. Furthermore, tuition at any of the public institutions is free for international students.


Germany is globally known for its free education and top-notch research universities, and it is an ideal study destination for international students. The nation's institutions have historically ranked among the best in the world in terms of research excellence in Science and Technology and an advanced education system. To study in Germany, the land of poets and thinkers, will give your career heights.


France is one of the finest study destinations on the continent. It is well-known for its premium business schools, Grande école, and prestigious universities, with over 43 universities listed among the top international higher education institutions. France is an excellent choice for students interested in business administration, international relations, culinary arts, foreign languages, fashion, fine arts, and performing arts.


Finland has acclaimed the tag of the best education system in the world, known for its excellence in quality education, and unique learning methods will surely impress you to pick Finland as your study destination. With renowned academic institutions as well as vocationally oriented polytechnic colleges, the country offers a wide range of English-taught programmes, good quality of life, political stability, and a friendly and accepting atmosphere for international students.


Italy, the heavenly nation of art, culture, and history, is one of the best European countries for studying Architecture, Art, Performing Arts, Fashion, Economics, and MBA. Italy is an ideal destination for international students in terms of affordability and academic excellence.

Popular courses to study in Europe

  • Master in Business Management
  • Foreign languages
  • Medicine
  • Marketing
  • Natural Science
  • International Relations
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Culinary Arts
  • Data Science
  • Architecture

Europe is a big continent with several courses and universities available to students from all over the world. However, we have provided generic information for studying in Europe. Still, having queries? SIEC Exerpince Expert Councillors are just a call away. Contact us for career mapping sessions, visa counselling and other study abroad related services and assistance.