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Part time Work Opportunities in Italy for International Students 2024

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Part time Work Opportunities in Italy for International Students 2024

  Posted By: 28 March 2024

Part time Work Opportunities in Italy for International Students 2024

Italy is a dream destination for many but for international students, it is also a place to call home while pursuing their academic dreams. Studying in Italy brings to you higher quality education in lower tuition fee than certain Western nations. Italy also provides affordable living expenses, but, let’s face it, studying abroad can be expensive. That’s where part-time work opportunities in Italy comes into play, offering a chance to ease financial burdens and gain experience to stand hand in hand with this globalised world.

Well, Italy not only has a rich cultural past, but also a welcoming environment for foreign students. Let us focus on the logistics of the job pool that you are waiting to dive into.




Part Time Working Hour

20 Hours per week

Average Wages Per Hour

7 per hour

Average Monthly Earning

€350 per month



Highest paying Part time Jobs

English Language Teaching

English Tutoring Average Wages

€3 per hour


Part Time Opportunities in Italy

Italy offers a diverse range of part-time work opportunities for international students catering to various skills and interests. So, here we have a list of some popular options that many international students opt for.

  • Hospitality and Tourism

Be a Barista and explore your latte art skills; you can also chat with locals at the famous Italian cosy cafes.

Edge your communication skills as a Hotel Receptionist and greet guests with a warm “Benvenuto”.

Share your passion for rich Italian history as a Tour Guide.

  • Education and Language

Continue helping Italians improve their English as an English Tutor, one of the highest-paid part-time jobs in Italy. You can also gain teaching experience. 

Assist teachers in the classrooms as a Language Assistant.

If you are into research and a book worm, you can contribute to academic projects by signing in as a Research Assistant.

  • Customer Service and Retail

Hone your customer-client relationship by assisting clients as a Customer Service Representative.

Enhance your product knowledge and boost your career in sales as a Sales Associate.

You can be an event staff member and experience the vibrant atmosphere of Italian festivals and celebrations.

  • Creative and Tech Field

Choose to be a freelancer and utilise your creative skills of writing, design, and web development and enhance your productivity by working for international clients.

Share your unique Italian experience with the rest of the world by becoming a Blogger.

Sustainable farming practices are quite in demand these days; you can contribute to Agricultural work and indulge yourself in the Italian Countryside.


Part Time Job Options

Average Wages


€7 – €10 hourly

Package Handler

€674 – €732 per month

Administrative Assistant

€7 hourly

Sales Advisor

€1,100 per month

Part-time Officer

€9 hourly

Customer Services

€780 – €873 per month

White Collar Worker

€666 – €719 per month

Delivery Boy

€619 – €614 per month

Sales Clerk

€43 – €47 per month


€13 – €14 hourly

Student Collaborator

€13 – €15 hourly


Rules and Regulations for Part-Time Jobs in Italy

You are moving to a new country, yet you are unaware of the rules and regulations; how would you survive? Understanding the rules and regulations of any country, which in this case is Italy, will bring you concise information and help you plan your stay and earnings in a more comfortable manner.

  • You are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and up to 40 hours per week while on vacation.
  • Know that the minimum hourly pay is 7 Euros, which is 140 Euros per week and 560 Euros per month.
  • The hourly pay of an English tutor is 30 Euros, which is considered one of the highest-paying part-time in Italy.
  • You won’t find paid internships in Italy that easily; instead, you can work as an intern and get paid between 500 and 100 Euros.

Other Part Time Jobs in Italy

International students can explore other part-time jobs in Italy as per their interests and qualifications. Here is a list of a few part-time jobs which are popular among the majority of international students:

Administration Assistant

Communication Student

Associate Solution Consultant

Information Security Professional

Quality Engineer Trainee



Benefits of engaging in Part-time Jobs in Italy

There is a myriad of advantages that international students can experience by engaging in part-time jobs in Italy. While most international students underestimate the cost of living in Italy, students enrolled in part-time jobs in Italy can make up for that and have a consistent income.

Part-time jobs in Italy can open you up to a network of peers, industry experts and business partners. Take advantage of this networking and interaction.

Part-time jobs can significantly enhance your resume because employers prefer students who have prior knowledge of the fundamental work.

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