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Study Data Science in US

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Study Data Science in US

  Posted On: 15 April 2021

Study Data Science in US

Top Trending courses that will get you HIGH-PAYING jobs!

Get ready for tomorrow’s HOTTEST careers and earn a HIGH salary (INR650,000/annum- Average Salary in India) by studying top trending courses-like Data Science- in US.

Work anywhere in the World in fast-growing industries like Online Retail, Telecom, Hospitality, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Transportation, Entertainment, Consulting, Healthcare…to name a few.

Study at-

1. De Paul University, Chicago

  • MS Data Science
  • Collaborations with Industry & Nonprofits to conduct joint analytics projects

2. University of Cincinnati

  • Graduate Certificate Data Analytics
  • MS in Business Analytics

3. New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

  • MS in Data Science
  • A considerable number of learning opportunities in New Jersey & New York

4. Northeastern University, Boston

  • MS in Data Science

5. George Mason University, Virginia

  • MS in Data Analytics Engineering
  • The 20 Best Schools to Study Big Data Analytics [Tech Republic]

6. The University of Utah

  • Graduate Certificate in Big Data
  • MS Information Systems
  • MS/ PhD programs in School of Computing with focus on Data Science

7. Colorado State University

  • Various programs in Data Science & Machine Learning

8. SUNY New Paltz

  • UG program in Business Analytics
  • In the top 5% worldwide among all higher education business programs

9. University of Colorado

  • MS Minor in Data Science Analytics
  • MS in Business Analytics

10. UMass Boston

  • Fundamentals/Certificate/MS in Business Analytics
  • MS Data Science

11. Louisiana State University

  • MS Data Science
  • MS Business Analytics

12. University of Illinois at Chicago

  • MS in Business Analytics
  • Internships, Co-Ops

13. University of Central Florida

  • MS Data Analytics (Big Data)

14. City College of New York

  • MS Data Science & Engineering

15. James Madison University

  • MS Information Security (Designed for working professionals)
  • UG Business Analytics Programs

16. University of Kansas

  • Graduate Certificate/MS in Data Science

17. West Virginia State University

  • MS Data Science

18. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

  • MS Data Science
  • Graduate Certificate Business Analytics

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