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Procedure to Study in USA

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Procedure to Study in USA

  Posted On: 19 January 2023

Procedure to Study in USA

Studying in USA is the dream of a number of students all over the world, considering the quality of education along with other factors like cultural diversity and quality of life. So if you are one of these students and are willing to make the dream come true, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will share with you the five significant steps you need to take in order to study in USA. Whether you wish to pursue a full-degree program or simply a short-term course, we have got you covered. So without delaying further, let’s get to the procedure. 

Step #1: Evaluate Your Choices. 

The primary step to study in USA for international students is to consider all kinds of university and college choices. Your research must be based on your requirements associated with the program, long-term goals, and priorities. Do not simply base your idea of the best university on the university rankings - the best university for you is the one that caters to all your needs, including personal, financial, and academic. 

Start performing research at least a year before you plan to begin attending a college in the US. You can consider the following questions as your criteria for the same:

  • Where do you wish to live in the US?
  • Which course do you want to pursue?
  • Which university meets your requirements?
  • Do you require financial aid?
  • What are the deadlines for applying to university and for financial aid, if required?
Step #2: Planning Finances

Begin planning your finances as soon as you can. While several students obtain substantial amounts of financial aid each year, the competition is extremely high. This means you must consider the deadlines for financial assistance applications well in advance. 

Also, make sure to properly evaluate your budget. Apart from tuition fees, you must factor in accommodation expenses, electricity and connectivity bills, travel costs, and much more. This will help you gain an overall idea of how much savings you should have before finally going to study abroad USA. After all, the cost of studying in USA for international students is high as compared to studying in your own country.

Step #3: Apply to Universities 

The next step to take courses in USA after 12th is to complete the application procedure. This involves the completion of basic application requirements, which include writing a statement of purpose, writing essays, collecting letters of recommendation, and taking required language proficiency tests. Ideally, the requirements vary from one university to another and are also dependent on the course you opt for. Nonetheless, the general necessities are mostly the same. 

Remember to apply for financial aid in time as well. Else, you are likely to miss the deadline and thus, a chance to study at the university of your choice. 

Step #4: Student Visa Application

Finally, when you get a letter of acceptance from the college or university of your choice, it’s time to apply for a student visa (F or M) in order to study in the US. Since the process of obtaining a visa is time taking as well, you must start it at the earliest. This should be right after you have heard from all the universities you applied to and have finalized the one you wish to go to. 

There are three kinds of visas - F-1 visa, M-1 visa, and J-1 visa. The first two are for those who pursue vocational and academic studies. The latter is for students to participate in an exchange program. 

Step #5: Prepare to Depart

The final step after obtaining visa to study abroad USA is to prepare for departure. The major aspects involved in this step are as follows:

  • Make arrangements for traveling, including purchasing tickets.
  • Collect documents and materials for arrival.
  • Stay updated to latest guidelines for COVID.
  • Report to the college/university and attend orientation programs.

It is recommended to first go through the university guide for information associated with pre-departure. This will consist of specific information regarding accommodation, local transportation choices, average local temperatures, and health insurance. The average temperatures will help you pack your clothing items as well. 

The Bottom Line

The best universities to Study in USA are among the highest rankers globally. Thus, to be able to study abroad as an international student requires thorough preparation and research at least a year before departing. This is why we shared the overall procedure in this blog to offer you a better understanding of the things you will be required to do before finally attending college/university in the US. 

To sum it up, we discussed five steps: evaluating the university choices, planning finances, applying to universities, student visa application, and finally, departure preparation.