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Popular courses in Italy for International students: Study Under the Tuscan Sun

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Popular courses in Italy for International students: Study Under the Tuscan Sun

  Posted By: 19 March 2024

Popular courses in Italy for International students: Study Under the Tuscan Sun

The land of ancient ruins, and world-renowned cuisine, is known for its rich history, art, and culture and attracts millions of tourists annually. Italy is a prime Study-abroad destination for international students seeking an enlightening academic experience. Beyond the romantic allure, Italy boasts a robust education system, with universities steeped in history and a diverse range of programs that attract several international students every year. As per official data, Italy homes around 6000 Indian students in their higher education institutes.

Whether you are passionate about art, engineering, or Italian culture, there’s a course in Italy waiting for you. So, pack your bags, brush up on your Italian accent and get ready to dive into the world of academia amidst breath-taking landscapes and vibrant cities.

Popular Courses in Italy

Most In-Demand Courses for the Creative Minds

  • Arts and Humanities: Italy has been known for its contributions to the arts and humanities since the beginning of the 14th century. Italian Universities offer a range of programs in literature, history, philosophy, and arts, where students take on their journey from intermediate to master level. Studying Arts and Humanities courses in Italy can be your best decision to kick-start a fruitful career. Immerse yourself in the cradle of Renaissance arts and learn from the past.
  • Fashion and Design: Italy is a leader in the fashion and design industry. Studying painting, sculpture, and fashion in renowned cities like Florence, the city that birthed Michelangelo and Botticelli, allows students to learn from industry experts and gain practical experience. Elevate your craft game at prestigious institutions like the Academia di Belle Arti di Firenze or the Politecnico di Milano.
  • Architecture: Italy has a rich architectural heritage known for its world-class architectural schools. Imagine sketching the Colosseum or learning about sustainable building practices in Venice; Italian universities offer top-notch programs in architecture, urban planning, and interior design. The Politecnico di Torino and IUAV University of Venice are just a few renowned options for creative minds wishing to pursue a degree in architecture from an Italian University. This can also help you to learn about the country’s unique building styles and design principles.
  • Culinary Arts: Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide, making it an ideal destination for students interested in culinary arts. Italy has several schools offering world-class courses in cooking, food science and hospitality management. Master the art of pasta-making, learn the secrets of regional specialities, and explore the science behind Italian cuisine. Culinary programs in Italy range from short vocational courses to full-fledged degrees. Learn from the world of best cuisines at institutes like ALMA International School of Italian Food Arts or Scuola di Cucina CAST Alimenti.

Top Courses for Business Savvy

  • Business Administration and Economics: Italy is a hub for international business, with major fashion and luxury brands calling it home. Studying business and economics in Italy can lead to exciting career opportunities in finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship industries. Hone your entrepreneurial skills at Bocconi University in Milan, ranked among the top business schools globally or get a specialised degree in luxury brand management at Istituto Marangoni. The University of Florence can also be your choice of university.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Every year, Italy welcomes lakhs of tourists. Italy’s rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes attract millions of tourists. Studying tourism and hospitality courses in Italy allows you to learn from practical experiences. Gain insights into the tourism industry through programs offered by universities like Ca’ Foscari University of Venice or LUMSA University Rome. Learn about Sustainable tourism practices, cultural heritage management, and hospitality leadership.

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Beyond the Usual Degree

Italy offers a wide range of treasured courses waiting to be discovered.

  • Archaeology: Italy is a hot spot of ancient ruins and a trademark of ancient civilisations. Run through the mysteries and discover the secrets of ancient civilizations like the Sapienza University of Rome or the University of Pisa. Indulge yourself in the rich history of Pompeii and learn about the Etruscan civilization.
  • Marine Biology: The world is changing and diverting towards conservation, so students opting for higher education in marine biology can have a successful career. Explore the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and study marine ecosystems at Universities like the University of Salento. You can learn to contribute to the protection of endangered species and learn the need for hour-sustainable ocean management.
  • Viticulture and Enology: Studying at Italian Universities like the University of Turin or the University of Siena can bring you a world full of experiences in the field of grape cultivation and wine-making techniques and master the art of symphony of food and wine. Immerse yourself in the world of Italian wine.

Before you take your flight to Italy, here are a few gigs to remember

  • Language Barrier: Though Italian Universities offer English-language programs, learning basic Italian will enhance the experience and open doors to multiple global opportunities as well as local interactions.
  • Scholarships and funding: Italian Universities offer scholarship opportunities to aid your studies in Italy; explore scholarships in Italy by the universities and international organizations.
  • Application: You must research application deadlines and visa requirements well in advance to avoid missing out on any opportunity you can grab in your study abroad destination.

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Why Studying in Italy is a Life Changing Experience: Beyond Bellini

Universities in Italy offer a range of courses from undergraduate to post-graduate programs in almost every discipline.

  • Degrees: Italian Universities offer three types of degrees –Bachelor, Master and Doctoral for students pursuing higher education in one of the top study abroad destinations globally.
  • Program Structure: Courses in Italy are well structured and are divided into semesters, where students are required to collect credit points to earn their degrees. The academic year typically starts in September/ October.
  • Quality Education: The Italian higher education system is globally popular for its rigorous quality assurance methodology, structured to maintain academic standards.
  • Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to any other European country, Italy has relatively lower tuition fees, making it an attractive study-abroad destination for students.

Top Student – Friendly Cities in Italy

  • Milan: Milan is known for its fashion and design industry and is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Italy, offering an essence of vibrant culture and nightlife for every student to enjoy.
  • Bologna: Bologna is one of the world’s top student-friendly cities and is known for its medieval architecture. The city has a lively atmosphere and a rich cultural heritage, as the city is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe.
  • Florence: Florence is home to several world-known universities. The city is known for its art, architecture, and fashion; you can influence your future with the ideas of the Renaissance era.


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The land of Tuscan Sun, Italy is more than just a study-abroad destination; studying in Italy can be a life-changing transformation. It is a chance to learn from history, thus embracing a different way of life and discovering your passions. However, beyond the postcards lies a vibrant academic landscape to satisfy your educational quest like never before. Studying in Italy is not just about acquiring knowledge from prominent universities but also about stepping into a living museum.

You will return home not just as a scholar but as a citizen of the world forever changed by the Bella, Vita.

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