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Canada Vs Australia | Best country for education and PR

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Canada Vs Australia | Best country for education and PR

  Posted On: 27 July 2022

Canada Vs Australia | Best country for education and PR

Australia and Canada are two of the top 3 locations for international students to study abroad, receiving thousands of applicants yearly. It isn't easy to decide between Canada and Australia for overseas students. Both are highly regarded, and centres of excellence make it even harder for students to choose one. Besides that, Australia and Canada lead the world in research, security, diversity, infrastructure, and universal immigration rules. So, if you're unsure whether to study in Australia or Canada, here is a guide to help you make the right decision. For both countries, we will evaluate and analyse the admission standards, cost of school, student visa application process, top colleges, post-study employment options, PR, and more.

Education System Canada vs Australia

Canadian Education System

Canadian Education System consists of four levels of education pre-elementary, elementary or primary, secondary, and postsecondary. In Canada, colleges mostly offer certificates, diplomas, and vocational training programmes, whereas universities primarily offer bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees.

Australian Education System

The Australian Education system implements the Australian Qualification Framework, a national body that ensures the qualification standard in the education sector. The education system in Australia is three-tiered, with courses divided into primary, intermediate, and postsecondary levels. The AQF consists of 10 levels. Levels 1-4 are certificate programmes, Level 5 is a diploma programme, Level 6 is an advanced diploma and an associate degree, Level 7 is a bachelor's degree, Level 8 is a bachelor's honours degree, Level 9 is a master's degree, and Level 10 is a doctoral degree.

Post Study Work Permit Canada vs Australia

Post Study Work Permit Canada  

The post-study work permit is an important factor of the Canadian immigration system. It enables foreign graduates of Canadian universities and colleges to work for up to three years after finishing their education.

According to the eligibility requirements for a PSW permit, students must have 180 days available when they apply.

Graduates with a Post Study Work Permit (PSW) can convert to permanent resident status in Canada.

Post Study Work Permit in Australia
The Australian government provides overseas students with numerous options to work there after they have finished their studies there.

Students may apply for a 2- to 4-year post-study work permit after finishing at least two years of study in Australia. The course you choose will determine how long your PSW will last. Additionally, overseas students may be able to add one or two more years to their PSW if they want to study in specific geographical locations.

Student Visa Requirement Canada vs Australia

Study Visa - Canada

Students who wish to apply for a Canada visa may do so at the Canadian embassy or online through the website of the Canadian government. You are permitted to stay in Canada for the course duration and for a period longer than 90 days with the study permit. Applications for Canadian student visas can be made online at the website of the Canadian government.

University/ College Acceptance Letter
Valid Travel Document
Sufficient finances proof
Proof of English language proficiency
Medical Examination

Application fee: 150CAD

Study Visa - Australia
The success of a student's application for a study visa in Australia depends on several variables, including the student's academic performance.

Confirmation of Enrollment
Proof of Previous education 
Proof of English language proficiency
Proof of Funds

Application Fee: 630 AUD

Top Universities Canada Vs Australia

Top University in Canada & their Ranking
University World Ranking
University of Toronto #25
McGill University #31
University of British Columbia #45
Université de Montréal #118
University of Alberta #119
McMaster University #144
University of Waterloo #166
Western University #203
Queen's University #246
University of Calgary #246
Top University in Australia & their Ranking
University World Ranking
Australian National University (ANU) #27
University of Sydney #38
University of Melbourne #37
University of New South Wales (UNSW)l #43
University of Queensland (UQ) #47
Monash University #58
University of Western Australia (UWA) #93
University of Adelaide #108
University of Technology Sydney (UTS) #133
University of Wollongong #193

PR Canada Vs Australia

Students must be aware of the PR laws in both countries in order to decide which country is preferable for Indian students—Canada or Australia. The good news is that PR is available in both Canada and Australia.

Here is a brief comparison of the PR procedure for Indian students in Canada and Australia:

Canada: After obtaining a post-graduation work visa, you can apply for permanent residency there using the Express Entry system or as a provincial nominee.

Australia: Your eligibility for PR is determined by point requirements. A minimum of 65 points are required to apply for a PR in Australia. It will be simpler to obtain PR if your scores are 85 or higher. Your education, professional background, age, and line of work all factor into Australian PR.

Well, comparatively, getting a Canada PR is easier than getting an Australian PR.

Which country, Australia or Canada, is better for studying has no conclusive winner. In large part, it depends on your personal goals. Given your specific circumstance, you must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of moving to either Canada or Australia because this decision will have an impact on your future. If you are planning to study in Canada or Australia, then SIEC expert professionals will help you choose the right course and university as per your preference and desire.