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  • Bendigo city is located in the central upland area of Victoria, Australia, approximately 93 miles in the northwest of Melbourne via road.
  • The city was founded in sheep run in 1840, initially known as Sandhurst until 1891, until it was changed as Bendigo.
  • Bendigo has excellent facilities and infrastructure for health, education, sports and training also is a cultural hub for art, food, history.

Living in Bendigo as a student

  • Bendigo has well connected and well-serviced public transportation services such as trams, trains, busses and cabs.
  • The total distance from Melbourne to Bendigo is just 132 km, and it's just 2 hours via road. Train connectivity is also available as there are trains running every hour from Bendigo to Melbourne.


  • The city has a temperate and mediterranean climate. Summers are warm and hot and winters are quite cold. The city experiences a significant amount of rainfall every year.
  • The temperature ranges between 13ºC - 29º C during summers and during winters the temperature ranges between 3ºC -14º C.


  • Bendigo has a rich culture with its various art galleries, museums, grand architecture, theatres and music festivals.
  • The city hosts the annual Bendigo Writers Festival held in August every year at the Capitol Theatre, located next to the Bendigo Art Gallery.
  • 'Bendigo Blues and Roots' music festival in November with representations from over 80 different artists. It is a not-for-profit, family-friendly, free event held in Bendigo Rosalind Park.
  • The 'Festival of Light' held each year is a celebration of peace and harmony, through dancing and music acts and ending with a brilliant firework display.
  • Every Easter, Bendigo hosts the Bendigo Easter Festival, with many exhibitions, a street carnival and parades, bringing in a lot of people into the city from other parts of Victoria.
  • One of the only festivals celebrating the Queer film genre is celebrated in Bendigo each year in the month ofApril at the Bendigo Queer Film Festival (BQFF).

Why study in Bendigo?

  • Bendigo is home to two of the major campuses of La Trobe public research universities.
  • The city has three campuses of Bendigo TAFE, regional vocational education institution.
  • Bendigo offers a multicultural, inclusive and a relaxed lifestyle to the international students which encourages study environment.
  • The city is home to Monash University School of Rural Health.


  • Bendigo is home to La Trobe University's Bendigo campus, and Bendigo TAFE.
  • La Trobe University at Bendigo offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a wide range of courses along with some of the unique courses in health science, visual arts and education.
  • Bendigo TAFE offers several certificate and diploma level courses as well as English language courses for international students who wish to improve their English language skills.

Higher Education Institutions

TAFE's and Colleges

  • Bendigo TAFE


  • There are sample of internship options available for students studying in Bendigo. The internships give students an opportunity for hands-on experience in their relevant field and can really boost their employability.
  • The duration of internship ranges from 20 days - 12 weeks and many more.

Popular commercial Sectors

  • Bendigo's key industries are health, finance, tourism, commerce, education, food processing, primary industries and engineering industries.

Work opportunities

  • International students can work up to 40 hours a fortnight while studying, during semester break students can work full time.
  • Popular part-time jobs in Bendigo includes volunteering, wait staff, pet sitter, babysitter, receptionists.
  • According to the recent update Australian government, after completion of course post study work permits have been increased by one year in Bendigo for international students pursuing Bachelor's and Master's Degree.

Major Attraction in Bendigo

  • The Art Gallery of Bendigo is one of the oldest and largest regional art galleries in Australia.
  • Bendigo is a major attraction in Central Deborah gold Mine, it gained its popularity after the gold rush in the town.
  • Bendigo is also famous for its tramways, as it gives tours through the scenic views of the city.
  • Bendigo has a lot to offer for foodies as the city is famous for its seasonal food and local wine.